DIY Wire Rings! How to Make Wire Rings Jewelry (3 Ring Designs – Moustache, Infinity and Love)

DIY Wire Rings! How to Make Wire Rings Jewelry (3 Ring Designs – Moustache, Infinity and Love)

Hello everyone! Many of you requested the
second episode of the knuckle rings. So here it is… We are going to make the love ring,
a moustache ring and the infinity ring. So, I hope you like them and let’s go to the DIY.
After my knuckle rings DIY video when I showed you how to create a bow, clover and a heart
ring, I received many requests for more ring designs. I love making knuckle rings so why
not! Let’s start with a moustache ring. Take 30 cm or 12 inches of wire.
Clamp your pliers down in the middle of the wire and take one end over the pliers like
so to create an oval. Place the pliers on the upper side of the oval and bend the wire
upwards. Then bend it down again like so and you will get this kind of heart shape. Clamp
one side of the heart down and bend this edge inside like me. This is how you get a half
of the moustache! Now you just need to repeat these steps on the other side. I like wearing
the moustache accessories so much. And they are always more special if you actually take
time and make them yourself. When you have the moustache shape, you only need to make
the ring. Clamp together the two wires in the middle and swirl them so that they attach
one to another. Then just wrap these two ends of wire around your tool until they overlap
— and you get a perfect circle for the ring. Place the pliers on the wire at the back of
your ring and make a little loop. Snip away the excess wire and make sure that the loop
is flat against your finger so you don’t hurt yourself with the sharp end of the wire. Repeat
this step on the other side and that’s it. How cool is this ring, right?! You can make
bigger or smaller moustache rings this way, I went for a rather bigger one so that it’s
easier for you to see what I am doing. Next we are making an infinity ring! This
is probably the easiest one but very adorable and delicate. Take your wire, clamp it in
the middle with pliers and make a circle. Make another circle next to it and you already
get the infinity shape. It’s that simple! Now you just need to round up the two parts
of wire peeking out to form a ring. Press the infinity sign against your tool and wrap
the wire around it so that it overlaps once. Finish the ring the same way as previous.
Create two loops, which must be flat against your finger and snip away the excess wire.
This ring can be done in a minute, and I love this simple shape and the meaning of the infinity
sign. If you’re not a fan of big complicated Jewelry pieces, this feminine detail is perfect
for you. What kind of accessories do you like? Are you more into larger statement pieces
or do you prefer smaller dainty Jewelry? I am pretty much open to all. I think statement
pieces can really transform the outfits and overall look but I do love small dainty Jewelry
which goes with everything and you can wear it day to day. It could mean a lot because
of the special person that gave it to me or the Jewelry can carry a nice message… Like
the infinity ring or the love ring, which we’ll make now.
To start off bend the wire slightly to get kind of a v shape. Then just start writing
the word LOVE with a wire. This may look difficult at a first glance but it is actually super
easy. Round nose pliers will help to make perfect circles and neat letters. For the
letter O make a circle and round it up on the top left corner. For V you need to make
a sort of a wave shape. You can write the word love on the piece of paper to help you
— then just recreate the shape with a wire. You can also write other words on your rings,
there are endless possibilities. To finish the word “love” we still need to make the
letter “e”. Bend the wire to form a smaller circle like so. This is how my wire love word
looks like. Pretty nice, isn’t it? Wrap the wire ends around the tool for a perfect
ring circle. This love ring is so timeless and delicate, making it a perfect addition
to any ring set. To finish up just make two loops and snip the excess wire. When paired
with other thin bands or rings I think above the knuckle rings can make a super chick visual
statement. They represent the latest way to wear Jewelry and are super trendy this summer.
If you prefer normal rings to knuckle rings you can make a circle a bit larger and wear
them as regular rings. I think this one is my favorite; it’s so delicate and special.
Which one do you like the most out of the three?
So these were my three designs that I made today. If you haven’t seen my first DIY knuckle
rings tutorial click right here. And also if you have any DIY video requests like necklaces,
rings or clothes let me know in the comments down bellow. Anyway, I hope you’re doing great
and I’ll see you next time! Bye-bye!

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