Don’t Neglect These Tips and Get MORE CLIENTS NOW

Don’t Neglect These Tips and Get MORE CLIENTS NOW

today seven helpful tips that you can do
right now to gain more a graphic design clients and more useful contacts within
this industry that’s coming right up here as a toy graphics I’m making
today’s video possible is smart mock-ups which have a really interactive and a
really user-friendly and wholesome service for you to use your designs on
mock-ups to percenter clients learn more about that later in today’s video so one
of the best things that you can do to secure more clients is to create a
simple PDF of your graphic design process so as an example if you’re a
lady or designer you can make a quick and a needs infographic of the five-step
process of research concept creation initial ideas refinement and then the
final logo design outcome on each point give a brief summary of what the client
can expect and what you need to undertake this step of the process
showing the clients your creative process in a visual and an
easy-to-access manner is going to install confidence within that client
and that’s only going to heighten your chances for landing the next job oh and
while you’re still at it go ahead and slap your logo on that PDF as well – now
this next tip isn’t for everyone but it might be essential for you right at this
very moment in time because there is a time and a place when we all need to
totally rebrand and redesign our entire presence as a graphic designer online
and offline this might not be necessary for you right now or it might be the
very thing you need to be doing so maybe you don’t even have a brand direction
and you don’t understand that as a graphic designer
among everybody else you do need a solid and a memorable brand identity which
flows through all social media accounts and contents that you put out this will
solidify yourself as a graphic designer a space
ashlee online and it’s gonna help to make sure you stick in the minds of
those potential clients that you want to land so who likes being rejected nobody
but we will face rejection and it’s a tough battle for the ego to fights
that’s for sure so you often ask yourself what has the client not
approved my work or why upon tyne landed that job I thought I was so sure I was
gonna get instead of getting down angry about it take it on board and realize
there was a fundamental reason why he did not work out for you this time
around you obviously need to change something in your approach and your
workflow so that you can learn more work what that exactly is I cannot say right
now but you need to take a step back and look at everything you’re doing did you
communicate with the clients in a polite and a professional manner did you fully
undertake the design process did you put in enough hours for the design to end up
as a polished final piece of artwork protection is not failure it’s an
opportunity to learn something about you and your workflow I’ve said this before and I’m gonna say
it again but with some extra added information
that you need to know about go ahead and make a business account for your design
career on at least LinkedIn Twitter Facebook and Instagram this needs to be
separate from your personal social accounts and it’s probably best have no
link to them whatsoever it will take you some time to gain some traction and a
following but what you can do is to optimize your accounts for a search
optimization especially when talking about LinkedIn this means adding in
keywords such as graphic designer and also logo design into your biography
your posts everywhere you can pretty much even into the metadata of the image
content you upload this will help you be more searchable later down the line on
your social media accounts and little topic of searching wait until the very
end of the video because I have huge reams of links where you can find the
design work right now search friendly so when a football or a soccer team spends
ten million dollars on a contract for one single player why are they doing
that well it’s because that person is going to add value to their team and to
that business it’s why you pay money to a plumber because they can solve a
problem for you ie that leaking pipe in your kitchen you
need to take a look at your artwork and see if you add value to a potential
client the view would actually have value to someone is it relevant to a
niche market and this actually look decent you can always get a second
opinion because a lot of the time we become so narrow-minded at our designs
we cannot see the flaws or downsides of our work
you need to have value there for people to want to reach out to you and spend
their money and their time on you so do ask yourself this does you work and do
your skills have value to other people will you efforts and your designs
increase the growth of somebody else’s business why are you just slapping
together some text and shapes hoping someone’s going to like it so my last
tip today is to make a prospect list and actively look for potential clients this
is a huge deal and it’s very very effective so listen to what I’ve got to
say to you right now about this point a prospect list is a list of people or
entities that are likely to become possible clients for opt yours in the
future now you can write down this list on paper or some way if that’s your jam
or you can just do it digitally speaking on a computer but make a list of the
following firstly any previous clients you’ve worked with in the past you need
to keep these names and these contacts readily available and do keep in touch
with them as often as you can also anybody who has ever reached out to you
asking you for work but the project never took place for whatever reason
then also have names of people you’ve met at Network meeting events which is
something I do encourage especially for beginner freelancers networking is
really important now if you have an email list type an entire group of
people to your prospect list – and of course scroll through your social media
and see if you have any contacts on there that either have a business or
some need for your services in the near future once you have this prospect list
you can go ahead and keep in contact with these people from time to time and
just form a network with included there will be a time where at
least one of these people are going to need you as a graphic designer
and if you’re in their consciousness and your work is decent they will come to
you the proposal so as I said making today’s video possible with small
mock-ups and you can find them linked down in the description box below now
they have tons and tons of different mock-ups view to access and use to
display your graphic designs to clients or just on social media as an example
I’m gonna scroll down to the business cards here and there is a specific
mock-up that I want to use because I think it looks pretty neat and as you
can see you can either use an URL upload or you can upload from your computer I’m
going to upload a JPEG that I’ve already made for my business card and you just
need to rearrange it on the canvas so if it’s properly and as you can see that looks really
really neat and once you can see both of them together and how they work in
tandem this mock-up looks really really good and I’m really pleased with the
outcome of this actual mock-up design from here you just go ahead and download
the actual mock of itself and they have some super high resolution options for
you to download so you check out small mock-ups that link to down below and
start presenting your designs in a really professional manner today thank
you guys for all the support of my channel and the likes and the comments
and the feedback it helps you make more relevant content to you guys and I’m
fully aware that I actually said there was going to be seven tips at the stylus
video but there is six no it’s my bad just accounting area I guess somewhere
along the way but I hope the content was useful and of course I hope you guys
have a great day until next time do make sure to design
your future today peace

26 thoughts on “Don’t Neglect These Tips and Get MORE CLIENTS NOW

  1. yes yes, there are 6 not 7 tips… my bad! The last and 7th tip might just be 'design your future today' – Check out SmartMockups with the links above, it's really an awesome resource

  2. 0:29 Make a PDF
    1:28 Re-brand yourself
    2:18 Donโ€™t take rejection as a failure
    3:29 Social Media
    4:40 Do you add value?
    5:55 Actively look for potential clients

  3. Uhm, doesn't the title imply that I should use these tricks to damage my career? ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

    "Don't damage you career without these tricks! Watch these tricks and then damage it with them."

  4. That's why channels like yours is greatly needed, thanks so much because I have a presentation that I have to present toys my first marketing class in a week from now. Also I have to demonstrate some logos that I have to come up with towards a business that I have.

  5. I would like to learn about "How to start out as a graphic designer, as in where to go, what to do, etc.
    I won't go to those crazy websites like upwork. Paying to get a job is crazy talk.

  6. Hey? Satori. How about make playlist about every tool in Ai?
    So how they work and for what u can use it, I think it will be great for beginners. Because many cool tips about tools I learned from your videos , but all this knowledge pretty randomly hidden now.
    I think it'l help u attract new auditory on to your channel.
    Plus how about make contest this prize is bee your help too start designer freelance career? I can volunteer for this ๐Ÿ˜€
    And how about barter? I'll translate your videos in to Russian and u help me out be a beater designer.
    P.S. Your playlists is a bloodymess ':D

  7. Hi I want to say your videos are always enlightening, inspiring, and motivating! Anyone watching feels a since of optimism! You give us the extra thrust neccesary to just do it! Still like myself being self taught…there is a lack of professional confidence since learning on a whim takes away from the time to create a timely quality product. And the online classes too costly. If this was you what steps would you put into place to counteract the lack of resources?

  8. Tom, you're the Boom! I love the idea of infographics. Is there any way you can do a video on the process and equipment of how you create your videos.

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