100 thoughts on “DIY. Wind Chime with Beautiful Paper Roses. Wall Hanging. Paper Craft. Декор для дома 12

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  2. I love your channel! This is so creatively beautiful and I can literally decorate my home with your ideas! Thank you for sharing your talent with us! Thumbs up for you! Mmmuah!

  3. I think your roses are gorgeous, I like them very much, but the music is annoying. A little bit of instruction might be nice toward the end, as you did not show very clearly how (in what order) you attached the rows of chains to the top. There may be a language barrier, but sub-titles would help. Also recording what sound the wind chime makes would be nice.
    Thank you! 🤗

  4. Woooo para que yo vea un vídeo completo de más de 8 minutos es porque si me interesa ver cómo termina muy bonito… felices

  5. Hii awesome video
    I like it v.much
    I will definitely try this in my haldi function
    Cn u pls upload a video which can hlp for mehndi function

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