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  1. Clearly these technologies benefit the arts, but they are lacking the altruism of a true benefactor. Unless we offer that classical benefactors looked upon their support of an artist as an investment. What good is a benefactor without altruism?

  2. I applaud Microsoft for creating such a unique and experimental piece of hardware, but it needs to be refined some more before it will be usable for playing actual games.

  3. Microsoft is totally an arts benefactor, but I doubt that's their intention with this, and I think they should only be credited as one if that was their intention.

  4. I know that this is late and won't make it into a video, but, not only does the kinect allow for digital art expansion, but also the ability to advertise in ways never before thought possible, where you many digitally interact with a product to further enhance your interest in the product. i know this is true because i have already seen it.

  5. I remember that time when you made crazy awesome references to technologies and individuals to which everyone owes tremendous debts of gratitude, and that it happens EVERY FREAKING EPISODE.

  6. Digital artist and developer here with Kinect experience. Definitely love the sensors and drivers written for the Kinect. When creativity is the goal, tools that require you to exhibit creativity are quite useful. What is reality? How about taking a digital form of it and pumping it through a computer system so we can do ANYTHING to it.

  7. I definitely think Microsoft and even other corporate giants are benefactors to the art world. The kinetic is a fine example but even think about all those that use photoshop as a medium. Just to even touch artworks up in the simplest way using photoshop could not be done without a computer. Also because of the kinetic and the examples you provided I don't think Microsoft has just provided a tool but also inspiration for digital art which is another huge reason Microsoft is a benefactor.

  8. Yeah I think is clear that Microsoft is not be benefactor here. Sure they made the tool. But the tools was not meant for artist and it took someone else to unlock the tool. And they do not give out this tool for free ether. They sell it. There no more a benefactor then the company that sells the artist his paint. They are a impotent part of the mix. But to be a benefactor means something more. For me it actually means proving the resources to the artist with the intention to create art.

  9. people have made motion capture art before the kinect: microsoft has just mass marketed the tool. This makes them as much an arts benefactor as a paintbrush factory. Instead I'd see them as innovating the process of motion capture, but as it wasn't gifted directly for artistic purposes I don't think we can label them benefactors. But maybe we can call them artists of design for neatly packaging a previously messy setup

  10. is windows an art benefactor? maybe not intentionally, but we blame people for unintentional mistakes so shouldn't we also credit people with unintentional altruism?

  11. Perfected? Hardly. Just go watch some reviews and decide whether they perfected it or not. interesting video just the same.

  12. Well the simple definition of art is anything an expression of or invokes an emotion, so wouldn't the simplicity of an art benefactor be anyone who is a kindly helper to art?

  13. not only that, Microsoft has directly and indirectly become a benefactor to the field of mechatronic engineering

  14. I disagree that they are a benefactor. They created the hardware but the software that then helps it be used for the arts means that it is these developers are the people who are the benefactors. Not only this but the kinect was not intended to be used for the purpose of art and although this does not mean the kinect hasn't helped artists around the world but what material hasn't? If we say that all things that artists use are benefactors then tampax are also benefactors.

  15. This actually leads into something that is happening more and more – a tool becoming more useful outside its intended purpose.. Perhaps the developers at Microsoft saw that – even if its impact on the short-run was rather weak, the distant effects could be much more powerful.

  16. They need to incorporate it into controller games like if you are being attacked you can headbutt instead of pressing a button.

  17. While I somewhat agree with demolish238 that the tool is only as good as its desired effects, I think he might have missed the unanticipated results of a new technology hitting a market base not exclusively limited to "gamers" in the traditional sense of using the intended tool by the parameters set by the "benefactors."

  18. Yes but the EyeToy had some Kinect like features, where you could interact with things in game. May I bring forth the infamous window cleaning game? Though it was lower spec than the Kinect, it's basically the same concept.

  19. Right now at Rice University's Mechatronics and Haptic Interfaces Lab, there's a group using the kinect to allow people to basically use it to see on a screen a 3d video. It's hard for me to explain, since I am not good with words, but you can see the image in 3d by spinning the hand device around. For example, u have a group of people bunched up, in line and seperated in the bacwards and forwards direction, and with spinning the device, the image will too, showing depth. It's amazing.

  20. We blame people for the poor decision-making that put them in a situation where they were likely to make unintentional mistakes. So no.

  21. I know right!? Plus, the eyetoy's only problem (from the time I played eyetoy games) was that you needed proper amount of lighting to make it work. BUt outside of that, it never really lead to any aggravating circumstances where the body-action controlling became inconvenient and…well…aggravating. Unlike Wii and Kinect.

  22. The eyetoy was just a regular camera. The Kinect is a 3D Scanner. It uses an infrared projector to detect motion in 3D in any ambient light. It also adjusts to the enviroment. The differences are hilariously large.

  23. I'd say the eyetoy is more than just a regular camera. It also tracks movement. Of course it's not nearly as advanced as the kinect, but they are based on the same concept, reaction to the body's motions.

  24. well if they had been the ones to release the driver to let it be used on things other then their xbox, then I wouldn't see any room to argue that they where not involved. yet they didn't and I don't think they where planning on it. and the kinect can't be used to create those artworks with out the driver. so this I'd give the benefactor credit to the guys who made the driver. As MS clearly did not mean this to be used in that way. and that is what differentiates them from an art benefactor


  26. kinect sucks. this thing was made for games and it does it's only job horribly. watch angryjoe's videos you'll understand what I mean.

  27. i learnt  CAD, in a few months, it gave me ability's i could never achieve, technology creates magical capabilities for creation

  28. yeah too bad they aren't adding it with the xbone anymore. and what's the point of doing all of those but doesn't really help make a game? is fun to do but most people aren't creative and developers take years to make a game especially for the kinect. it needs to read you right if not you're just fighting the camera for better controls. 

  29. I think that Microsoft is in this way indeed an art benefactor in the sense that the art benefits from it's actions, though not in the sense that it actually strives to improve or contribute to art. It indeed does so but in a indirect way, as it was never a real intention. The significance of the actual intention to contribute to art depends on your personal perspective.  

  30. I do wind my own pickups, sir. Amazing what happens when you combine a pedometer, a window/door sensor, and a drill. No, Absolutely though: I never created a DAW, nor any kind of guitar effect, amp,….. etc…

  31. they would be benefactors if they were giving kinects to visual artists.
    but they're not, they're selling them. like any other endeavor of any other corporation, the kinect is for profit, not benefaction.

  32. Last!

    The old art benefactors you mention did not make money from supporting the arts. In other words, they gave charity, not investments. Microsoft is only concerned with making money. If the Kinect became unprofitable, and there was no hope of making it profitable again, they would stop making it. Microsoft's Kinect is an investment, not charity.

  33. I listen till 1:23 and then I suddenly thought "Hey, gotta guy a kinect !!" so I browsed to CraigList (the french equivalent is called leboncoin) and I found a Kinect 2 for 30 bucks. I'm currently waiting for the seller's response but I think I can build great things with it 😀

    edit: I'm working on facial recognition algorithm so I thought I should try body movements recognition 😀

  34. microsoft is over rated in any way becasue their games are way to adult they focus way too much on themsleves rather than others

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