Do Indians Really Poop on the Street? ๐Ÿšฝ THE TRUTH! TOILET REVIEW #GroundReport

Do Indians Really Poop on the Street? ๐Ÿšฝ THE TRUTH! TOILET REVIEW #GroundReport

Foreign trolls are constantly commenting on my channel saying that Indians go bathroom on the side of the road because there are no public toilets here. And that’s putting it really really nicely. And you’ve even got PewDiePie mentioning open defecation in his diss track. So what we’re gonna do today is I’m gonna drink a ton of cow’s pee. And we’re gonna travel down this street and I’m gonna show you the reality of toilets here in India. And I’ve chosen this street because it represents India in a nutshell. On this one street, you have mosques, gurudwaras. You’ve got temples. You’ve got slums, middle class, rich men. You’ve got cows on the road. And you’ve even got massive wedding grounds. This stretch of road has absolutely everything And we don’t have to go far because the very first toilet we’re gonna visit is right across the road, at the beginning of the street. This is possibly the weirdest video I’ve ever done… besides the one where I drink cow pee here in India. So this toilet is part of the Clean India Mission. And this is the Government of India’s “Clean India” campaign. The Government of India is building these toilets all around India. And the numbers, you won’t believe. I’ll tell you about them later though. Let’s go inside and let’s check out this toilet. And actually all these toilets, they’re all online so.. You can just like open Google Maps and find any of these Clean India toilets. And you might think it would smell but it’s not too bad. Someone’s dropped an alcohol bottle here. Someone’s been drinking in the toilet. But otherwise, like, check this out. Like.. It’s a urinal and it’s fine. Like.. I’m gonna bathroom in it right now. I’ll actually test this out. Okay so I’ve tested the toilet and it’s fine. It does the job. It’s a urinal for males and it’s on a slope. So the urine goes down and goes out and goes out to wherever the, you know, the sanitation is. So it could use a bit of a clean but otherwise, you know, no issues. This is a fine toilet to use for a male. There’s no female toilet here and we’ll address that later. So I can tell you that every single middle class and all the rich men in this area, they all have a toilet in their house. No doubt about it. But what about the people in the slums here? What do they have? Let’s go further down this road, stop at the slums and find out. So on this side of the road here, we have the slum. And then over here behind us, on the other side of the road, directly opposite it, we have this toilet built by the local Delhi Government. Let’s go in and let’s check out what these guys have. It’s quite nice man. Like.. the way it’s all designed and the way it’s all cleaned. Like.. let’s just see how the clean the walls of this toilet are. Come on. Let’s go in and have a look. Alright. So we have the male toilet here. Come with us. Let’s have a look. It’s nice, man. I had no idea this existed. Oh my god. So this.. oh my god.. look at this. There’s like places to wash yourself here. You have like.. there must be like.. 30 or so toilets here. Hand wash. A standard Indian toilet, a squat toilet. And it’s reas.. it’s clean. It’s clean. There’s a caretaker here and he’s looking after this toilet block. Amazing. Come down here. And just rows and rows of toilets. There’s actually 33 toilets here. Just seen on the door. Amazing. Okay. So you’re cleaning the toilets. Pretty impressive, right? Like.. what these guys have here. And anyone can come in here. It’s free, right? We didn’t pay to come in here. So you can wash yourself and you can go bathroom here. This totally services all the people living in the slum. And it’s not that busy, right? And that’s because I think a lot of people in the slums will even have toilets in their houses. Let’s go and find out. Okay. Okay. Let’s go. And then we’ve also got an equally large female toilet here. I’m not gonna go into this one. We’ll go into another female toilet soon and I’ll show you that both males and females are, you know, well equipped here to do their business. We’re in the back streets of the slum now. Just finding somebody. See if anybody has a bathroom here. One toilet? In this entire area? Okay so only person in this area has a toilet here. And we’re gonna go in. See it now. So we finally found a toilet here. But there aren’t many toilets here. That’s why they have this massive toilet outside. And there’s about, you know, 64 toilets there. So, you know, the people are well serviced by the street toilet out there. And that’s probably why they’re not building their own toilets, right? They don’t need to. They have this clean facility over there. Uncle’s having a shower at the moment. Sorry , Uncle. Sorry. So they have a really simple toilet here. It’s built. It works. They have a shower in here. And this is what a toilet in this area looks like. They do have toilets but there’s just not many. They’re all well serviced by this toilet outside. Okay, guys. See you guys later. Bye. Bye. Alright so.. so far, we’ve found two toilets on this road. But actually there’s been more that we haven’t filmed. And now we’re at a female only toilet. Female Toilet. So come on. Let’s go inside. I’ll show you what’s available for women as well. Let’s hope there’s no woman in there, right? No. There’s no one in here. Let’s go. Pretty basic. And yeah.. just.. Again, you’ve got a western toilet in here and then you’ve got an Indian toilet in there as well. And… yeah.. the doors can be locked. So, you know, the women can get privacy and yeah. It’s clean enough. The washing utensils for the toilet are kind of hidden behind this door here. So, you know, it is getting cleaned daily. And it doesn’t smell. So many people say that, you know, toilets in India smell. But they don’t. And India doesn’t smell either. That’s another thing trolls always, you know, say on my channel. If anything it smells like, it smells like incense because all shop owners are busy burning incense and it smells really nice. So these toilets that you’ve just seen, they’ve all been built by the local Delhi government and by the Government of India. And these two organizations, they’ve built over 92 million toilets in India since 2014 as a part of the Clean India campaign. And so now they reckon that over 89% of Indians have the access to a toilet which is just amazing. Those numbers are huge. Right now, I want to show you a different type of toilet. This hasn’t been built by the government. This has been built by a private foundation and it’s looked after by the people of this slum here of Sultanpuri in Delhi. Let’s check it out. It’s such a big area. Like.. This land has been donated for the purpose of building this toilet. And it hasn’t.. they haven’t used any government money. It’s all been built by the private sector. And there are a number of these around Delhi and around India actually. So over here, look at this beautiful wall. And they painted just to beautify the area, make people feel proud of their area. Hey, that dog just came out of the toilet! Okay so the toilet.. the dogs are in their own going bathroom and this.. wait. How can I say the tough words? This bathroom here is for the disabled people. So they can go bathroom here too and that’s really good to see. We’ll keep walking around. And so we’ve got another mural here and this basically says ‘Don’t go toilet in the open’. So once they built this toilet here, they had to go and educate the people here and tell them, you know, ‘Don’t go bathroom outside. You have a toilet here now. You go wash in here. You can go bathroom in here’ and yeah. ‘Use this now’. So it’s changing and educating people as well on how to be clean and, you know, how to keep India clean. Let’s go check out inside, right? And it’s quite similar to the other slum toilet that we saw. You’ve got the washing facilities over here. And then, you’ve got hand wash and maybe 10 or 12 toilets here as well. And this serves the entire slum and I hate using that word ‘slum’ actually. It’s not representative of these people and how they live. Slums has a really negative connotation to it, right? But they’re not unhappy sad places as us foreigners imagine. People are getting on with life and starting their own kind of like industries in these slums. They have their own industry. So they make money and yeah. Slums aren’t what we think. Anyway, different video. Let’s go. So you would have noticed that those toilets, they have these beautiful designs on them. But there’s more things that India does to stop people peeing outside as well. So you see down here. There is a picture of Hanuman. And they put these pictures of gods or paintings of kind of famous Indians around the place on walls like these to stop people peeing on them because no one is gonna dare pee on Hanuman or near Hanuman because gods and famous Indian people are so so respected here and if someone sees you peeing on Hanuman, you’re gonna know about it. So there you guys have it. That’s the reality here in India. Most people have access to toilets and they’re not defecating out on the street here. Not what you thought, right? And that’s because I find like, like, people outside of India have these really really outdated perceptions of India. They haven’t updated their ideas and perceptions about India since the 1950s, since Independence. And since Independence, India has grown and developed so so much. And that’s part of the job here I do on my YouTube channel: to help the world see how great India is.

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