DNA origami: how to fold a double helix

DNA origami: how to fold a double helix

Hello, my name’s Alex Bateman. Take your origami DNA template and turn it over so the white side is upwards then fold the paper in half. Be careful to make the creases accurately… …and to make the creases strong, use your
fingernails. Don’t fold along this thick line, but turn the paper over, and we’re going to fold along this thin line. Be careful to make the crease accurate, and using your fingernails make it firm. Then unfold the paper, and make the next
crease. Keep working away along. Then, when you’re about halfway along,
it’s easier if you turn the paper round… …and start again at the beginning. Now turn the paper over, and we’re going
to fold the diagonal creases. Fold along the thin line. Carefully and accurately fold along the creased line and make sure that the crease doesn’t extend into the white border, and then unfold. Then move on to the second crease. Continue, until you get to about half
way along… …and then you can turn the paper round and start at the begining again. Now we’re going to fold the white edge
down. This reveals the letters of the DNA code. This is a long crease, so take your time
to make sure it’s accurate. Turn the paper over and we’re going to fold the white edge down again. Partly unfold the crease that you’ve just made… …then turn the paper over… …and repeat. The helix is already starting to form. Now turn your hands, and we’re going to
twist the model, and push the two ends together. Be brave. Now we just have to do a little bit of
tidying up of some of the creases. We’ll move around the edge… …gently making sure all the creases are nicely formed. Here’s one that’s not quite right. We’ll just flatten that carefully… …and continue on round the model. Now DNA is a double helix, so when we finish this side, we have to
go back up the other side, again gently flattening all the creases. You’re almost done now, all that’s left to do, is let go of the
model, and let your origami DNA form.

100 thoughts on “DNA origami: how to fold a double helix

  1. Thank you! I have been racking my brain all week on how I would make my son's double helix and this is the easiest demonstration I have found!

  2. Me cago en todo esto es mas dificil que conseguir novia por badoo, exigo un tutorial mejor explicado xdxd, voy a suspender biologia de cabeza

  3. Any biology teacher who assigns this in high school needs to be fired because some of us aren't into this artsy shit and can't be fucked to do this. I'd rather be given something straightforward like an essay not some dumb shit like this. I didn't even learn shit from this.

  4. Hey babe just wondering how your doing today I’m thinking I can call him and ask her to give her your number so

  5. Shit man, I though I would fail this class but actually ended up making something decent in the end. Who would know but damn was this frustrating. Idk how I even managed to do it like after 10th model it somethow worked. Thanks God I don't have biology anyore -_-

  6. I legit got triggered with the twisting part that I squished it completely together and threw it across the room… guess whose getting an F

  7. Thank you for adding the template cause in our class we need to make one just like yours but because I am lazy, I don't want to trace it. xD

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