DIY: Sailor Moon Notebook Covers | Back to School

DIY: Sailor Moon Notebook Covers | Back to School

– [Narrator] Hey guys! Sailor Moon has always
been my favorite anime. And this time, I felt so
inspired by it’s patterns and colors that I wanted to
create these notebook covers. These designs are also great
even if you are not a fan or don’t know Sailor Moon
because they are just so cute and fun to make. Let’s start out with this
cute bunny bed sheet design. You will need purple colored paper in the size of your notebook, two pencils with an eraser on top, a normal eraser, an exacto knife, a pencil, and a black pen, yellow, pink, and white
colored acrylic paint, and a glue stick. Go ahead and start off
with a piece of eraser. Draw the head of a bunny with your pencil to create the guideline. Then begin cutting it out
with your exacto knife. Carefully cut all the
way around the guideline and then remove the excess
of eraser around it. Once you’re done with
that, test out the stamp on some additional paper first. If you’re happy with the shape, go ahead and print it onto the paper. Gently press it down
and carefully remove it. Be sure that the eraser
doesn’t move around or you might smudge the shape. You can also put a paper sheet underneath and press the stamps
onto the edges as well. This way, you create a
more seemless pattern. Now, if you want, you
can go in with a brush and fill in any gaps or areas where you want to have more paint on. If you have that, let’s
create the second stamp. Take your pencil with eraser on top and line up the shape of a half moon. I used the metal end of a
pen to create the moon shape but you can just draw it
on and then cut it out with your exacto knife. Test the stamp first and then
add the moon to your design. You can also create a bigger
moon by using a larger eraser. And just add it to your pattern as well. After that, create a star stamp
by using your second pencil. Just draw in the shape
and carefully cut it out. After testing out the stamp, go ahead print it onto your design by using pink acrylic paint. Add as many stars as you wish
and then let everything dry. Now it’s time to add more details. Take your black pen and draw
on the eyes for the bunnies. And if you want, you can
also line everything out. I think this way looks so much cuter. Once you’re done with that, glue the design onto your notebook cover by using your glue stick. If your notebook cover
is not completely white, you can paint over the colored areas by using white acrylic paint. And this cute notebook cover is finished. For the signature picture design, you will need green, pink,
yellow and white paper. Let’s start off by doodling the design on just some extra paper first. This way, it’s easier to
imagine how the cover will look in the end. And we can use this as a template as well. Of course, you can use any reference if you can’t exactly remember
how the costume looks like. It doesn’t have to look
perfect or symmetrical. The next step will show you why. If you have finished with the doodle, fold the paper in half
and cut out the bow. Once you have that, fold
the paper in half as well and place the folded bow doodle on top. And then trace it onto the pink paper. Now you can cut out the
upper part of the bow and trace it onto the pink paper as well. After that, cut everything out
and the bow is almost done. You can also use the heart as a template to create the perfect broach. Now all you have to do
is to repeat the steps with the rest of the doodle. I cut off the top part of
the costume the same way and then just adjusted it a little bit. Once you’re done with cutting out, put everything onto the white paper. If you want, you can add some more details to make it look cuter. I drew on the neck and added some shadows with acrylic paint. And to make it look more anime-like, I lined everything out with a black pen. I also decided to add
some hair strands as well, as I thought it might look cute. Since I didn’t like the lower
costume line in the end, I painted it over with
some white acrylic paint, but you can decide what you like more. And then glue your new
cover to your notebook and you’re done. And to create this dreamy doily design, you will need acrylic paint
in the color of your choice, a sponge brush, paper doilies, and a white paper for the background in the size of your notebook cover. Go ahead and place the white paper on some additional sheet to avoid getting paint on your desk. Then begin by arranging
the doilies on the paper. You can cut them into smaller pieces so you don’t have to use too many doilies, and it’s easier to find
the right design as well. Once you’re happy with the arrangement, go ahead and paint the gaps in the doily with the sponge brush. Be sure to firmly hold the doily or it might slip away
and smudge the pattern. If you have that, you can
carefully peel off the doily. You can use different
colors at the same time. This way you create a unique design. Paint over the edges of the doily as well as it will make it easier
to fill in middle area of the pattern. And now just repeat the
step with other doilies. And if you want, you can use
a cotton pad or another sponge to dab on some additional paint. Once you’re happy with the design, drip on some white acrylic
paint on top to create splashes. You can use a small and a big brush. Both will create different patterns. You can add a little bit
of water to the paint if you have difficulties
creating the splashes. Add additional stars
for the extra sparkle, and you’re done. Let everything dry completely and then just glue it on
to your notebook cover. You can really experiment
with different arrangements and colors to create your
unique notebook design. And you’re done! I really like how they turned out. What is your favorite design? Comment down below and let me know. I hope you enjoyed this
video and found it helpful. Don’t forget to give this
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of my fun and easy DIYs. Thank you so much for watching. Have a wonderful day. And see you next week.

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