Used coffee filters can be
reused and yield beautiful handicrafts Let’s see in this tutorial how to make a texture imitating leather, made with these filters
used coffee It’s a job you can do in
ceramic or cement pots I am Maria Amelia Mendes. Welcome to another video on the channel! I decided to reform this ceramic vase … I applied asphalt emulsion inside the vase to waterproof it I prepared the coffee filters by removing the
glued edges and … with the brush, I removed the remaining coffee powder coffee powder can also be reused for plants It’s a great fertilizer …
if you want to know how to do plant fertilizer, click on
on the card up there I painted the vase with white acrylic paint … is the same paint used to paint walls Mark your presence in this video, tell me if you liked it! if you are not subscribed to the channel,
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published I washed some of the coffee filters with water to make them a lighter shade cut cut into smaller pieces to paste in the vase glued with white PVA glue I overlapped a plastic and wiped it with a soft cloth to remove the air bubbles I tried to blend dark coffee filter pieces with the lighter ones I make folds to mark the place to be cut and glue the coffee filter or glue directly into the vase, trying to overlap the edges of the coffee filter remove all air bubbles and leave it smooth I was assembling like a puzzle may leave left over coffee filter pieces to cut at the end the overlap is about half a centimeter … After the glue has dried, hit the edges by counting the leftover paper … With a nail file I removed the leftover paper … the finish is perfect I passed white PVA glue over the coffee filters … It is important to waterproof and work durability when the glue dried, with a wooden stick I made the dots to imitate the stitching I used PVA craft paint in black it’s like I put the coffee filter pieces together with a seam the black dots should be parallel try to imagine where you will pass
the false sewing it’s like you have to sew the
coffee filter pieces but not with a needle and thread but with ink I painted the edge and bottom of the vase with brown paint and wiped with a damp cloth to remove the
excess paint and get stained with a wooden stick and white paint I made the stitching, making small white scratches, joining the black dots See what a perfect job! It looks like stitched leather pieces I finished the work by passing acrylic resin that waterproofs and brightens the work do not pass acrylic resin over asphalt emulsion not to stain the vase … Message: Like a patchwork, so is life. every day lived is a piece of us, every new fact, added to the experiences good or bad girls, build our story It is up to us to select which retail to use … colorful, cheerful, old, stained,
does it really matter? Choices will determine the outcome,
the beauty of the quilt is in the hands of the craftsman … History is being built day
after day, little by little, To achieve good results you will need to prioritize quality, choose wisdom, explore creativity,
highlight every detail, renew the colors, swap whole, change formats, modify! Turning a simple retail into a work of art is the challenge! Going on the seams, use the line of faith, she will give the necessary highlight to fill your life with joy! See what a beautiful vase! I share the video on social networks and
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