Do ONE Thing For BETTER Graphic Designs | My Process Ep1/3

what is up people welcome back to Satori
graphics and today I’m going to kick off a three-part series we’re going to
follow along in my development and my process for designing a poster and in
today’s video I’m gonna teach you exactly why research is so important
when it comes to graphic design and pretty much any design project for that
matter let’s get stuck in so why is research so vastly important
you might have heard that you know it is part of the graphic design process you
might not truly understand why it is and why it’s important you really need to
research your clients the industry and also most importantly maybe is the
target audience of the clients projects and their business but let’s take a
deeper look at research and exactly why and how it is effective in graphic
design before designing anything and even before creating concepts I suggest
that on most design projects you do need to spend quality and lengthy time
researching follow this four-step process in your research phase and you
really cannot go wrong firstly ask yourself what is the purpose of the
design what is the end goal going to be when you really know and have a firm
understanding of the purpose you can then build a better idea of your path
and your journey along the project secondly take a look at the other
existing brands or companies in that niche that you’re designing for now this
is important because you want to design something that stands out yet a design
that still follows the conventions of that niche the third step is to look at
the target market of the design and the company this might be one of the most
crucial steps in this process but think about the consumer of the design product
are they old are they mainly female are they of high status in society when you
know the target markets you can then effectively target your design to them
and finally you need to look into the industry sector as a whole relevant to
the design that you’re working on so as an example if you’re designing something
for a fashion label you’re going to want to look at the entire culture of the
fashion industry and the people who operate within it what is the subculture
that surrounds the industry are there specific words or phrases exclusive to
that industry and are there certain color schemes linked as well
these are all questions and more that you need to be asking yourself and then
you need to look into because you should fully understand the industry of the
client that you’re working for so let’s quickly go back to the idea of designing
a logo for a fashion label or a brand now if you conduct all of the research
I’ve just spoken about you’re going to be able to fully understand what visual
cues typefaces colors and layouts are going to appeal
to the target markets understanding exactly what evokes a positive response
in the target market is precisely what equates to a functional and a successful
design now by a positive response I essentially mean the design resonates
with these people and then it leads them to invest time interest and even
possibly money into the client services or the products so yeah one of the key processes and
aspects of research and development in a project is debrief and I’ve talked about
this many many times on my channel however Miller notes has a really nifty
built-in tool that allows you to write your own briefs and also organize the
brief or a project or projects mass will begin to look at right now the brief is
essential to their progress and their relevancy of a graphic design now as a
designer you probably will be given a brief by the clients however it’s not
always going to be satisfactory you might want to expand on things as this
will help the creative design process milah notes has a built-in section when
you can just drag and drop a brief planner into your workstation as you can
see I’ve got some auto-generated content right here and then it’s a pretty good
start we have things such as the client and their goals or their purpose and
these are things that I was just talking about previously in the video also there
are details on the target markets and other information to having all of these
details in one location is very very helpful because I can then just refer
back to them throughout my project and as you can see I’ve gone ahead and added
some information on the poster projects that I’m working on at the moment not
only do I have some client background information but the hex color codes are
there too which links back to their branding I can just take these and
implement them into my design pretty easily so this is a good start in terms
of the brief and I’m probably going to add to it as I gather more information
through my research so my design is a poster design and it’s
actually going to be a campaign to raise awareness for motorcycle safety on the
roads because let’s face it if there’s one dangerous thing to be doing every
day it is riding a motorbike on the roads and funnily enough that is
something I do I Drive a motorbike every day and I didn’t drive a car I prefer
motorbikes and the aim of my poster is to really target a specific group of
people and let them know the dangers of motorcycle riding along with a few
statistics and so forth and speaking of statistics let’s take a
look at some of those right now in 2016 over 5,000 people died from motorcycle
crashes in the US people who ride motorcycles are 20 times more likely
than passengers in a car to die in a crash 25 percent of people who ride
motorbikes and who were involved in crashes in 2016 were actually found to
have above the legal limit of alcohol now if one motorcyclist in fatal crashes
had worn helmets in 2016 the report stressed that an estimated eight hundred
and two lives could have been saved driving a motorbike is inherently
dangerous and that’s exactly why I’ve chosen to make my poster as a means to
help people be more careful on the roads now as part of my research it’s
important to see the real dangers here and one of them seems to be a lack of
wearing a helmets which I feel is something I’m going to add into my
poster maybe something relating to the brain or the head in some kind of way
and maybe part of a concept so another key aspects for research in
any graphic design project is the use of typography now you hear me say over and
over again typography can literally make or break
your graphic designs and that is a hard truth and so it is vital to research
your typography and how you’re going to use it as well as the actual typefaces
that you need to use remember typography says a lot but just how it appears and
not just the words that are written and the last key aspect of research here
is going to be Grapher design principles and layout styles especially with a
poster design the layouts and the kind of balance that you have is going to be
really impacting in the end result to the viewer so again this is something I
really want to include in the research phase of my design researching your layouts and possible
use of graphic design principles beforehand really helps you visualize
the final design a lot easier but also it allows you to establish the content
in the most effective manner now I’ve been toying with the idea of using the Z
layout pattern and that dictates that the viewers eye travels from the top
left of the design over to the upper right and then diagonally down to the
lower left oppose the design layout is pretty crucial in the way it delivers
the information to the audience and so this might be useful but another key
aspect that I want to focus on is balance within graphic design and the
two main options I believe I have opened to me for my poster are symmetrical and
asymmetrical I probably prefer asymmetrical for my design
because this is going to allow a focal point and then the textual content on
the other side and this might help ensure the poster has enough negative
space and not to be too crowded but also so the poster itself is kind of balanced
and visually appealing but yeah in the research phase I do
think is important unhelpful to consider the layout and maybe some principles
that you want to use before making the actual design or even the concepts so that was today’s first of three of
videos on the poster design process using mini notes and this was a video
based around research now I hope you better understand why research is so
important for your graphic design projects and please do not ever look it
next time you work on something it’s actually quite common to have graphic
design agencies and branding agencies who spend weeks on the research phase
alone sure granted they’ve got the time and the manpower but that just
illustrates how important research is in the graphic design process the more you
research the more you know the better you can target your designs to the
client and the audience I’m Tom Satori and be sure to come back for the
following two videos in this three-part series and of course design your future
today peace

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