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Hi, this is Jill with Apostrophe S and today
I’m going to show you how to make our monster puppets. They’re called Rawr, Rawr, Rawr and
they come in this set of three little puppets. So we’re going to show you really quickly
how to make those. They’re really easy. First of all, I pull out everything that’s in the
kit. You’ll see I’ve got all of the sheets of felt in the different colors. I’ve got
the cutting template. I’ve got a needle and yarn and some of these little pom poms for
one of the puppets. From Home, you’re probably going to want a set of straight pins, some
fabric scissors, and get some good ones, because the felt can be tricky to cut, and a hot glue
gun. So those are the three things that you’ll need from home. Okay, what I’ve done first is I’ve just cut
out the template with my scissors and then laid it down on the felt and pinned it all
the way around. The template will tell you whether you need to cut one of something or
two of something and you’ll notice that everything has a number on it, so you’ll know whether
it’s for puppet #1, 2, or 3. So I’ve just cut those out and then I get ready to glue
the pieces on to the puppet with my hot glue gun. Now some of the pieces glue directly
on to the puppet and some of them glue on the back side. So when you sew it, those come
out from in between the two layers of the puppet. This was a mess I created when I burned
myself because I had lifted one of these triangles and had put the glue on the triangle and tried
to set it down. It caught on my thumb. It’s super hot. It blistered my thumb. I dropped
it and that’s what made the mess. So just be really careful with the hot glue. Once I get that glued down and I have all
the pieces on, and I’ve threaded my yarn through the needle, and because it’s so thick I’ve
used a floss threader, but you can also use just a piece of string to thread it through.
And then what you do is, it’s really really long so I kind of try to keep it, you know,
together as much as I can by pulling it through so that it doesn’t get all tangled up. Now
what I’ve done first of all is I’ve put a little knot in the end and made it really
secure and I just come up through and down. And you come up and down all the way around.
Now because it’s yarn, it’s a little bit tough to pull it through that felt, but just kind
of keep working with it and then this is where you just have to guide the thread, excuse
me, the yarn through. You can use your finger like that, so that it doesn’t get tangled
up, or re-knotted. And once it’s a single layer of yarn it becomes much, much easier.
And you just do that up and down all the way around the puppet. Now when you reach this
area where it’s glued, it’s going to be even a little bit tougher, because you’re going
through a couple of different layers of felt, plus the glue. Some people get those little
rubber ends that you put over your thumb or your finger from a fabric, or excuse me, from
an office supply store, that they use to flip lost of pages that catches the paper, but
that also gives you a firm grip on your thumb or your finger, so it’s easier to pull the
yarn through. But you just keep doing that all the way around the puppet. Obviously I’m
not going to take you all the way around, but when it’s done that little guy looks like
this. And then here are his buddies. This one has the little pom poms that you glue
on, again with the hot glue gun. And that’s all there is to it. It’s really
simple to do and they turn out cute and children will love them. So good luck putting those
together and enjoy. We appreciate your time today. Apostrophe S…make it yours.

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