DIY Ring Tutorial: Make Two Wire Heart Rings

DIY Ring Tutorial: Make Two Wire Heart Rings

today I’m going to show you how to make
these super easy heart rings out of wire what you’re going to need to make the
rings are some wire 20 gauge wire, a round form to make the rings or even a marker
just to make the round part, flat pliers round pliers and cutters so to make the
simple heart ring we’ll start by making the heart itself so we’re going to take
our smaller round pliers and just bend it a little bit at an angle and then
we’re going to get the bigger round pliers and make our heart shape so we’re
going to go around like that and then bend it back on itself and then bend it
around and there you have the heart shape and then just twist it around, clip it you can pinch the little end in then you’re actually going to
twist it around the round form and then you measure it to about the
size you want so if you want it down there you’re gonna measure it and hold
your finger where you want to bend it and then just bend this bit up clip it a
bit if it’s too long and then put this into one of the loops like that it
doesn’t really matter which one and bend this back and clip that and use your flat pliers
to push it in a little bit and then for the finishing touch you’re just gonna
put it back on the cone and squeeze it around and then you have your heart ring
so to make the double heart ring it’s very similar so you start the same way
you make one heart you might want to make this one a little bit smaller so it
will fit well on the finger you’re gonna make your first heart just twist it around clip the end then
you’re going to twist it around the round form and then you try it on the
finger that you want and then where you want the other heart to go you’re going
to bend the wire say about here you can experiment with it so we’re gonna bend
it out and now we’re going to form our other heart so that’s for the other
heart bend it back on itself , get the bigger round pliers at the other side adjust it so it’s centered properly, you’re gonna twist it all the way around so it’s secure I’ll just pinch
that end in and then you can actually push these ends in a little bit and
then get your round form and push these in and there you have your
double heart ring, thanks so much for watching the video give it a big thumbs
up if you liked it and comment below and tell me if you made a little heart ring
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21 thoughts on “DIY Ring Tutorial: Make Two Wire Heart Rings

  1. Hello Heather , I am Meera V. Nagavalli.from S INDIA , I am a beginner in Jewellary Making , my favourites are Bead work & Wire works in Hand Made Jewellary , Your wire ( dbl & single heart rings ) work has inspired me a lot , I am sure wth ur Tutorial Guidance I will surely succeed Thnx a lot ……..God Bless

  2. hello Heather, my name is Jamey. I am inspired from this video to make ❀ rings. I have an expertice in jewelry making but I've never made a heart ring. thank you for the inspiration!

  3. I've been beading for 15 yrs or so and your tutorials are some of the easiest to follow.You are right to the point without added senseless conversation. Very cute rings!! I can't wait to see more of your work.

  4. love! love! love! your rings thank you for sharing…where did you get your ring wood or cork cone? I like to buy one

  5. I'm new (about 3 months into it) to this hobby and I love your technique for shaping the hearts. πŸ’• Thanks for making and sharing this helpful tutorial! πŸ™‚

  6. Very nice, i will definitely sub, i like your channel, please sub Back! Hope you make more wire ring videos!

  7. Could you maybe give people specifics…or even approximates on the length of wire you are cutting?? If someone were on their phone trying to follow along (thank God I’m not) there is no way they a

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