‘Domino Art Flash Challenge’ Official Sneak Peek | Ink Master: Grudge Match (Season 11)

‘Domino Art Flash Challenge’ Official Sneak Peek | Ink Master: Grudge Match (Season 11)

– To make it through
this competition, you must be ready
for anything. Only one of you
will earn $100,000, a feature in “Inked” magazine,
and the title of Ink Master. – Ooh. – Today, you will win as
a team or lose as a team. – We got this. Got it. – This week,
we’re testing ingenuity. – Ingenuity is just
taking the limited resources that you’re given
and finding ways to improvise, adapt and overcome to
make a beautiful piece of art. – For this flash challenge, you must create a masterpiece using only dominoes. – Ohh!
[all groaning] – Oh, [bleep].
– What? – Each team will
have approximately 100,000 multi-colored
dominoes. – Damn.
– That’s a lot. – If you’re gonna
bring me 100,000 dominoes, can it be pizza, and
have some toppings on there, like some pineapple,
some bacon, some something? – You must position
each domino strategically to create an image. It will take ingenuity
to set off a chain reaction that will transform these
dominoes into a work of art. – Oh my God. – We’re gonna look at it
two ways. We’re gonna look
at ’em upright, then we’re gonna
look at ’em fallen. That collective look
will be how we score. – Coaches, you alone will
have a birds-eye view of the design
as it takes shape. Make sure you
have a solid plan, or the dominoes won’t be
the only thing that falls flat. – Damn. – Win this challenge, and
your team will have the power to assign all
of the human canvases in the elimination tattoo. You have six hours. And your time starts now. – Huddle up, huddle up.– This week,
we’re testing ingenuity.
This is a crazy challenge,
because it’s a lot
of tedious work to get
these blocks to stand up,and to not knock them downin the process of building
a large-scale piece of work. – What’s your idea?
– A tiger. Maybe like reeds,
or something, too? – Yeah, like around
the tiger head. – Start gridding it out
so that it’s perfect. – The team that can really
work together and be smart and stay cool and collected
is gonna come out on top. – I’m just starting
to draw a tiger head from, like, the side view, so we
don’t have to go symmetrical. – That’s what I was thinking. – My idea was, like, a tiger. – Maybe you can do,
like, some, like, leaves that
it’s framed out in? The key is ingenuity. Cleen just won
the last two in a row. What have we got here?
– Get out of here. – Easiest thing ever.
– Come on, hey. – Piece of cake.
Work’s a piece of cake. – Let’s take you back.
– No, no, no. – Why don’t you go
coach your team a little bit?– He’s strutting around
like he’s cock of the walk.
I cannot let him
have a three-peat. – It’s almost like
it’s stalking. – Yeah.
– You know. Get the [bleep] out of here. – Go draw some more chickens. – He’s just making sure
we’re not doing an old man sitting
in a wheelchair or something. – Yeah.
– Let’s just do it. – What have they got?
– They’re doing a tiger too. – What? – They’re doing
a [bleep] tiger. – Are they, really?
– I’m gonna start sketching something else,
just to be safe.Christian, being the snake
he is, every time I look over,
I just see these little
tribal tattoos just poking over someone’s shoulder,
just staring at our drawing.And sure enough,
they’re doing a tiger now.
We have good ideas.
They steal them. – What if we did a cobra, bro? They’re going with symmetry,
like, we go with flow. – That is going to be rad.
– All right. – All right, JP, let’s
get this [bleep] drawing done.– A lot’s
on the line right now.
We’re down a guy.And all the other artists are
looking at melike I’m a weak link.– Hurry, hurry.
Get it done. No stopping.
– I need to prove myself.
I need to show people that
I am an asset to this team. – That looks good. My gosh,
we are slow as [bleep]. They’re getting theirs
on the floor pretty quick.[dramatic music]♪ ♪– Hey, Jimmy, bring it in
a little more so we got a little more
black in there. – No, [bleep], God damn it. – We got three up and
they’re already down. – Five hours, guys.
Five more hours. – Let’s double up those lines and make sure
they don’t go anywhere. That looks good from up here. Let’s get it on there, guys.♪ ♪– Ahh!
God, this is impossible. – Austin getting to
the finale is impossible. This is just difficult.♪ ♪– No, no, stop it,
stop it, stop it! – Stop!
– Oh! – It’s too fast!
Too fast! – Oh, my God. – Personally, I just think
we should have the leaves laying down, and then have the
dominoes only be the snake. – Stop trying to
take the easy route. Yeah, this is hard. If we don’t win
this flash challenge, they’re gonna [bleep] us just
as hard as we [bleep] them.♪ ♪– No, no! – Damn you, gravity! – I almost just cried. It’s soul crushing.But we’re focused
on being a team right now,
because we need a team
to get through this. – No big deal.
It happened. We’re actually making progress.
We can do this. – Kyle, remember,
we still have to stack– – I know, dude.
– Well, those aren’t [bleep]! – Well, I’m not [bleep]
done yet! – Well, it’s not gonna work,
dickhead. – I’m not done yet. – Get all [bleep] mad
about it isn’t gonna help. – Hey, guys, guys, guys.
– Jesus Christ. – Guys, we’re figuring it out.– At home, when Kyle’s getting
stressed out and blowing up
like that, I stay out of it.But here, we have to
work together as a team. – You already knocked
your [bleep] over three times. I’m trying a different method. – All right, dog.
– Slow and steady. – As long as you’re really
fast at being slow and steady. – Two hours left, people. – As of right now,
it looks like nothing.♪ ♪My team is falling apart. – We are a hot [bleep] mess
right now. – They’re pushing forward. Everything they
got is standing up.I’ve got to pull something
out of my ass,
because as soon as
Team Christian smells blood,
they’re gonna attack.You can’t show weakness. What do you want to do? You want to sit here
and try and stack them, or you want
to just lay them flat? – I mean, flat’s the
only way to go right now. – Are you sure? Because that’s
a lot of time we just wasted. – Stop!
Mother– – Lay ’em flat. – Lay ’em flat.
That’s it, I’m over it. Lay ’em flat. – Dude, they literally
just gave up. Team Cleen and his
merry band of quitters. We ain’t giving up. I’ll [bleep] go
down to the last second. – One hour left, guys.
This is it. One more hour.♪ ♪– Oh my God, my hand. – Hey, the orange?
Clean those up a little bit. There you go,
there you go. – Oh, watch your feet, Chris. – I am.
– You’re so close, dude. – I know.
– Five, four, three, two, one. That is it.
Your time is up. – I’m [bleep] super
proud of you guys, man. I’m honestly proud of
this whole [bleep] team. – We’ve made something.
– [sighs]

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  1. Imagine If they Finish the peace, then The Last Domeno was placed On The Floor and Because of that domino Everything Falls to the ground. If that happened i would be laughting so hard but still be sorry for the pain they would go though. 😂😂

  2. I found it absolutely hilarious when both teams ACTUALLY BY COINCIDENCE chose the E X A C T same thing to tattoo. I understand why Cleen's team thought they were copying, but it genuinely happened incidentally 😂👌

  3. Always thougth if it's normal to rage when u do art cus i rage all the time lol but now i got an answer and it's a yes😂😂😂

  4. Who said you had to stand the dominos up? I would've laid them flat on the floor and eliminated the risk of them all falling lol

  5. All you saying to show the results don’t get it, they want you to watch the damn show you tards, that’s why they don’t show you they’re trying to pull you in to watch the whole thing

  6. Is it just me cuz I fell like cleen is so annoying and trash talking but I also at the same time like him?

  7. For the cobra instead of doing flat they could’ve done the dominoes like when they’re knocked over (somewhat down, but overlapping each other). It would’ve had a scaly effect (like how snakes are).

  8. 0:45 – 1:00
    My homie! Found someone who loves pineapple and bacon on pizza! He should’ve deserved to win. Love pineapple and bacon on pizza!!!

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