DJ Okawari – Flower Dance ダンスの花

DJ Okawari – Flower Dance ダンスの花

“They serve the purpose of changing hydrogen
into breathable oxygen. And they’re necessary here as the air is on Earth.” “But, I still say… they’re flowers.” “If you like.” “Do you sell them?” “I’m afraid not.” “But, maybe we could make a deal.”

100 thoughts on “DJ Okawari – Flower Dance ダンスの花

  1. ミラージュメモリアルの広告から飛んできた。良い曲っすね。自分、高評価いいっすか?

  2. The proper Japanese translation of the name is “花のダンス” since it’s flower dance not dance flower. Love the music though!

  3. 「花の踊り」とか「踊る花」って訳すのかと思ってたけどまさかの「ダンスの花」www

  4. DJ Okawari의 flower dance정말 유명하죠. 학교에서 연주하면 난리난다는ㅎㅎ 근데 정말 좋은 곡인 것 같아요. 저도 너무 연주하곤 싶은데 갈수록 어려워져서 섣불리 도전은 못하겠더라구요

  5. I have ever heard this song when I 19years old…
    I think this song discribes that flowers are dancing around me. And in the end of song discribes flowers are fallen finally… BTW,because I am korean, I don't know whether sentences what I writed above are grammartically correct… haha
    (이거 고3때 들어본적 있었는데…
    이 음악은 꽃잎이 내 주변을 춤추고 있는것을 보여주는듯.
    그리고 이 음악의 끝자락이 마침내 꽃잎이 떨어지는것을 보여주는것 같음…
    근데 내가 한국인이라 영어로 쓴 댓글의 문법이 맞는지는 모르겠다ㅋㅋㅋㅋ…)

  6. I was washing the dishes when I stumbled upon this. My hands were too wet to look for another song so I just let it be. Later mah boi saw me and asked why the fuck am I crying

    Man, what a masterpiece

  7. 「これらは周りの水素を、呼吸ができる酸素に変えてくれます。






  8. すごく、きれいな音

  9. Today is the first time I know this song. When I listening to the melody, somehow I felt nostalgic. I don't know why. It was like remembered a long past that wouldn't return. 😟

  10. theres a lot of litter pollution in our earth, we should hunt those litter so our earth didnt damage from litter or plastic pollution, millions of mammals fish die in ocean
    its so sad that we ignore this environmental issues

  11. 終わりのその先に見えるのは光じゃなくて眩さだと思う

  12. This song almost made me cry the first time I listened to it. It's so beautiful and heartwarming. Want it to be played at my funeral.

  13. Story TIME!!!
    please read with music on.

    There was a flower shop own by a woman, she was always looking empty but yet finds joy in the flowers she raise. She lost her will to live, but because of the flowers she loves so much, it kept her living. Until a young man came in and requested a flower she never raised before. " Do you sell them?" "I'm afraid not…" "Then maybe we could make a deal" the woman then decides to raise the flowers he requested.

    Everyday, the young men Requested different flowers such as Dahlia, Sweet Alyssum, Marigold, Gladioli and so on. Everyday, her collection of flowers slowly increases, she found joy in seeing many different flowers she never knew existed bloom.

    Everyday, she awaits for the man to visit her in the flower shop, every time she was with the man, she felt she could learn new things and feel old emotions she never felt before. Until one day…

    The Men stopped going over her shop less often, her life felt become duller and boring just like the past. But she still awaits for his arrival every single day, she never loss hope.Until he totally stops coming over.

    Each day, she looks after the the flowers he requested. Every single time she looks at the flower, she saw the memories of her and the men laughing joyfully at the new findings of flowers. She made sure that the flowers do not wither and stay colorful.

    But one day, when she returns from a one day trip to her family house, all the flowers withed and lost their pastel colors. She knew something was wrong…

    A few days late, while tending to the shop, the news flashed a hit and run accident and showed the victim who was severely injured. She looked at the television and immediately recognized who it was…

    The men…

    Her heart shattered into pieces, tear dripped down her eyes as her mind went into chaos. Rejection flood her mind as she felt a new kind of feeling… Love…

    She ran to the near hospital where he was admitted to, she was horrified by the sight. He laid there motionlessly, with drips connecting to his forearm, he lies unconscious in a coma. The men showed no signs of waking up soon, she touches his cheeks and put her forehead against his and prayed for his recovery.

    A year has passed, each day she visited, she would always bring the flowers she raised, decorating his dull hospital room with many colorful flowers just like what he did with her life.

    Siting beside the men's bed, she looked at him in gratefulness and hoped he would quickly awaken from his slumber. Soon she felt sleepy and feel asleep by his side…

    a few hours past and she hears shuffling noises, she slowly opens her eyes to find the men siting up staring at her in shock. "Why are you here? Where am i at?" the men questioned in a confused tone.

    She felt tears drip down her face once again and felt a relieve feeling in her heart and said " Your requested flowers have arrived" with a smile on her face.

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