DIY Wall Art That Transforms Kids’ Designs into Gallery-Worthy Pieces | Home Made Simple | OWN

DIY Wall Art That Transforms Kids’ Designs into Gallery-Worthy Pieces | Home Made Simple | OWN

All right, we all
have this issue. You have kids art. You want kids art
up on the wall. You also have real art. You kind of want
that up on the wall. So I thought we would
do a project turning kids art in to real art. What we’re gonna
do is let the kids go crazy, total
abstract, paint swirls, stripes, whatever you want. We’re gonna then punch those
our into 3 and 1/2-inch disks. And then, we’re gonna
mount those as a collage. And you guys love
to paint, right? So I think that because
we had everybody’s energetic, artsy
energy on here, I think this is gonna be beautiful.
– All right. So first thing we’re gonna
do, we’ll put on our gloves so we don’t make
too much of a mess. And then, we’ll all pair up
with one of our young artists, let them go crazy on the canvas,
and we’ll take it from there. All right? Hey, buddy, you want
to put on some gloves? All right, everybody,
ready to go crazy? Oh, that’s really nice, buddy. You’ve got a little
future artist over here. The kids love to do art. KENNETH WINGARD: Like when
did you start doing art? When did you realize
you liked it so much? Three. Oh, so a long time? You know, what I
love about this, Ken? That you really found a
way to integrate this art into the design of the room. Well, the key is
picking some paint colors that are already in the room. So that way,
whatever the kids do is gonna work with
the overall picture. I love it. That is pretty. I love those splatters. All right. I’m gonna set this over to dry. All right. You want to put it
over on the drying mat? So we’re pretty much
gonna try to get as many of these holes
punched in as we can. We start the very edge. Punch a hope. You all keep punching. And grownups, why don’t
we do the precision of the final laying
of the collage? So I measured the center
point of this piece of paper. And I’ve measured a 2
and 1/4-inch border. And what we’re gonna do
is just take the circles, line them up on the border
edge and on the centerline. Now, just make sure
they’re touching. Because as long as
they touch, then you should have nice, even lines. This is gonna be beautiful. I’m really seeing
it coming together. KENNETH WINGARD:
And the final piece. Yay. It’s so wonderful. Can I get a little
high five action? Thank you, sir. Let’s take a look.
– Beautiful. SAHALA SMITH: That’s
really pretty. I like that a lot.
– That is gallery worthy.

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