DIY Projects : How to Make Origami Shelves | Desk Organizer | Do it Yourself

DIY Projects : How to Make Origami Shelves | Desk Organizer | Do it Yourself

Welcome to Studio StylEnrich How To Make Colorful Origami Mini Organizer You can make it for yourself or can gift to someone as well. Things You Need… Color Papers, Scale, Double Sided Tape, Craft Glue, Cutter, Scissors, Pencil, Glossy Paper, Decorative Tape, Cardboard. Take a color paper and mark each side as 21 cm. We need 3 different colored square papers of the same dimension. Now fold the papers as shown here. It will take the shape of the box. We need 3 such different colored boxes. Now take equal sized cardboard each measuring 12*7 cm Paste half the tape on the edge of one cardboard and paste another one on the remaining tape. Now cover the cardboard with a blue paper. Take a rectangular green paper and make the markings on it. Cut it out. Now paste this sheet on the cardboard as shown. Cut 3 same sized square pieces of glossy paper Now decorate the inner base of the boxes with glossy paper as shown. Now add some sparkles and use decorative tapes to beautify the boxes. Paste the 3 boxes on the top, middle and bottom corner of the cardboard flap. Your Multipurpose Origami Mini Organizer is ready!! Hope you enjoyed watching the video. Happy Crafting!!

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  1. I tried making it .It was an amazing experience and enjoyable too and it turned out to be so helpful .everyone appreciated ‼good job …keep up the work

  2. great, just great, my daugther has so many hair accessories, now you gave me a "solution" how to spend some time doing something with her and it's useful too.

  3. Hi, I have tried making one like this, but when i attached the boxes to the card, I was unable to keep it closed. The left side stays open even when i try to keep it closed. To make sure if I am doing it right, made a second try and still found the same problem. what could be the issue? as a temporary solution i have attached the top box to the cardboard with velcro. But what is the actual issue? I could even share a pic of it 🙂 but i loved this and gifted it to my friend.

  4. It's so clearly and easily explained ! 🙂 Kudos ! Can you please make jewellery boxes for long necklaces/bangles/earrings ? Greetings from Paris, France 🙂

  5. yaass!!i've jusst made it..and it is looking amazing in the room i can put lil lil things in it …loved it want more videos like this

  6. Can you please slow down little bit because you are going too fast and thank by the way I subscribed for you.

  7. Please Subscribe to our channel – 😇 Thanks! – Team StylEnrich 🙂👍

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