DIY WRITING PAPER (3 letter design ideas!) ♡

DIY WRITING PAPER (3 letter design ideas!) ♡

Hey everyone, today I’m going to be sharing
with you some easy ideas of how to create your own writing paper just using some simple
craft supplies that you have laying around. To start with, I’m going to be making a vintage-type
letter. To do this I’ve just added about 6 tablespoons of instant coffee to a mug with
some hot water and once that’s cooled down a bit, I’m just going to paint it onto an
A4 size piece of paper, but any size paper that you have will work well too. The look I’m going for here is just an aged
effect on the paper. After I’ve painted my coffee mixture on, I’m just going to crumple
up the paper just to make it look even more aged and like it’s been battered from going
through the post. After my paper has dried for about an hour
or two, I’m just going to go about decorating it. To do this I’ve just styled a vintage-type
banner and I’m just filling it in with some black pen. Don’t let your hair fall in the
ink like I did! It made a mess! Here I am, just designing my banner. It’s
not perfect, it doesn’t really have to be, but if you want to spend a good amount of
time making it perfect then go ahead. I’m just doing some loopy handwriting to make
it look even more old fashioned. So as you can see here, my decorating is far
from perfect, but I don’t think that that really matters. I think that it has a great
vintage vibe either way. If you are good at writing in cursive, then you could go ahead
and do that for the entire letter, but if not, I think that it has a great vintage vibe
and that your penpal will love it. For my next example, I’m just going to measure
out the dimensions of the writing paper that I want to use. Then I’m going to transfer
these dimensions onto a piece of cardstock, because we’re going to use that to make a
nice design for the outline of our writing paper. The cardstock I am using is just a
spare piece that I don’t mind ruining. I’m just going to fold the cardstock into quarters. Next I’m just going to draw the outline that
I’d like my letter to have and I’m just doing this with some pencil. Then I’m just going
to carefully cut this out with some scissors, making sure to go through all 4 layers of
the cardstock. After that’s done, we’re just going to unfold
our design and we’re going to take our paper and carefully trace the design onto the paper.
Then we’re just going to take our scissors again and carefully cut the shape out. Next, it’s time to start decorating. I’m just
taking these glitter markers and I’m just emphasising the outline of my writing paper.
Then I’m taking some coloured pencils and gently shaving off the colour and blending
it on the paper with my finger. I really like the effect that this ended up having. For my next design, I’m just using these watercolour
paints to make a blended, cloudy effect on my paper. I’m using some art paper here but
you could really use any sort of paper that you like. To further make this writing paper effective,
I’m just tilting my paper and just using my paints I’m creating a running effect to further
blend them together and I really like the result. That’s it! Thank you so much for watching this video,
I really hope that you enjoyed it and it gave you some ideas for your next penpal letter.
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and I’ll see you next time!

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