DIY Rainbow Craft | Crafts for Kids

DIY Rainbow Craft | Crafts for Kids

[Captions by Judy V. at Y Translator] That looks so pretty! Hello! Welcome to Moose Mischief, where we have a fantastic time
creating art, making crafts, and conducting science experiments. Today, I’m going to show
you how to make a rainbow. Here’s what you need. A craft stick, glue,
a paintbrush, a hole punch, purple, yellow, orange, blue,
green, and red paint, a sponge, cotton balls, ribbons,
in all these same colors, scissors, watercolor paper,
and a paper plate. Okay, let’s get started. For the first step, you’re going
to get your sponge nice and wet, so we can put the paint on it. Now, we will put strips of paint
in this order onto the sponge. We will start with purple, because purple
is at the bottom of the rainbow. So, I’m just gonna put
a little bit just like that. There we go. That’s good. You’ll want to be really careful
when you’re doing this, so that you do not
mix your colors together. Now, you will do the same
thing with the blue. Next is green. There we go. Next will be yellow. Then orange. And lastly, we’ll add red. And there we have,
the colors of our rainbow. All right, now grab your craft stick, and then we’re going to spread
the paint out on the sponge a little bit. So I’m gonna start with the purple,
and then just gonna to spread it out. Just a little bit on my sponge. Then I’m going to take my
craft stick and wipe it off. Next, I’ll spread out the blue. Be careful not to get it
into the purple or the green. I’m going to spread out the green, and I don’t want to get
into the yellow or the blue. That looks pretty nice. I’m gonna do that all the way across. Now, let’s do the red,
for the top of our rainbow. I’ve got it all spread out. Okay, so pick up your sponge, and make sure the
purple’s at the bottom because that’s going to be
the bottom of our rainbow, and grab your water color paper. So now, take your sponge,
and dip it just like this upside down, and then make an arc for a rainbow. Just like that. And there we go, we have our Arc. And you can go over it several times. Just make sure you keep
the purple at the bottom, so you can make sure that the colors
are all spread out the way you like them. Looks pretty good. If you’d like to fix up your rainbow,
you can use the paintbrush. Now, set it aside to dry, and once it’s dry,
then you’ll cut it out. So now that your rainbow
is all dry and cut out, let’s add the ribbon. Grab your hole punch, and punch holes at
the bottom of each color. Make sure you go up a little way
so you’re not too close to the bottom. Like that. And then let’s do it to the other side. Now, you’ll grab the ribbon, cut some off,
and tie it to the bottom of your rainbow. So you can cut your ribbon
any length that you want. I’m going to cut mine right about here. I’m going to make some
of them a little bit longer, and a little bit shorter, because I want to add
some character to my rainbow. But you can cut yours all the same length. It’s all up to you. It’s your creative vision. That’s what’s fun about art. You can do whatever you want. So now, let’s pair up our ribbon
to the colors of the rainbow. Okay. Let’s tie them on. I’m gonna do a double knot
to make sure that they stay. Making rainbows is fun. Okay, let’s do the same
thing on the other side. Next, you want to cut
off the excess ribbon. Let’s add our clouds. Put four cotton balls
on this side of the rainbow, and four cotton balls
over here to make your clouds. Let’s glue them down. There. Nice and puffy clouds. Perfect for daydreaming. I’m putting down the last
one to finish off our rainbow. Oh, doesn’t it look magnificent? So, let’s make it so that we
can hang this up in our bedroom. I’m going to punch a hole right here. Then, I’ll take the red ribbon,
and cut a little bit off. And I’ll tie it to the top of my rainbow. I chose red so that it would
match the color at the top of the rainbow which is red. All right, and then I’m going to trim
off the excess ribbon like I did before. Look at those puffy clouds. I could just take a nap on them. Now, you can go hang up your
colorful rainbow in your bedroom. It’s bound to brighten up your
room, and brighten up your day. I had so much fun making
this rainbow with you. If you had fun too,
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