DIY Realistic Hand Halloween Decorations! Inspired by Thing from the Addams family and Ronit Baranga

DIY Realistic Hand Halloween Decorations! Inspired by Thing from the Addams family and Ronit Baranga

teapot bring me the blood of my enemies that’s right here and today we’re making
creepy Halloween hand decoration and yes I know Halloween is not for another
second month but as you can see from my DIYs Halloween plus I enjoy scaring
people when they come over comment below if you’re obsessed with Halloween as I
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every single week to make the hands you’re gonna need a hand costing kit
it’ll come in a bucket with two packages step one and step two it’s very easy to
use you basically just mix the powder with water everything is in the
instructions for you the only thing I changed is instead of using a bucket I
used a slightly wider plastic bowl this is so I could fit three adult sized
hands in instead of two the first step is making the mold by mixing the powder
with the water I used a spatula but I’d highly recommend using an electric mixer
as mine was a little bit lumpy and the results weren’t as good within a couple
of minutes the mixture turns a different color and starts to harden once it’s
hardened you can pull your hands out this probably takes around four minutes
the second powder is a plaster type powder which you mix with water and you
pour it into the mold I’m tapping the edges of the bowl to make sure that all
the air bubbles are out just soaked up with a sponge any over spilling between
two to three hours the plaster would have hardened and you can very gently
remove it from the bowl the plaster is very delicate so if you’re using a knife
make sure you don’t touch the plaster with it peel away the yellow gunk again
being very careful with a knife so these are the results I have two
hands that are intact and one hand which is separated from its thumb the great
thing about this casting kit is that you can get every detail on the hand you’ll
need some ceramics you can get them from the dollar store these are just old ones
that I have and I spray-painted them with a few layers of spray-paint to make
them the same color I’m using it he said but you can use whatever you’d like a
candle holder perhaps if you think of anything comment below I then took each
hand and match them with what ceramic I thought looks best with a four fingered
hand I thought I would separate each finger by cutting them down using a
serrated knife be really careful that you don’t drop these hands or else they
will break to attach the hands to the ceramics I’m using – air dry play I’ll
put a link to it below this is basically clay that dries in the air and after one
to two days it becomes very very hard dip your fingers in water to smooth the
clay out this is what they look like after the
clay has dried you can use sandpaper to get an even more blended finish to make
it the same color I give it another layer of spray paint I then took some
acrylic paint and using my hand as a guide started painting on the fingers
the easiest way for me to paint personally is to start with a darker
shade and then work your way lighter if that makes sense I used about three
shades of course you can use any color you like you can also do zombie hands
green witch hands super glue some fake nails on perhaps and here are the final
results I hope you enjoyed this video thanks so much for watching

100 thoughts on “DIY Realistic Hand Halloween Decorations! Inspired by Thing from the Addams family and Ronit Baranga

  1. I think i need to do two versions this and a black set with greenish grey zombie hands. Halloween is 60min/24/7/365days/52weeks a year for me. And well Friday the 13th is a bonus😈

  2. They put this Christmas song of the wrong time of the year. I'll fix that.
    🎶It's the most wonderful time of the year! There'll be treats and some tricking, and kids will be screaming for all to hear! It's the most wonderful time of the year!🎶

  3. Great Idea However there are many materials far more durable and longer lasting than Plaster to make the hands out of , Epoxy resin, rockhard patch compound or even the fast setting canned foam filler found in any Home depot or Lowes

  4. Lovely result! It would be better if they were functional but I guess the ceramics process for that is really involved 🤔 (many-many part molds)

  5. How can you cut it so easy?! Did you take it out before it was completely hardened? Help! Im about to make it!!!

  6. Just dont drink out of anything you spray paint. Thats not a good idea lol but theyre perfect for just decoration and if you wanna use it for drinking, just buy some cheap ones you dont have to paint, it would look awesome with black teaset 😊

  7. I wouldn’t recommend buying a kit. Alginate is rather inexpensive but there’s a lot of mistakes that can happen with it (gets very lumpy) so you may not be able to get the results you want with being only able to cast once also keep in mind to always be safe when working with plaster. Alginate is safe but plaster is not. Do NOT put ur hands anywhere near plaster wear gloves and a mask to keep it out of your lungs. It gets hot and can burn you plus it gets bigger as it hardens and if u stick ur hands it you could get very very hurt. So keep that in mind. You’ll want to go to home depo for proper face masks because one for a cold at places like the doctor are not high enough grade. You also may want eye protection for added safety. I recommend it, knowing things like plaster could have a possibility of exploding or something (no clue if this is true) just wear something in case

  8. Back in my days we used plaster to make the whole mold… Then again we could only make ✊ or ✋or variations there off. Single fingers usually broke off when the mold was smashed. Feet were also an option. Oh, and we used vaseline, a lot of vaseline.

  9. Please use food safe glazes – NOT spray paint – if you plan on actually eating and drinking from them and not just using them for decoration. Otherwise, very cool video!

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