DIY Video Valentine’s Day Paper Box Gift Idea 3D Origami Kits

DIY Video Valentine’s Day Paper Box Gift Idea 3D Origami Kits

Hello! Welcome to channel! Today we will make Valentine’s Day gift box Let’s open DIY origami kit We have a set of colored paper strips A bow, glue and a brush for it Also an example of the box elements And a step-by-step instruction in pictures Let’s start with the simplest element Take a paper strip and fold it in half Then again fold in half Fold the both corners of crease line to the middle, as shown Now flip the paper over Make two diagonal fold of bottom corners Now fold bottom corners ’till crease line And fold in half Make 4 red elements Connect these elements as shown Repeat the same with orange elements Make the same with all color papers Now connect these 2 elements Repeat with the other side Now repeat with all colors Our box base is ready Continue the same way to make heart shape box Let’s make bottom of the box Cut heart shape of stiff paper Now glue the box to the paper Glue the ends of the box And press it Let’s continue making box cover Start the same as previous from connecting 4 simplest elements Continue adding the simplest element One by one Making a heart shape construction Now lets glue all elements together You can you use a brush or just a bottle of glue Let’s attach a bow Pass ribbons through the upper layer of box cover And tie them from the opposite side of the box Cut unnecessaries of ribbons Congratulations! Our box is ready! You can buy this kit on our website Click link in description box Did you like this video? Please press “like”, subscribe to our channel and leave us a comment. Thank you 🙂

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  3. Please kindly send me the details of the triangles… By each colour how many triangles are required to make this complete box.

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