DIY Wine Bottle Craft | Moroccan Glam | Decoupage

DIY Wine Bottle Craft | Moroccan Glam | Decoupage

Welcome back to DIY No Need To Cry with Ivelisse Hi, my crafty fam, today I’m bringing you
this fun and beautiful Moroccan inspired glam bottle that was requested. I made this using the decoupage technique
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click the save button. Now Let’s get started. As usual, we will start by painting the whole
bottle with matte white acrylic paint and a pouncer brush. Give it two coats and make sure to let it
fully dry before giving it the second one. I like to put mine in front of a small fan
to help it dry faster. While that’s drying you can prepare the
paper cutouts we will be decoupaging. I found this pattern online and thought it
was perfect for what I wanted. I printed two copies. You want to cut each side with the points
evenly across. Then cut out each individual strip as you
see here. I used two copies for my bottle… eight strips
in total. Depending on the size of your bottle, you
might need more or less. On the ones with the two half designs, I cut
off each of the top halves. I’ll be replacing it with a full one. and then add four more to the other strips
as well. The next part is optional, I like to establish
a pattern of color before starting a project. Using markers the same colors as the paint
I will be using, I created a color pattern to my liking. I used blue, purple and orange. Before painting them, I numbered each row
so I could put it back in the same order. Next, we’re going to paint them in. Make sure to place them on a silicone craft
mat or on glass because they will stick to the surface otherwise when adding the paint. I set up my paint and three medium-sized pouncer
brushes, one for each color. Matching all of the dots I painted each section. Be gentle and take your time. I let them dry and gave them another coat. Once they’re dry, you have to peel them
up. Be careful when doing this that you don’t
rip them. You might want to run the scissors around
the edge to separate the paint from the paper before lifting. They should look something like this when
you’re done. Before gluing them onto the bottle… I’m going to seal it with Mod Podge Gloss
first. This is so the white paint doesn’t get damaged
when I glue the paper cutouts down. Make sure the glue is completely dry before
moving on to the next step. If you want to make sure you space then even
all the way around, use some painters or masking tape to place them how you want them before
gluing them down. Now it’s time to decoupage the paper cutouts
onto the bottle. Place some mod podge on the bottle and don’t
be shy with it. This isn’t thin like paper napkins and will
need more glue to stick it down. Just make sure to spread the glue evenly so
it doesn’t dry with lumps. Now place the paper cutouts, if you have them
taped… lift one off glue it down and keep going until you’re done. I just eyeballed mine as you see here. Place the cutout but don’t press it all
the way down until you have it where you want it. Once it’s where you want it, glue the whole
thing down. On the bottom and top of the bottle where
the glass has a curve, I use my fingers to press the paper down. I could’ve just misted the back side of the
cutouts with water and it would have made it a lot easier to glue down… totally forgot. Make sure to smooth out all the glue and continue
doing this until they are all glued down. Glue down all the last cutouts and like I
said before if you mist the backside with water before gluing it down it’ll be a lot
easier to manage. Now I’m going to paint the bottom halves
so it looks better. Using your favorite sealer, seal the whole
bottle. I gave mine 3 coats, letting dry between each
one. and now for the fun part! adding all the details. Pour some clear glue, any clear glue will
do, and add glitter to it. I added purple, dark blue, gold, and a lighter blue glitter and mixed it all
together. I randomly glittered several of the blue and
purple ones with the mixture. I then added orange glitter paint to all the
orange spots and blue glitter paint to some of the blue
ones. You want to do thin layers and build up to
get the best results with the glitter paints so that means letting it dry before adding
another coat. I gave them around 4 coats each. I then decided to add a very light outline
to some of the purple spots with the blue glitter glue as you see here. Let all that dry and then it’s time to add
all the rhinestones and fallback gold pearls. I used clear nail polish and the back of the
paintbrush. I use a tiny bit of nail polish on the back
of the brush to pick up the rhinestones. I outlined all of the shapes using the gold
flat back pearls… purple and blue rhinestones. I decided to add some color to the neck of
the bottle because it was to plain. Using the same color paints I gave it a blue,
purple and orange strip as you see here. Then added all the bling. Paint the cap white and let it dry. Give it a coat of the orange and let that
dry. Rhinestone it up with all the different colors,
let it dry and screw the cap back on. And here it is all done! This bottle was a lot of work because of all
the rhinestones but I love, love love how it came out. It was so worth it and I totally nailed my
vision with this Moroccan inspired glam bottle. Thank you for this request! I really enjoyed making it and I hope you
guys do too. There are so many different ways you can decorate
this bottle. Like using puffy gold paint to outline them
instead of the rhinestones… use, yarn, bling wrap or trim… and if you don’t have regular
glitter use glittered nail polish. You could also use fabric instead of paper
cutouts for your design. If you have a stencil, trace it onto the fabric,
cut them out and glue it down the same way as I did with the cutouts. You can change the colors to match your decor
or event. You can also put fake flowers in it an turn
into a vase. Use your imagination and as always, have fun
be creative and make a mess. Thanks for watching! If you like this video, please don’t forget
to thumbs it up as it helps the growth of the channel and to show your support! If you’re new here, I hope you consider
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to cry.

54 thoughts on “DIY Wine Bottle Craft | Moroccan Glam | Decoupage

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