DIY Project 📦 Fabric Covered Box | SEWING REPORT

DIY Project 📦 Fabric Covered Box | SEWING REPORT

welcome to the Sewing Report I’m
Jennifer Moore helping you discover your love of sewing crafts and DIY projects
and guys I’ve been trying to get my fabric collection under control and that
can be a really difficult thing to do so I have been on the lookout for any type
of project that might be able to help me use up all of the fun fabrics that have
particularly the quilting Cotton’s you know what I’m talking about here so I
found one that meets the bill and that’s what we’re doing in this episode
originally this was just a very plain Jane paper mache box / tray from
Michaels crafts but we have transformed it
thanks to this fun cotton in steel fabric and some very large of rickrack
trim so let’s get into it you only need two fat quarters and there will be some
leftover these are my coveted og cotton and steel basics
speaking of old-school how about using some Mod Podge this stuff is also
available in different finishes so we’re going with a matte take the fabric you
want on the outside of the box and flip it so the wrong side is up place the box
on it and make sure the fabric will cover all the sides by wrapping it
around kind of like a present apply a thin layer of Mod Podge to the bottom of
the box with a brush press the box down onto the fabric then
flip it over and press out any bubbles now here’s how I marked the fabric for
each side turn the Box on to it and trace with a marking pen mine is air
soluble so it will disappear in a few days for the two shorter sides with the
handles I free handed tabs so the box won’t show through the fabric later I
measured the length of the overlapping lip at the top which was slightly over a
half inch you’ll then add this onto the top of each side piece and use a rotary
cutter to make those cuts for the angled corners use sharp scissors to cut
accurately apply Mod Podge to the shorter sides and press that fabric up
into place now do the same with the longer sides and you’ll see how the
finished looks cleaner with that fabric covering the tabs doing the handles is probably the
trickiest part clip the fabric in this spot right to the edges mod podge the
inside of the handle and press all those little pieces over to that side apply more Mod Podge over the pieces
moving on to the interior fabric press it into the box to get a rough idea of
how much you’ll need cut off the access to make it easier to work with Mod Podge
the bottom of the boxes inside carefully press the fabric into it to trace each
side you’re going to need to maneuver the fabric a bit more like this mark the
corners there will be an extra v-shape in-between cut the lines you drew apply
Mod Podge to each side and again press the fabric firmly cut the extra fabric just below the top
of the box also cut out the handle areas to prevent fraying mod podge the raw
edges on the handles mod podge the overlapping exterior fabric inside at
this point I decided to modpodge the entire box again for an added layer of
protection over the fabric hopefully it will be easier to keep clean this way I had this big ric rac trim and thought
it would work to cover the raw fabric edges quick grip glue is awesome for
jobs like this just apply a small amount and press the ric rac down in sections mark where you want to cut at the end
and glue that piece down I scored it a little fray check into it to prevent
fray for real this has got to be one of the easiest projects I’ve done here at
the sewing airport so hopefully this will help you if you’re trying to find
just more uses for fabric and all of the trim that you’ve collected over the
years I mean who are we kidding but I think this is a great way to show off
some of your more colorful prints or solids you can use this as an organizer
say on your desk your dresser or your craft table or another use I came up
with is you could use this as a gift box we’re always looking for gift boxes or
gift bags but they can be kind of pricey at the store I think this was like $2.99
so really just by adding fabric you have a really fun personalized gift box you
can put a gift in and then give them both the box and the item inside so I
hope this helps you if you’re looking for inspiration to bust through that
stash and if you’re anything like me and you just like binge watching on YouTube
I’m gonna link one of my other sewing or DIY projects one of the easier ones
don’t worry guys up above so you can check that out next but thanks so much
for watching if you did enjoy this video be sure to hit that like button and
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projects I’m Jennifer Moore and I’ll see you guys again in the next video

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  1. I'm normally here for the sewing but this was so relaxing to watch! And the final product is super cute 😍 Will have to get some mud podge and give it a try 😊

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