Dogs Pick our Mystery Slime Challenge! Learn How To Make the Best DIY Funny Switch Up Oobleck Game

Dogs Pick our Mystery Slime Challenge! Learn How To Make the Best DIY Funny Switch Up Oobleck Game

– Slime dump! Three, two– – Oh no.
– One! We’ve got puppies and you challenged us to let puppies pick our slime ingredients. My guy’s name is Hans. – And mine is Frans. – So right now, you ready? All right, here we go. On the count of three, three,
two, one, go for it, bro. – There you go.
– Pick some slime ingredients. – Let’s do it, come on.
Go this way. – There ya go.
– Go that way. – See–
– There we go, yes! – He’s on it.
– They’re off to the races. – [Collins] First ingredient,
here we go, Sta-Flo, nice. Great job, great job, let’s
see what we got, glue! Dude, this is awesome, perfect, markers, okay, I don’t know how I’m gonna use that. Is that chalkboard paint? – [Devan] First up, I
got food coloring, yes. Glue! Yes, I could totally use that. Styrofoam balls, no! No styro– Sta-Flo is great. Alright, I’m gonna start
off with my styrofoam balls. – Did someone say bouncy balls? – No! (spring sound effect) – Yeah! (bass party music) – No, no! I said styrofoam
balls, not bouncy balls, bro. – Wait, did you say bouncy balls? – No!
– I got you bro! (bass party music) – No!
– Alright guys, let’s make some slime right now.
– Bro, how did you get th– – Oh, oh, almost got it (deep laugh) – So like I was saying, it’s time to. – Oh, sorry, I did not mean to do that. – It’s time to crush up my styrofoam, so I’m gonna use this little
mallet here. (thumping) – Bro, that’s gonna take forever. Here we go!
– Oh, jeez! – Boom! There we go bro that is awesome. – What?
– For my first ingredient we’re gonna use some of
this paint right here. We don’t wanna get any chunks
in the chalkboard paint ’cause you don’t want a
chalky chunky chalkboard, know what I mean fam? (hooting) – Look at mine, this looks insane. It actually looks like
popcorn, I’m so shocked. – [Collins] And it’s becoming creamy too. – I’m making popcorn slime. – First ingredient is in.
– Wait, that’s your first ingredient? Dude, I’m
almost done with mine. – What? You know what? I didn’t want to have to do
this, but it’s the only way I can slow you down, Tiny Devan. – No!
– Three, two, one, boom! – Hah! You don’t have your
powers anymore! (gasps) – Oh my gosh!
– What did you do to me? – I’m so sorry.
– Look at my hands! Oh, I’m feeling a little faint. – Whoa, whoa, Devan, Devan, Devan, Devan. – Collins, hold me, please,
please, please, Collins, please. I can’t live like this!
– Devan, stop! – How can I paint with these hands? – Oh my gosh, you’re so heavy. Dude, it’s not that big
a deal, I can fix this. – Just gonna fix my hair, sorry. Dude, I can’t even make
slime, look at this. How am I gonna make slime like this? I can’t even clean off my
hands, I can’t even clean– Oh, Collins, I’ll never be
able to pet Frans again. – I don’t mean to laugh, I
don’t mean to be insensitive, but this is the funniest
thing we’ve ever done. – I can’t live like
this. (slow piano music) Change me back, you have to, I beg of you. – Hold out your hands like this. It might be more helpful
to close your eyes so this doesn’t shock you anymore. – Okay, just do it.
– I got you bro. Here we go, three, two, one, bam? – Are they gone?
– Technically yes. – What do you mean? (screaming) What kind of joke is this? – Okay Devan relax.
– Bro, change me back! – Third time’s a charm, right? Three, two, one. (magical chimes) Oh no!
– What? I don’t even have opposing thumbs now, these are the hands of a sea creature! – Okay, Devan, relax,
calm down, I need you to stay with me bro, one
more time, this one’s it. Three, two, no more horsing
around, I promise, one! Bam! (magical chimes)
– No! What did you do to me this time? – I think I used the
wrong choice of words. – I don’t even have hands, I have hooves. – Okay.
(Devan screams) – I’ll take the small hands,
bro, just take me back. I’ll take anything but these. – I forgot, I need the
extendable hand to fix you back. Stand right there.
– This better work. – Three, two, one, boom!
– Ah! Oh yes, oh my goodness, it
feels good to feel again. Bro, thank you, thank
you, I mean wait, no, you did this in the first place. Get off of me bro, you’re gonna have a time out for that dude. – Well now that that’s
over I can resume making my glue and that really gave
me no advantage whatsoever. I’m so sorry bro. – Need a breather, bro, oh man. – Alright, here we go gonna add my glue. (silly whirring sound effect) Nailed it. Now it’s time for the
Sta-Flo, so here we go. Gonna open it up and we’re gonna make some chalkboard slime. So my real question is,
will I be able to actually write things on my chalkboard slime? Time to get serious about
this mixing so I’ve got the official mixers, and that’s about all I’m gonna use ’em for. I forgot to mix the glue
with the paint, though. This might not be good. It looks like a shredded garbage bag. This thing is an udder fail.
– Yes. – This is horrible.
– You failed? I love it. – So here’s the true test, will it write? Here we go, oh! I can’t believe it literally
worked, that is so cool. – That is really awesome. – You have slime that
has writing on it, woo! Oh, snap, now you can mush it back up and you’re back to regular slime. You get to comment down below,
who made a cooler slime? Oh snap! Okay, it’s time to get the next slimes. You guys are doing a
great job, buddy, yeah. – Crushing it. – Look at his little arms, he’s
like, “Yeah, I love picking “slimes, I want that
one, I want that one–” – Hi five?
Yeah. (laughing) – Are you ready bro, Hans? It’s time to get it, here
we go, three, two, one, go for it buddy, go for it. – Be free.
– First up, Sta-Flo, dude, great job Hans.
No! Glitter glue, I hate glitter. Wait, are those plastic fish? Okay, and then, are you thirsty? No, that’s my ingredient, okay, water. – Go to the white glue,
yes, next up, neon glitter. I can work with that.
Neon paint? Alright, this is gonna be a fun slime, and Sta-Flo, perfect. (bell rings)
– Devan? Devan! – [Announcer] And now
the continuing adventures of Tiny Devan! (’80’s keyboard
music) (Devan screaming) – Collins, I’m down here!
– Here he is, hey! – I was literally about
to become Puppy Chow. – Oh my gosh, bro I am so
sorry, here go, three, two, one. (chimes)
– Yes, I’m big again. – Kicking it off right
now with my glitter glue. – Oh, almost dropped my glue. – Here we go– – Next up, I add florescent tempura paint. Alright now it’s time
for me to mix it around. – I’m feeling extra
confident, so I’m gonna go for a long shot with my glue. – The what?
– The long shot with the glue. – How?
– Just, and then just go p– and then it’ll be perfect,
three, two, one. (splat) Oops.
– You know what? I’m not actually feeling this blue, so I’m actually gonna
add this yellow instead. Now it’s time to mix it around. Whoa, dude, this looks insane! Now it’s time to add my next ingredient– – Fish attack!
– Whoa, wait, what? – Awesome.
Alright, glue is in. Next up I’ve got water
so I’m shouting to Hans, I know what you’re thinking,
always stay hydrated. (slurps) That’s how dogs drink water,
is that how dogs drink water? (slurping)
Alright, word, bro. – And yo, Frans, why did you pick glitter? Dude, I hate glitter,
c’mon, he’s trying to sabotage me or something, jeez man. – Oo, snap, I filled up my bowl too much. I mean my ball, it’s not a bowl. A little bit of water, just
gotta do a beach ball serve. Three, two, one. (thud)
That didn’t work. – That was like a beach ball hand switch. – Now I’m gonna do it for real,
here we go, three, two, one. (thud)
Oh, oh no. Here we go, I’ll give it
a little squeeze. (splash) – It doesn’t squeeze.
– It does! – No it doesn’t, you’re
getting water every– – It’s squeezing, it squeezes.
– But it’s not. – I’m trying to show you, you
said it doesn’t– (splash) Oh my gosh!
– That’s not a normal squeeze. – We actually popped the little ball open. – We? You’re dragging me into this? – Team effort Devan!
– No, it was not. – My shirt’s soaked.
– It’s this guy. – The water’s in, next
up, I gotta add my fishys, so just pop ’em in there,
oops, I missed a couple. Thing is, I need a lot more fishes, so, I am King Poseidon,
king of the Seven Seas, and I summon thee all right
now. (waves splashing) – What is going on?
– Ah, my kingdom and kinfolk. There we have the leopard mantis seal, the beluga whale fish. (both laughing) You’ve seen them before
in Discovery Channel. – I have not actually. – Ah, one of my kinfolk, Dolphindigulus. (high pitched sounds) – Wait, bro is that even a real trident? – How dare you question the
authenticity of my staff! Shar-keesha! Get him?
– Shar-keesha! No! (muffled screaming) – Shar-keesha! (garbled speech) I’m gonna finish up the
slime with the Sta-Flo-oh! Just gonna pop some in right now. All the fishys are in there
right now which should help, ’cause they’re gonna be swimming around and helping out as well.
– Nice. – Dude, mine is not
working, looks like noodles. – Oh, I’m gonna try to
write something in the air with my neon slime, bro, here we go. There’s one letter, two
letters, three letters and four. Oh, dude let’s check mine
out under a black light. Here, take this flashlight, turn it on, and we’ll turn out the lights, you ready? – Yep.
– No, mine, dude, what are you doing?
– The fishes do glow though. – What?
– That’s super cool. – That’s so awesome.
Bro, I can’t wait to see if this works under the black light. – Alright, I’ll turn off the
lights, three, two, one (claps) Wait, first, five-second
subscribe challenge. We wanna see if you can
subscribe to this channel and turn on the channel post notifications in five seconds, are you ready? Here we go, – [Both] five, four,
three, two, one, done! – If you can do that, comment down below, Keyper Squad, right now.
(sounds of amazement) We need to get the lights
back on now, so here we go. (claps) Now it’s time
for you guys to vote, who made a cooler slime?
– I think it was me. (grunting)
I got it, I got it. His tooth is on it. – Dogs did a great job last
time, so for this round we’re gonna see if they can
create even crazier slimes. You guys ready, here we go, go for it. Wait, you have him like a little baby. – It’s so adorable, it just
wants to snuggle in my arms. Oh, he’s ready, got
some quick snuggle time and now he’s at it. – I’ve got contact solution,
perfect, glow in the dark glue, that is awesome, great
job, and then beads. – Alright Frans, Sta-Flo, good
choice, cotton balls, what? Alright, and then white glue, perfect. – Let’s make some slime.
This is glow in the dark slime whoa, whoa, whoa, don’t
ever bring a pillow to a Tyrannosaurus Rex fight. (yelling) – I won that thing.
– No you didn’t. Collins, I think you’re cool. – Back to what I was
saying, this pink slime is really cool ’cause
it’s glow in the dark. This could be glow in the dark slime. – Oh, that would be so awesome bro. – Gonna add it in, it’s
got little sparkles in it, what’s up with that?
– Dude, what are you doing? – Working on my forearms,
bro I gotta get buff. It’s my new workout plan,
called Glue 90 Flex. – Dude, your arms!
– Whoa, I feel pumped up right now bro, that stuff is crazy. You didn’t believe me
when I told you bro but these things get crazy.
– Oh. – These workouts are the best– – Can you just let off?
– Oh, sorry. I’m sorry, I don’t know my new strength. Umbrellas! Nothing.
(grunting) – You’re like one percent stronger. – What?
– It’s all look, no function. Dude, you good yet?
(snap) – Oh!
– Bro, these muscles are changing you.
– How do I get rid of ’em? – Jut pull ’em off.
– Oh, that was easy. Woof, man, I feel a lot better,
a lot more level-headed now, so I’m just gonna take
this more calmly now. Gonna add some stars to this. – Alright, got my cotton
balls now it’s time to add these in here. (shaking) – Perfect.
– Was that really necessary? You were almost better with the muscles. Dude, with these cotton
balls, I don’t know if my slime’s gonna turn out, bro. Dude, why are you doing
such a risky maneuver? – Time for my super-special new technique. It’s called the boots and boots. – The cats, oh.
– There’s no cats. ♪ Bloopah bloopah bloopah bloopah ♪ ♪ Bloopah bloopah bloopah bloo ♪ – Dude, it’s like a kid
playing in the rain. – This is basically Collins
playing in slime right now, this is great. Boots are out, now it’s
time for the pecker staff. So the pecker staff just goes in like this and just pecks away the
slime (sneezes) man! – Bless you.
– Thank you. Alright, I’ve been mixing my slime now and it’s not turning out so well at all. – Dude, it looks like marshmallows, bro. My slime is coming together
nicely, but it’s not getting milky enough, you know what I mean? I’m sorry Hans, you did
pick some great items, but unfortunately the, oh, pick it up! – It’s not even a problem, bro. – That was close. I was gonna add some Sta-Flo. Ow, okay, note to self,
might not be the best idea to add in these super
spiky stars because you’re squeezing it and all that,
it’s like (throat static) oh and like (throat static),
you know what I mean? – No, I don’t.
– Alright, you know what? I think my slime is almost
done, how’s yours looking? – It’s looking great.
– Dude, this thing turned out so cool, but the real question
is, will it glow in the dark? Hold onto this for a second, Devan, I gotta use the Clapper, here
we go, three, two, one (claps) – [Both] Yo, this is so cool! – [Collins] Bro, I’ve never
juggled glow in the dark slime. This is crazy, oh snap, I
dropped it again, here we go. – [Both] Three, two, one! Ah! – They’re eating my hair.
What’s up, hi, hi. How are you guys?
I love you man, so cute, bro. The best dog partner ever. Look at this one here,
think we’re gonna pick some new ingredients, you guys ready? – Ah, he wants a little
belly rub, so cute. – He’s been doing a lot of hard work, just wants a little belly rub to relax. Bath bombs, okay, we’ve got
cornstarch, alright mines going for water, how can
you make slime out of water? – Gold leaf, interesting,
okay, contact solution, I can definitely work
with that, clear glue, could not get a more perfect slime. – Alright, so I’ve got my
bath bombs and so first up we gotta add some water to the bowl– – Hey, Collins, you’re a
winner, you want a trophy? – This is like some sort of joke. – No, you’re a winner, dude,
there’s not trick to it. Just take it, dude, you’re a winner. (whooshing, thudding) Oh, wait, what?
I didn’t think there was a trick to that but
apparently there is, alright, I’m gonna try to use this,
three, two, one. (clunks) – Hey, there you go!
– Wow, I’m back. – He’s back, alright.
– That thing was terrifying. So now it’s time to add some water– – Hey! I’ve added my
glue and now I’m gonna add the contact solution. – You do that, now it’s
time for me to drop in some bath bombs, which one
do I want to go with first? I’m gonna go with the gold
one first, three, two, one. (splash) Oo! – Why would you drop it like that? – Look at it go!
– Dude. – We’re just going all of
them at the same time, bam, put this one in there,
we’ll go with this one here, another one, alright, we’re
going with that one there. We’ll go for this one
here, and then we’ll go for this green one, and then we’ll uh– – Oh oh!
– Maybe if I mix it up. That’s not helping.
– Use the broom. – We gotta use the big
spoon, to scoop, oh! – Dude, you made it worse. – I’ll get a little broom off. – Ow, my foot, you dropped it on my foot. – I’m sorry, bro, but I’m panicking, bro. – We should have done one at a time. – Yeah, you’re totally right. (laughing) Well, you know what,
first ingredient is in. Maybe a little bit too
much, you might say, you’d be wrong, ’cause
this is the perfect amount. I’m a hold this under the
water and see what happens. – It smells so good right now. – They’re all still full,
my hands are so slippery now I can’t even pick up anything. But next up, gotta add some
cornstarch into my slime. Just, oh, so hard to grab it bro. Here we go, three, two, one. (thud) Oh, that worked, first time.
– He acts shocked. – Bath bombs mixed with
cornstarch is not a good smell. Hopefully this stuff makes some Oobleck bath bomb Oobleck cornstarch
would be kinda cool. – Oh, what? – I’m just gonna try to make this slime as quickly as possible
so we’re gonna try to squish up a whole bunch of
bath bombs along with the cornstarch and hopefully this turns into some sort of slime, oh boy. Oh, snap, there’s a little toy in it. That or a random fish
came to live in here. I don’t know what’s going
on with that, so we’re gonna let him live in this habitat,
bloop, just pop him in there. It feels so weird, I gotta
say, it’s not slimy yet. I must say it is the most
beautiful mess I’ve ever made. For sure.
– Very true. – It’s now time for the
voice-changing microphone, good evening, I’m Collins
Key reporting live, and Devan Key.
– Hey, what’s up. – Is going to be putting some
gold leaf into his slime. This is monumental, this
has never been done before. Slime, what do you have to
say about this? (blurps) Fascinating.
– It came out clean! It came out clean!
– Word. This is my show, Devan.
– I have something to say. You’re not doing a very good job. We’ll take it, back to you Frans. (crickets chirping) And we’re back, Frans
didn’t have much to say. So he reaches for the gold leaf, he places it on top, whoa,
the puppies wait in suspense, Devan goes for sheet
number two and now, folks, I don’t know what to
tell you, but it appears that actually looks pretty awesome. Wow, alright, the gold leaf
slime looks pretty awesome. Bath bomb slime, what do
you have to say about that? (blurps) Fascinating, alright, we’re getting rid of this microphone now, and
you get to comment down below, who made a cooler slime for this round? Is it my awesome bath bomb slime or is it Devan’s whack gold leaf slime which is actually pretty awesome. Now it’s time for the puppies
to pick some new slimes. – We’re almost at the
final round and Frans has deserted me, what’s going on buddy? – He’s already picking ingredients, bro. Hans, want to join him? Go get some more ingredients, Hans. – We gotta pick this next slime. – You got this, you got this. I’ve got clear glue,
fake snow and Sta-Flo, fake snow, Sta-flo, it
rhymes, great job, bro. – Alright Frans, pick a good
one, wait, toothpaste, what? Shaving cream, okay, I can
work with that, wait, dude, not Sriracha, Frans, I
thought we were friends. There’s no way I can make
slime with this stuff. (sneezes)
– Bless you. – Sorry, I tried to control it. – You scared Frans. – Bro, we’ve got snow in a can! – Wow!
– You do not seem excited. – I don’t think it’s real
snow, it’s just powder bro. – What?
– Ah, dude, the smell. Oh, I can’t stand Sriracha,
it’s too spicy for me dude. – Here we go, it’s time to add the water. You ready Devan?
– Uh yes. – Let’s see if this turns into snow, here we go, three, two, one.
– Oh, what? – What?
– Yeah! – This keeps getting bigger!
– That’s so sweet. Wait, I wanna–
– No don’t touch it. This is mine.
– Uh, jeez. Dude, there’s like no
way, this is like goop. – How does all of this fit into this? Doesn’t make sense, does not add up. Oh, that smells so bad.
– I know uh. – I’ve got an idea, three, two, one, oh! – That’s so cool! So
fluffy, oh my goodness. – I think it might be expanding too much. – Yeah keep it in.
– Keep it in, bro. – There’s so much snow. The snow is done. – Feels so crazy, it’s
all squishy, no way. – I think I added way too
much, I forgot I was supposed to make slime. (laughing) – Just add some to mine,
mine’s already ruined. – You want it?
– Yeah, I’ll just take it. – Just shoveling snow, you
know, a huge mound of snow everywhere so I gotta
unload it a little bit. We’re back to the nice,
fluffy, powdery snow. – Dude, mine’s yellow snow now. – Uh oh, that’s not good– – It’s warm and yellow.
– Bad, very bad. – Dude, just when I thought
mine couldn’t get any worse. – Is it worse?
– It looks so gross. You will not live this one down Frans. I’m done mixing mine, bro. – Dude, it just keeps getting
bigger and bigger and bigger. – You’re getting it on my gloves. – It’s literally like a
winter wonderland right now, it’s not even Christmas yet, bro. How does all of this fit into this? It’s already full, just that little bit. Literally keeps growing–
– It just doesn’t stop. – We should fill a pool with 10 thousand pounds of this stuff.
Snow angel. We’re gonna add some glue next. Whoa this is the weirdest
feeling slime I’ve ever made. Oh, what, this is so bizarre bro. – Dude, what does it feel like? – Oh, it feels like, gah, uh, ah! – Somehow I know what that means. – Oh, that’s weird, that’s not nice. You get to comment down below,
who made a cooler slime, but that one’s pretty awesome. Yo, we are outside, it is
time for the slime dump. You’ve been commenting down below, who you think lost this challenge– – And I’m the winner! – Wait, you are not the winner,
that has not been decided. No, I am too, we’re sharing the
bucket, Devan, we both are– – So what, we’re both
dumping it on each other? – I have two hands on the bucket, okay? – I actually have them on the bucket, you have ’em on the handle,
therefore, I’m the winner. Whoa, whoa!
(laughing) – Here we go, on three, two– – Wait, dude, there’s no, wait. A chair, (laughs) just for you Collins. – It’s like a throne almost.
– A loser’s throne. – What? I am not sitting in that throne. You are gonna sit in that
throne, oh that’s heavy. I don’t like the name of this throne. – You have no idea how heavy this is, and it’s so slippery
too, you ready for this? – Oh man, I’m not ready,
gotta sit in my throne, gotta get a little man up over here. – Alright, here we go,
slime dump, three, two, one. – Oh, and if you wanna
win a 15 minute video call with Devan and I,
text the word dog to 81800 right now, so pause the video,
text the word dog to 81800 and you will automatically
be entered in to win that 15 minute video call. – Three, two, one. (slow speed yelling) Oh, dude!
– Oh my gosh! Hey guys! (shrieks) (slow speed yelling) – Dude, it missed your face! (laughing) – Well that’s totally fine with
me, you guys get to comment down below, who won this challenge? We’ll be doing another slime
challenge coming up here soon. Shout out to the puppies by the way. Click over here if you wanna
see another video right now. You have five seconds. (exclaiming) Three, two, one!
– Love you, bye! (exclaiming) (Collins laughing)

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