DIY Storage Box | Decoupage And Crackle With Elmer’s Glue

DIY Storage Box | Decoupage And Crackle With Elmer’s Glue

Welcome back to DIY No Need To Cry With Ivelisse Hi my crafty family, today I’ll be showing
you how I made this beautiful shabby chic storage box that you can use for anything. Make-up, jewelry, pictures or special keepsakes. DIY storage box decoupage and crackle with
Elmer’s glue, requested Please turn on your notification bells so
that you can get notified every time I upload a video. Let’s get started. You want to take all the hardware off the
box before starting. Using a pouncer brush or a regular brush,
paint both of the pieces inside and out. Let them dry. I gave the top of the lid another coat of
the white because that’s where I’ll be decoupaging. Next, I’ll be decoupaging with this beautiful
rose paper napkin. I received these as a gift along with these
two gorgeous napkins and this beautiful, handmade, glittered, resin heart piece that says sober
is sexy and I couldn’t agree more! Thank you Mell, that was very sweet of you. She doesn’t sell the napkins but I know
she makes beautiful resin pieces, teeshirts, and jewelry on Etsy so I’ll leave the link
to her shop in the description box below in case you want to go check it out. Before decoupaging, you want to separate the
plies of paper. Once I knew where I wanted it, I gave it a
slight crease on all four edges so when I go to glue down, I know exactly where to place
it. Be careful not to rip the napkin if you do
this. Using a brush I gave the top of the lid a
coat of Mod Podge… Placed the napkin and as you see I was having a hard time because
the glue underneath dried on some sections and the napkin didn’t stick properly. Guy’s this type of stuff happens to me more
than you think, you’d think I know what was doing by now Lol If this happens to you just gently and I mean
gently lift the areas that didn’t stick and add more Mod Podge. Take a piece of crumpled up plastic wrap and
smooth it out as you go, until the whole thing is glued down. After smoothing the whole napkin out with
plastic wrap, let it dry and then cut each corner as you see here. I did it while it was still wet but you should
really wait so you don’t mess it up. Now glue down each side the same way you did
the top and set the whole thing aside to dry. Taking a piece of sandpaper, file the excess
off. Now you can give it the last coat of Mod Podge
and once that dries you can seal it. I had painted the inside of the lid with a
light pink but changed my mind. I decided to go with a darker pink instead. I had these wooden letters that I painted
before gluing into the box. Using a pair of tweezers to keep them still
and a pouncer brush, I gave them a base coat of white, let that dry gave them a coat of light pink, let that dry Add the dark pink to the edges and the letters
are done. Use a pouncer brush with a tiniest amount
of paint and dab the excess paint off on a napkin before brushing the edges of the letters. I placed all the letters where I wanted them
and glued them one by one. I also used a ruler to help keep them aligned. Using E600 I glued down the roses I had previously
made… and that’s it for the lid. Grab the bottom and paint the inside light
pink. Then paint the outside with the darker pink. Now it’s time for the crackle! Crab two brushes… One for the Elmer’s glue and one for the
paint that goes on top Place a layer of Elmer’s glue on one side. Switch the brush and glide the paint over
the glue without any pressure. try not to go over the same spot. As soon as you’ve covered it with the paint,
immediately put it in front of a fan or use a blow dryer to dry it. This will cause it to crack. Do each side the same way and you should get
something that looks like this. Also, I have a more detailed video on this
technique if you would like to see that I’ll leave the link down below. Lastly, put all the hardware back on to complete
the box. and here it is all done! This is my first box ever and I absolutely
love how it came out. It’s so beautiful and very shabby chic! I made this for my sisters birthday. She has all her make up all over her dresser
and it drives me crazy LOL! I figured if I make her a pretty enough storage
box, she’s gonna want to use it. You could also use it as a keepsake box to
store special pictures from a wedding or vacation. A makeup box with all the products for your
everyday look. A sewing box with all of your favorite treads,
pins, needles, and patterns or a jewelry box for all of your most fabulous jewelry And of course, you can customize it to any
theme, your liking or decor. Make sure to plan out the color scheme as
it plays a huge part in how the end result looks. Pick colors from the napkin or image you use. I usually go to the store with the napkin
and match it the best I can but if you got skills feel free to mix the colors yourself! I hope this was helpful and that you enjoyed
it as much as I did. as always, have fun be creative and make a
mess! Thanks for watching! If you like this video, please don’t forget
to thumbs it up as it helps the growth of the channel and to show your support! If you’re new here, I hope you consider
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to cry.

46 thoughts on “DIY Storage Box | Decoupage And Crackle With Elmer’s Glue

  1. This is pretty,pretty,pretty…..I am a shabby chic girl..and the roses are beautiful…good job on the box….Lori..

  2. Oh that is gorgeous!!! That is so beautiful and I don’t even like the colour pink. How wonderful! Now I know what my mom and sisters are getting for the next birthdays. So inspiring.
    ps: if you had been using napkin decoupage you could have gone over the dry napkin and stuck it down that may yes? Or used a craft iron instead? So pretty!

  3. Gorgeous gift, lucky sister. I love the box and want to make one. Where can find napkins that beautiful. Thanks for the video. Love it.

  4. Gorgeous! I love the crackle too! I just did a box myself & it looks like the very same one you used. The one I decoupaged is a vintage tea box. Love your videos- keep up the good work!

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    I can never decide what to do , then redo it. Argh… lol

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