DIY Valentine’s Day Decoupage Wine Bottle/Glitter Bubble Bath

DIY Valentine’s Day Decoupage Wine Bottle/Glitter Bubble Bath

Welcome back to DIY No Need To Cry with Ivelisse DIY Valentine’s Day Decoupage Wine Bottle/Glitter
Bubble Bath All the items I used for this diy are listed
in the description box below. I first took the napkin and measured it on
the bottle. Marking where I was going to cut. I made the mark right before the bottle starts
to slope. Using a ruler and a pen I lightly marked where
I was going to cut on the back of the napkin. Then cut the napkin Using white acrylic paint I painted the whole
bottle except the very flat part of the rim. I gave it two coats, letting it dry between
each one. Wetting my finger tips, I separated the plies
of paper. This napkin had two. Do the same thing to the other piece. Using Mod Podge and a clean dry brush, I placed
some on the bottle. Then pressing and smoothing along very gently
the napkin as I went along. Do this all the way around. I then cut the excess of. You can measure and do this before hand if
you’d like. This is just how I do it. Smooth the edge down lightly. Taking a crumpled up piece of plastic wrap,
I lightly smoothed out all of the napkin. Once that’s done coat the tissue with Mod
Podge and let it dry. Taking the other piece of napkin, I decided
to connect the pink roses and then just cut out red roses to fill the blank spots. I just played around with the napkin, cutting
and gluing until I was happy, leaving the neck of the bottle white. Repaint any spot that might of got messed
up while placing the napkin. Once that was dry, I painted the neck of the
bottle pink and the very rim of it red. Let that dry. Next, I cutout a heart out of an index card. Placed it on the front of the bottle and traced
it with a pen. Using an X-acto knife, I cut the heart out. Be carful doing this. Make sure to cut all the way trough and when
you are dragging the knife, if you see it start to bunch or anything, stop, reposition
it and continue. When that’s done start lifting it but do
it slowly. This way if there is a part that you missed
you can cut it and continue pulling. Scrape off the heavy paint. Then with a damp cloth or napkin.. whip it
down. Using a dry piece to dry as you go. Do not let water drip on the bottle. Do this until it’s completely clean and
dry. Now taking some painters tape, I covered the
heart. When doing this, do not let the tape touch
the edges of the napkin. Trim anything that does. Go as close as you can but don’t let it
touch. Spray with any clear gloss sealer and let
that dry. I used Mod Podge Now peal the tape off. Using red glitter glue, I applied it on the
red roses as shown here. Do all of the red roses in sections so you
don’t smudge them. With the pink roses I used pink glitter glue
and I spread some out on the whole rose before placing the lines. Do the whole bottle and let that dry. Using a paint brush and Mod Podge, I applied
red rhinestones to the heart. I then covered the neck with pink rhinestones. and the very rim with red ones. Make sure that part doesn’t have paint or
glue as we will be putting liquid in this bottle. I bought a 64oz of pink bubble bath to put
in the bottle but before I put it in I had to make it shimmer! I used an index card to make a funnel. I then placed the funnel in the bottle and
added Cosmetic safe pink glitter to it. Make sure you only use cosmetic safe glitter! I used a paint brush to push the glitter into
the liquid. Close and shake until it’s completely mixed. Using a much bigger paper funnel, I put the
bubble bath mix into the bottle. Now you have a beautiful Valentines day bottle
that has glitter bubble bath you can use! This would make a great gift for your mom,
sister or best friend… or keep it for yourself, light some candles, throw on the bath time
playlist and have yourself a relaxing, fabulous bath. Thanks for watching! If you have any questions, please feel free
to ask me in the comment section below and if this is your first time watching.. I hope you consider subscribing to get updates
on future video’s and remember. Do It yourself there’s no need to cry! If you want to see how I made the wine stopper
for this bottle. The link to that video is in the description
box below.

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