DIY Spring Bling Bottle Decor | Butterflies & Roses | With Glitter

DIY Spring Bling Bottle Decor | Butterflies & Roses | With Glitter

Welcome back to DIY No Need To Cry with Ivelisse. What do you get when you mix pastel roses,
butterflies, pearls and holo glitter… you requested it… it’s this spring bling bottle
that is sure to catch anyone’s eye! DIY Spring Bling Bottle Decor with butterflies,
roses, and glitter. A quick reminder to please turn on your notification
bells so that you can get notified as soon as I upload a video. Let’s get started. Using a pouncer brush and matte white acrylic
paint, paint the whole bottle and let it dry. Now give it as many coats of the metallic
pearl white acrylic paint until you are satisfied. I gave it two coats, letting it dry between
each one. Once it’s completely dry, I sealed mine
with polycrylic, a water-based sealer. You can use whatever clear sealer you have
or give the whole bottle a coat of Mod Podge. While that’s drying, let’s get started
on the cork. I used a foam ball and a plastic champagne
cork to create it. Using the plastic cork I made an imprint on
the ball so that I know where to hollow out. Using an X-Acto knife holo out a little at
a time until you can fit the cork inside the foam ball. …or jam a butter knife into it until the
cork fits LOL! Now hot glue the cork into the foam ball. I gave the ball a coat of the metallic pearl
paint and let that dry. While the bottle and cork are drying, let’s
prepare the last of the embellishments. Take some toothpicks and paint the tips with
white paint. As you see I stuck them on a foam ball to
dry. I had two of these pearl necklaces in my stash,
I cut all the pearls out and removed all the string. Using the hot glue gun, I glued the pearls
on to the toothpicks as you see here. Be careful not to burn yourself when doing
this part. I’m crazy, I rather burn myself as long
as the glue isn’t all over the place lol! Do this to all of them. It’s time to cover the whole ball with the
clay roses I made in a previous video. The link to that video is in the description
box below along with the butterfly one. Using the hot glue gun glue the roses until
the ball is covered. This was like putting together a puzzle. I had to find and position roses that fit
well together. Don’t glue it down until you are 100% sure you have it the
way you want it. Once that’s done stick the pearls into any
space that has too much of a gap. Some you might have to cut because of the
plastic cork inside and that’s it for the cork. Now it’s time to decorate the bottle. Take the rest of the roses and glue them on
the same way you did to the cork. Puzzling them together until you have the
look you want. When you glue the roses onto the bottle make
sure to put the glue directly on the roses so you don’t make a mess on the bottle. I’m not going to lie to you guy’s, this
took a long time to make because you have to take your time positioning every rose and
I was also making sure not to put the same colors next to each other. Once you’re done, glue on the butterflies
where you want them. As with the roses, don’t glue them down
until you know exactly where you want them. I then added antennas …and dots to the wings with liquid pearls. Lastly, add all the pearls to the roses on
the bottle. You’ll have to cut the toothpick for this
part. Just like with the cork, glue them wherever
you see there’s too big of a gap. Here it is all done! I love how this one came out! It took me so long to make but it was well
worth it! I absolutely made my vision come to life with
this one. I’m not even gonna front though… I messed up about 5 times lol! I didn’t know what direction I was going
with the roses at first so I had to pull them off and do the whole bottle over and over
again lol! That’s why I said to make sure you know
where you want them and have an execution plan before gluing them down permanently. This bottle would be amazing as a gift. It is perfect for spring decor or make it
only two colors with a sign hanging from the inside of the cork that shows, it’s a boy
or girl when you pull it up, for a baby reveal party! Instead of butterflies, you could do a baby,
stork, baby bottle or diapers. So many ways I could think of to customize
it to whatever occasion, theme or holiday. As always, have fun, be creative and make
a mess! I hope you enjoyed this one, Even though it
took me a long time I’m so happy with this one. Thank you for this request. It really took me out of my comfort zone and
challenged me. Thanks for watching! If you like this video, please don’t forget
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to cry.

74 thoughts on “DIY Spring Bling Bottle Decor | Butterflies & Roses | With Glitter

  1. You are so adorable. I like this bottle. The butterflies indeed found the perfect home! Great job! (Again) 😀

  2. Esa botella esta bien bonita y los colores estan bien escojidos y esas
    Mariposas le dieron una elegancia a la botella. esta fenomenal como
    siempre WOW. dios te siga bendiciendo gracias

  3. Stunning! It reminds me of a cake with fondant and all of the icing roses. So beautiful! I just finished a project myself and posted a photo of it to your Facebook page. Hope you like it, sweetie! ❤

  4. I aM sUrE yOU KnOw It bY nOw…bUt I LoVe tO reMINd yoU ONcE aGAiN… yoU ARE A TAlEnTed BeauTifUl SoUl!!! yOU Can AchiVe ANYTHING!!! ThAnK You So Much FoR SharinG With uS yOUR AmAzing ProjECts!!!! ThiS iS goiNG tO Be My NEXt pRojEcT!!! I loVE sOOOO mUch YouR CrEations!!!!! HAve A VeRy BeauTiful dAy FulL oF lAUGHTer AnD LoVE <3 <3 <3

  5. This bottle is super duper gorgeous!!! Love your work. I've got a few bottles stashed away to try some of your projects.

  6. Once again….you nailed it!!! So beautiful. I might get brave enough to make this one. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I really love your work I was wondering f you can do a PEANUTS bottle that has Charlie Brown and pig pen pleaseeeeeeee

  8. Yep, just as I said previously!! BEAUTIFULLY DONE. LOVE IT!! So great for spring. Great colors used…. You are so unbelievably creative…. Wish I had a gift like yours….. Keep bringing us that great talent of yours!!!

  9. Gorgeous! I am going to duplicate this for my bedroom…it’s everything I love butterflies and roses—love love love it!!!

  10. Omg I love u soooooooooooooooo much , I was searching for something for my mom's birthday, but don't have any money to buy her anything, u are a lifesaver


  12. 1:31 – Ha!  You are adorable, and I enjoy your work.  I look forward to each video.  I love that you are real and funny to boot!  Thank you.

  13. Its truely awesome (patience not on my side and hubby says I have fingers like cows udders) so drooling over this one-well done

  14. More power and strength to you. Beautiful work. You have come a long way. Continue to grow and blossom in this art form.

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