Dollar Tree DIY || Spring Home Decor Ideas

Dollar Tree DIY || Spring Home Decor Ideas

Hey, Guys. Welcome back to my channel. Today, I’m going to show you how I made these really pretty terrariums for my kitchen windowsill using items that I purchased from Dollar Tree. So if you’re interested, then just keep watching. For this project, I used three of the glass candle-holders, two of the fishbowl candle-holders as well, one of the garden dishes, some white acrylic paint and sponge brush, my gemstone stickers, succulent plants and stones, my E6000, hot glue gun, and glue sticks. I have a complete list of everything that I used down in the description box. So, the first thing I did was use my E6000 to attach my fishbowl candle-holder on top of my glass candle-holder. To do so, I simply laid my fishbowl candle-holder on its side, attached it to the top of my second candle-holder, and added a little weight to both pieces to keep them in place until they dried. I repeated those steps to make the second terrarium, and I also added my garden dish on top of my third candle-holder as well. Once those pieces were dry, I added about three coats of my acrylic paint for the garden dish. I only added the paint to the bottom half of that terrarium. For my fishbowl terrariums, I added that same acrylic paint to the bottom candle-holder and around the sides of my fishbowl candle-holders as well. As you can see, for the second and third coats, I used the sponging method. I simply used my sponge brush and gently tapped the sponge brush on the glass to give the paint a more textured look. Twenty-four hours later, I added my gemstone stickers to my terrariums around the sides of my fishbowls and to the bottom candle-holders as well. I then removed the clip from my succulent clips and then added some stones to my terrarium and added a succulent right on top. And here was my finished look. I was really happy with how this project turned out. My terrariums are really pretty, very unique, and definitely add spring with a touch of glam to my kitchen. I’d also like to share with you guys how I made this really pretty silver metallic floral topiary using Dollar Tree items as well. So if you’re interested in how I made this piece, then just continue watching. For this project, I used one of the plastic planters, some wood dowels, three of their foam balls, some hydrangeas, some floral foam, gemstone stickers, my glitter that I had from Walmart, my Rust-Oleum metallic spray paint, glue gun and glue sticks. Again, I’ll have my complete list down in the description box. So, the first thing I did was use a screwdriver to help me make a hole in my foam ball. I then inserted a wood dowel in that ball, and then added a second ball to the other end of the wood dowel. I then used some hot glue to attach some floral foam to the bottom of my planter. I also added some of the paper that I got from Dollar Tree. This was the paper that the cashier actually wrapped my candle holders in. I simply wanted to pack the floral foam and the paper as tightly as possible in the bottom of my planter. Next, I removed my hydrangea petals from their stems, and then I used my hot glue to attach them to the bottom ball. I then began adding the petals to my second ball as well. But this time, I added fewer petals. This was because I wanted my bottom ball to appear to be larger than the one on top. I also used a pair of scissors to trim and perfect the roundness of each of my balls. You’ll see me remove the glue strings and then just slightly trim each of them to perfect their shape. To add more height to my design, I decided to add a third ball on top. As you can see, I used various colors of the hydrangeas, and that’s because I’m going to spray-paint my design in the end. But if you like the traditional floral colors you could have, just pick one color for all three balls and left the design as is because I think it really looks pretty as it is. But because, you know, I’m a glam girl, I took my design out to a well-ventilated area and gave it a really good coat of my spray paint. And before that paint dried, I added some glitter right on top. And once I was happy with my spray paint and glitter, I added a layer of the Mod Podge sealant spray. I already had this on hand. But this step is optional. If you’d like to seal the glitter with Mod Podge purchased from the Dollar Tree, that would work as well. Once my design was dry, I brought it back in, and I added some of those white stones that I had left for my first project to the planter. This added some weight to the bottom of my design and also enhanced the overall look as well. To complete the project, I added some of the gemstone stickers around the planter. And here was my finished look. I think that my glam flora topiary turned out beautiful. And it fits perfect on the small table in my foyer. So, hope you guys enjoyed today’s video. If so, please like, comment, and share. And if you’re new to my channel, please subscribe and be sure to turn on your notifications so that you don’t miss my next video. Remember, I upload new videos every single week. So until next time, Guys: Bye!

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  1. Heyyyy i just did the 2nd project and it came out beautiful i wanted to tag u in it but don't know how! Tfs you are very talented all my friends on fb and ig love it!!

  2. Beautiful terrariums. Please use REAL plants. Especially because you said you were putting them on a windowsill!!! ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž

  3. Two beautiful and neat projects. I love them. I will try making them or something like Thanks for sharing. GOD, bless!!!

  4. I love both projects but those little window planters stole my heart. I am going to try them today. Wish me luck! Thank you sweet girl.

  5. Denise I love these! I live by the seaside in the UK in a place called Westgate on sea and this video is perfect because we have decided to have a coastal theme in our living room. I love the succulent bowls, i will probably add some shells or rope instead of gems to complete the seaside/coastal look. Thank you for this! I'm going to search in our pound stores! X

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  8. Hi Denise. Have you ever thought about writing a how-to book of your designs? You are really talented and gifted. Keep designing!

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  11. I really do love watching your videos and learned a lot. You have inspired me to get back into my hobby again, and will try my best to start slow and try some of your project. You have a great sense of imagination and it truly comes out on your final work. Itโ€™s just beautiful and you would never think you went to the dollar general and used the items in your projects. Thank you so much for sharing….

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  15. May be easier if you painted your lower candle holder inside the top, before gluing it to the top one. That way, you won't have to paint inside of your top holder to hide the bare spot.

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