DIY Snow Globe | Sea Lemon

DIY Snow Globe | Sea Lemon

Hello. It’s Jennifer from Sea Lemon. Today, I will show you a few different ways to make your own snow globe. I wanted to go a more non-traditional route with these, and with the exception of the more winter-looking ones, these can be displayed all year round. Before we start, I wanted to give you some tips. Almost anything can be used as the object inside. I think small toys are fun; just as long as it’s waterproof. And if it’s not, you can paint or spray a protectant on it first. To glue your object, I found that the glue gun works. But not on everything and not all of the time. So if you want to make sure your object stays while it’s in the globe, try a stronger glue and one that dries waterproof. Adding a little glycerin to your snow globe will make the snow or glitter float around slower. It’s a nice touch, but it’s totally optional. And it is hard to find in local stores. I’ll put a link down below to where I found mine as well as a full list of the supplies I used. Okay, let’s make some snow globes! For this first one, I’m using an empty baby food jar I like the small size, but of course you can recycle any of your food jar of your choice For the object, I saw this Yeti or snowman in the toy aisle and I thought yes, I need this cool guy in a snow globe I thought this lid would look better in a different colour so I spray painted it in Aqua Blue After a couple of coats and some drying time, this Yeti is ready to stand on the lid So I added some glue gun to the feet, and put him in place Next, I added some glitter to the jar, then pour in some distilled water You can use tap water if you want to, but distilled will make your globe a lot more clear because it has no minerals in it I thought the Yeti would look good with some snowballs in the jar So I use this really tiny 5 milimetres pom-poms But in order to make the pom-poms float around with the glitter, I had to kind of squeeze them in water like a sponge so that the water soaks in and they have weight to them Otherwise they will just stay at the top of your globe And then I added those to the jar, along with a dollop of glycerin, and top it off with more water Put the lid on, and now this Yeti is just chilling in his disco blizzard snowglobe For this next one, I wanted to try a clamp jar you can leave the clamp on, but I will show you what it looks like with it off I’m going for some cactus plant life in this one and to raise it up a bit in the globe, I’m using a bottle cap I glued it down with some E6000 and you can do this bottle cap thing with any of the globes if your object is just too short for the entire container While I let that dry for a bit, I remove the clamp from the jar with a pair of needlenose pliers If you leave the clamp on, it will make this globe more water tight but I wanted to go for a cleaner look so I took it off And for this glass lid to sit easier on the tabletop, I trace it on a piece of cork, cut it out and then glue it to the top And I think the cork actually goes well with the plant life because it looks more like dirt Now I’m using the same strong glue to glue the bottle cap to the inside of the lid and let this whole piece dry overnight Then add some glitter to the jar, I’m going with gold because kind of matches the dirt and the cactus Add the water and also I’m going with some snowballs in this one too Add the glycerin And now that the jar is ready, I’m going to prep the lid Flip up the gasket so you can add some strong glue on the bottom of it and on the top This will seal the lid to the jar so the water doesn’t leak out Add the lid to the jar and make sure that it is sitting evenly And you can go around to seal with the strong glue to prevent any leaks Let this whole thing dry overnight and then you can turn it over to see your snowglobe I live in a desert and I rarely see snow so this snowy desert globe is the closest thing I’m going to get to it This next globe idea makes a great personal gift, and I’m using a mason jar for this one You can make the globe more personal with a letter of the person’s first name, or last name I found this wood letter which I painted black, to make it waterproof You can also add some colour to the lid with some spraypaint or some arcrylic paint I took this outside to spray this neon pink And while I let that dry, I’m gluing the letter down But first, I recommend sanding the inside of the lid a little so that the glue has some texture to stick to Glue the base of the letter down, and now the outside of the lid is dry, I’m going to add the glittery contents into the jar I’m using star confetti, with more glitter to add a shiny celebration inside this jar Add distilled water, glycerin, and the lid. To be honest, I think I went a little overboard with the stars because they are a little heavier than the glitter so they fall to the bottom very fast but I still think this globe makes a fun, personal gift This next globe is probably my favourite and the easiest I found this plastic water globe at the craft store and it’s basically container made for you to make a custom snow globe I thought it would be fun to add this guy because dinosaurs are awesome and this one came already glued onto this green round base This water globe comes with an interior seal which makes it even more waterproof and this is what I’m going to glue the dinosaur to I used a glue gun and placed it on top Then add green glitter, and some starburst confetti Add distilled water to the globe, and then glycerin, then the interior seal with the dinosaur on it And tighten the lid As an extra step to decorate the lid, I’m cutting a strip from this pattern paper which is the same height as the lid And taping it on around the lid And now this fun dino globe is ready to go! And it’s really cool how the round globe magnifies your object The dinosaur looks a lot larger than it really is I really like how all of these turned out and I hope these gave you some ideas on how you can customize your own snow globe If you try any of these methods out, I would love to see your project pictures so share those on any of my social links and follow me while you’re there Give this video a thumbs up if you liked it and for more DIY be sure to subscribe to my channel Sea Lemon And you can check out more fun projects right here like a DIY shaving cream marble project and for another jar project check out these DIY lava lamps You can find all of these links in the description below and I will see you guys next time

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  1. OMG! I just found your channel and I am Loving these snow globes!! making the plastic one for my 5 yr old granddaughter. She will Love it. Thanks for these great ideas. 😉

  2. Thank you for the directions on how to make the snow globes and what to use. This was very informative and I will be making some of these for presents. Thank you.

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  13. Hi, please ignore this comment, this is just a note for me on the video.
    DIY Snow Globe idea is at 4:00.

  14. Suggestions on what kind of glue to use. I have am using s plastic penguin, and have tried gorilla glue, hot glue and liquid nails. None of them is holding the piece. I also need glue that can quick dry! Any suggestions??

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