Doboz szalvétával és decoupage papírral //

Doboz szalvétával és decoupage papírral //

First paint the surface with acrylic primer Wait until the primer dries then polish the surface and the edges Paint a layer of white acrylic paint, and let it dry Remove the patterned top layer of the napkin… then place it to the top of the box Spread the surface evenly with the ‘decoupage varnish and glue’ After drying polish the edges and remove the rest of the napkin Apply the same procedure to the sides of the box dab the edges with hazelnut acrylic paint using a sponge brush then paint the inside of the box cut the patterns from the decoupage paper Dip the patterns into water… then place it on the glued surface Smooth the paper using your fingers, then wipe the excess moisture with paper towel Let it dry for 10 minutes Use glossy solvent based varnish to coat the decorated surface Dip a fine brush into the varnish and use it to place the rhinestones to the still wet varnished surface Finally coat the rest of the surfaces with varnish

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  1. Adorei o vídeo muito bem explicado e a caixa ficou maravilhosaaaaaa ! Parabéns e obrigada por compartilhar !

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