DIY Project : Cute Paper Purse Making Tutorial for Girls | Easy Paper Bag Clutch | StylEnrich

DIY Project : Cute Paper Purse Making Tutorial for Girls | Easy Paper Bag Clutch | StylEnrich

Welcome to Studio StylEnrich Cute Paper Purse Making Tutorial for Girls This is a best DIY Fashion Accessory for girls. It is made with Paper and cardboard. Things You Need… Cardboard, Color Paper, Printed Paper, Scissors, Pencil, Glue Stick, Cutter, Ruler Decorative lace, Decorative Pearl, Velcro, Bead, Glue gun & Stick Take a cardboard and mark the dimensions as shown. Draw the lines and cut along these lines as shown. Now run the cutter gently on the lines for easy folding, do not cut these lines. Cut another cardboard of the dimensions shown in the slide. Now join these two cardboard pieces by sticking a flap of 4 cm width with the other one of equal dimension. Now take the joined cardboard and draw the outline of it on a piece of white paper as shown. Also, mark the dimensions similar to the cardboard and draw the necessary lines as shown. Now lightly run the cutter on the markings for easy folding. Also, make the cuts on the paper as shown. Apply glue and stick the cardboard piece on the paper. Wrap the edges of the cardboard as well. It looks like the shape of a purse. Take a yellow sheet and cut the paper measuring 13.5 cm width. Paste this yellow sheet on the surface of the cardboard to cover the base. Follow the cardboard folding to get the exact shape of the purse. Cut another yellow sheet measuring 21*8 cm. We will need 2 pieces of the same size. Now fold the cut out paper to make creases as shown. We will get accordion shaped papers. Again cut a yellow sheet measuring 13.5 * 8 cm. we will require 4 such pieces. Now paste the plain paper pieces and the accordion pieces as shown to get the desired shape. Take the purse shaped object and paste the yellow pattern inside it. Paste a Velcro on the flap of the purse using glue gun. Its now time to decorate the purse. For this use large pearls on the base of the craft. Paste the decorative lace on the flap of the purse. Stick the decorative bead on the flap of the purse. Your beautiful purse is now ready for use. Hope you have enjoyed making this craft. Do share your experiences and feedback with us. Happy Crafting!!

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  1. Can u please tell me that, in the final, what will be it's size(height and breadth)…
    U are the best…..

  2. Even after watching the video, I am confused that what type of cardboard should we use…
    Please recommend me some easy ideas for best out of waste.

  3. Mjy hmasha sy asi chizyn bnana psnd Tha thank u very much ma ny try Kiya ha ……..bht esy or stong bna ha …..thanks allot guading

  4. Friends, watch this cute little purse made with papers. Anyone can make this paper purse easily at home. Loved our video? Please share your views in the comments section below! πŸ™‚πŸ˜‡πŸ˜Šβ˜ΊπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜€πŸ˜

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  6. My art teacher is teaching this to us.Really very nice but I was not able to understand from my teacher.

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