81 thoughts on “DIY Wedding Invitations on a Cricut (Free Templates!)

  1. Very pretty invites. Is it possible to use the deep blade with regular pressure instead of the fine blade with more pressure (on heavy cardstock)? I haven't experimented a whole lot with the Air 2, curious to know.

  2. Amazing! I’m learning all the things I’ve never done with my Cricut machines. So excited to try this. Thank you!

  3. Congratulations on the engagement! Can’t wait to see all the amazing things you create along the way.

  4. Congrats!!!! 😘😘😘 I did all of my oldest son’s wedding favors and table decor. Yours is going to be AMAZING, I’m sure. Unless you run off, which is easiest and no shade if you do!! Haha
    You projects are the best. Thank you

  5. Congrats to you and Greg!!! How exciting to be planning a wedding, looking forward to seeing what all you do. Your invites are just beautiful. I love all of the designs. Hugs, Brenda

  6. Congrats On your upcoming nuptials! Also, want to let you know I just saw your name as a wii er of the silhouette cameo over on Ken’s Creations! Who hoo! Lucky in Love, Lucky in Crafting!

  7. OMG CONGRATS! Wishing you both a VERY happy life together!

    BTW you should try adding more ads to your vids! Your videos are way too thorough and well executed to have only one 😋

  8. I'm so excited for this tutorial! I'm planning on using this set for my upcoming wedding. So much cheaper than purchasing them!

    Congratulations on your engagement! Just curious as to why your ring is on your right hand instead of your left?

  9. Congratulations Jennifer what wonderful news. These are just beautiful. My niece is getting married this fall and she has asked me to make them for her. I can't wait to show her your design they will be just perfect. I love you have added such great directions on how to make them this will be such a great help.

  10. Congratulations to you both. My husband and I have been married for 31 years this July. Best wishes to you both. I love this invitation file set. How do I request a password for your site?

  11. Can't say enough about how great your video is. Of course, I love the invitations, but the little box blew me away. My granddaughter is getting married July 2020. I cannot wait to show her what you've done. Thank you.

  12. If I didn't loath Inkscape and Adobe didn't charge a monthly fee for Illustrator I'd be all over your class.

  13. Oh my, congratulations. This is so exciting! I know you will have a blast planning your wedding

  14. Congrat on your engagement and I love this idea I can't wait to get my Cricut to do these for my wedding thanks.

  15. congratulations… AWESOME why to do your own things… n money savings… pretty n AWESOME video

  16. Thank you so much for share this amazing ideas, motivates me to create my own wedding invitations. 😀

  17. Thank you so much like always your work is amazing and the way you explain things makes everything so much easier. I absolutely love this invitation.

  18. Are you using the 100lb cardstock for the invitations and the card? I’m kind of confused. They are gorgeous. I tried making a flower but my paper was to heavy and turned out horrible

  19. does anyone know if the cricut can cut the actual invitation part if you bought a invite template?? For instance, if you buy one an invite online (where the words are) can you line it up properly so the cricut cuts it out perfectly rather than using a paper cutter??

  20. Where can I find the big pack of shimmer paper in Canada ?! Can’t find the shimmer paper anywhere besides white

  21. Hi Jennifer, could you tell me how to make a favor box template? I love yours but I am wanting to make them with snowflakes for my daughters December wedding. TIA

  22. I just made the trifold and the gate as a practice to see which one I liked the best and its so hard to chose!

  23. Hi Jennifer, I just love your videos, super crafty! Can I also use your template on a cameo silhouette 3??

  24. Melody, these are beautiful! I have a question as I am fairly new to cricut. The white cardstock in the middle of the gateway invite should be what size?

  25. i tried to do this, but the trifold ended up being smaller than my hand. I have no idea what happened. What size should the whole trifold design be in design space?

  26. Hi I tried the gate-fold invitation and I put in the size 5×7 and it came out small I wanted to make sure i was entering the right size.

  27. Oh my goodness you are a god send!!! I've been trying to figure out how to get my lettering to print on the proper part of my white piece for almost a week now!! I knew it was simple but my brain would not process it to show me how!

    Thank you!!
    Congratulations on your engagement!

  28. I love these & downloaded them for my son's wedding. However, the textured paper that I bought at Hobby Lobby is tearing & not cutting cleanly. I have tried to use more pressure and less pressure and blue and green mats. And sharpened the blade with foil (like I saw you do on a different video) I am so disappointed! Any advice?

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