DIY String & Ribbon Bracelet with Beads. How to Make Bracelets for Beginners – Easy & Simple

DIY String & Ribbon Bracelet with Beads. How to Make Bracelets for Beginners – Easy & Simple

Hey guys! How are you today? I have something
special for you today. We are shooting on a spectacular location. But we are not here
about the view, I’m gonna show you how to make this beautiful bracelet!
Actually, not just one, but two. Let’s get started with the first bracelet. You will
need 6 pieces of string about 40 centimeters or 15 inches long. You’ll also need some beads
— here I will use screw nuts. Some scissors and a tape.
To begin with this DIY we need to align all six strings next to each other. Then create
a loop and pull one end of strings through it. Finally, pull both ends firmly to create
a regular knot. We now need to secure the strings with a tape on a table or other surface
and start braiding a normal braid. This part will later allow us to tie the bracelet around
a wrist. Now it is time to add some nuts which will
work as the beads for our bracelet. So just add one nut at a time whilst you are braiding
like so. Friendship bracelets with nuts are very popular
right now. I’ve seen them in many stores such as H&M and Accessorize so I decided to make
my own for much cheaper than actually buying them.
I think this bracelet is very cool and the best thing is that you probably have all the
parts at home already. You can most definitely find some screw nuts at your father’s garage,
workshop or storage room. There are normally plenty of those lying around the house. Even
if you buy screw nuts, they will for sure be much cheaper than beads bought in a craft
store. For the string, I am using a Chinese knotting
cord, but you can use any type of string you like — silk, nylon, leather you name it.
I designed my bracelet to be very colorful and fun, but you can chose any color of string
you like, and you can also use bigger or smaller nuts. When your bracelet is long enough and
fits your wrist perfectly just braid a normal braid as we did at the beginning of this video.
Make a final knot and cut away the excess string. If you want to have a neater ending
to the bracelet you can also use some clasps. In this DIY, I wanted to show you the most
simple and cheapest alternative. And my first bracelet is done! You can tailor your bracelet
completely to your liking and this is why making bracelets is so much fun. I think it
is super cute and perfect for the summer because of the bright colors.
Now let’s go on to the second bracelet which we will also make by using screw nuts, but
the technique is somehow different and we will now be using a ribbon instead of a string.
Cut equally long pieces of ribbon. Again mine are around 40 centimeters or 15 inches long.
Align the 3 ribbons and make a knot but leave about 10 centimeters or 4 inches above the
knot. Then braid just a small part like so to get you started. Before you add the first
nut, here is a little tip. Cut the end of the ribbon in a diagonal shape. This will
make it way easier to pull the ribbon through the hole especially if nuts are small as mine
here. Now start adding the nuts as you braid along the bracelet. Even though the basic
technique is similar to the first bracelet they look very different when finished. This
ribbon bracelet is thicker and looks much more elegant because of the silky texture
of the ribbon. Therefore it would go perfectly with an elegant dress for prom or another
formal occasion, while the first bracelet goes great with any kind of casual outfit.
After the last nut I am again braiding a small part without beads just to make a smoother
and gradual ending to the bracelet. Then make a knot and we are almost finished. Cut two
remaining parts of ribbon on each side so that you are left with just one piece of ribbon
on each side of the bracelet. To tie the bracelet around your wrist simply make a cute bow like
this. I think this bracelet is so girly and elegant and I love how it turned out. Please
Let me know in comments which one do you like best? First or second? Thanks for watching
my video and don’t forget to subscribe, also check out my Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

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