17 thoughts on “DIY Plaid Glitter Tumblers – Full Process, Start to Finish! (+ Free Winter Decal Designs)

  1. Jennifer, those are beautiful tumblers. I haven't made a plaid one yet but I am going to now! This was a great comprehensive tutorial. Thanks for the tips and the info!

  2. I totally ❤ the red & black plaid one! Thanks!

    I saved your tutorial in my private YouTube Cricut playlist so I can go back & try to make some soon. 👍

    Thanks again! 🤗

  3. I couldn’t help but notice your tool caddy. I made the one in a previous video but this has more storage. Can you tell me either where you bought it or if you made this one too. Thank you.

  4. This video is thorough and easy to follow. The tumblers are absolutely the best ones I have seen in awhile! Thank you for sharing.

  5. How long should you keep your tumbler rotating? I know you said to cure it but how long before taking it off the rotation machine? Thanks for the video!

  6. If you are just going to have to retape the top prior to application of epoxy, why remove original tape from the top of the tumbler? Could I just leave that original tape on? Also, how do you address the bottom of the tumbler when you left sections of tape ends after the optional glitter stripe? Thanks for any advise you can share! 🤗

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