DIY Paper Napkin And Mod Podge Craft | Fleur De Lis | Requested

DIY Paper Napkin And Mod Podge Craft | Fleur De Lis | Requested

Welcome back to DIY No Need To Cry with Ivelisse DIY with paper napkin and Mod Podge. Fleur De Lis requested All the materials that I used are listed in
the description box below. This bottle was requested by Rosa Andrade,
thank you for this fantastic request, Rosa. This one really had my creative juices flowing. My apologies for not being able to put this
out last week but this bottle took a lot of time to make. However, I think you will agree that this
bottle makes up for last weeks video and some. It has become one of my best pieces. When I was thinking of ideas for the fleur
de lis, I thought of a family crest. That made me think of, royal families, king,
and queens, which then made me think of medieval times, that made me think of medieval goldsmiths
who would make these lavish metal and gold pieces for their churches, that lead me to
think of, over the top gold and metal works of art. I then had a picture in my mind of a very
metallic, over the top, sculpted, bejeweled, piece of treasure and this is what came out
of that creative thought process. Hope you enjoy, let’s get started. To begin you will need a white paper napkin. This whole bottle is made with just paper
napkins and Mod Podge. I used a pack of plain, cheap, napkins you
can get anywhere. Open it all the way up, separate the plies
of paper (wet your fingertips slightly if you’re having trouble separating the napkin
as you see me do here) and crumple them both up real good. You want as many wrinkles as possible. This time we want all those wrinkles. Grab the bottle, a clean dry brush, and some
Mod Podge and glue the napkin all around the bottle. Just place some glue in a section and place
the napkin on top. Keep placing glue in sections as you go along
and place the napkin down. Do this until it’s completely glued down. Now give it a top coat of Mod Podge and set
it aside to dry. Make sure to get that top area down as well
as the excess on the bottom. You can cut the bottom excess off first if
you want. I like doing mine after. Let the whole thing dry and then continue
adding napkin to the neck until it’s covered. This bottle had a screw cap that I will be
using to make the custom top, so I left the part, that has the ridges, without the napkin. Trim any excess napkin if needed. Once the whole bottle is covered and dried,
remove the excess napkin from the bottom with an X-Acto knife. In this next step, I started it on the table
and then realized I needed it to be on a bottle so that it would dry with the curve. So I went ahead and put it on a bottle. Using something to keep the bottle from rolling
(I use my old egg container flipped upside down) place the bottle. I printed out the the fleur de lis at 40%
size. Cut around it leaving an edge to tape down
to the bottle. Using painters tape, I taped the edges down. Cut a piece of parchment or wax paper the
same size as your fleur de lis and tape that down on top. The idea is to use this as a guide to sculpt
the piece I need for the front of the bottle. Taking pieces of white paper napkin and Mod
Podge, I used it to sculpt out the fleur de lis. You can use anything for this, you don’t
have to do it this way. You can use clay, ceramic clay, molding paste
and anything else you can use to sculpt with. I like to use products I already have instead
of buying more. If I can avoid buying it, I will. It should look something like this when you’re
done. Let that fully dry before peeling it off. I painted my bottle with white acrylic paint
but this step was pointless as I had to do it again to cover the rest of the pieces after
I was done sculpting everything. So wait until you finish the whole bottle
before doing this. Once the piece was dry, I glued it onto the
bottle. You can see that curve I was talking about
earlier. Now it will be easy to glue on and it won’t
crack from bending it. I used a lot of Mod Podge for this piece,
I wanted to make sure it stayed glued down in every corner. Take some more napkins and separate the plies. Once the bottle was dry, I sculpted s-shaped
designs, as you see here, all around it using the napkin and Mod Podge. Keeping it saturated with small amounts of
glue, as you go, is the key to making this manageable. So you want to make sure the tissue is fully
saturated as you sculpt and add little amounts of glue as you go to keep it from drying out. Here I will show you how I sculpted the front
of the bottle. Whatever I did to one side, I did to the other. I
added flat back glass gems, as you see here, as fillers. So it wouldn’t look so empty in those spots. Clean up any excess glue around it and then
set it aside to dry. Continue sculpting the design with the napkin
and Mod Podge, in sections, until the whole bottle is done. Here I will show you how I sculpted the sides
of the bottle. When you do this on each side of the bottle,
it will link up in the back and create the whole look. This is what the back will look like when
both sides are done. I then added these to the back. That’s part of the neck, I’ll show you
how I got that later on. These are two more flat back glass gems I
added. And this is what it should look like when
it’s all dry. For the neck, I made a loop in the front that
went around the neck and created another loop in the back with the remainder of the napkin. Trim any excess if needed. I then wrapped the neck as you see here. Don’t forget to keep adding glue as you
go. I always added more glue on top and on the
sides of each piece I sculpted once I was done, to make sure it was smooth and secure. Now to make the custom top. Using a plastic refillable ball, also known
as a clear ornament… glue both halves with E6000 and set that aside to dry. Using an X-Acto knife, I cut the little hanging
bit off. And once again, do the same thing you did
for the bottle. Separate the plies of napkin and then crumble
them up to create wrinkles. For the ball, I ripped and glued pieces of
the napkin until it was covered. Screw the cap back onto the bottle and using
your finger or the back of a brush, push down on it to create a dent. The reason I wanted to do this, is so the
ball sits better on it when I go to glue it. Unscrew the cap and glue the ball on top. Clean the excess glue from around it and then
set it aside to dry. Finish adding the napkin until it’s completely
covered. Including the cap. Using the same method as I did for the bottle,
I wrapped napkin all the way up the ball continuing to connect a new piece of napkin with the
previous one so it looked like one consecutive piece. After that dries, sculpt out the same S’s
as you did for the bottle, in between the lines, until the ball is completely covered. Here I’ll show you how I sculpted the ball
design. Using a brush and white acrylic paint, paint
the entire top. I painted the bottle and then decided to add
some more napkin. Do this first and then paint the entire bottle
with white acrylic paint. Once that’s dry. Paint the bottle with black acrylic paint… and do the same thing to the entire top. Once those are dry, give them both a coat
of polycrylic to seal them. I’ve been unsatisfied with sealers in the
past and keep trying new ones. I had this one saved from when I did my coasters
but I never used it… instead, I used the easy cast, which I wish I hadn’t because
all my cups stick to them now… anyways one of you lovely gals, Hey Mell, tested it on
her crafts and loved it so I gave it a go… so far I love it but we’ll see when I use
it to seal a lighter color bottle. Using Rub N Buff, which is a metallic wax,
buff it onto the entire bottle. I used my bare hands but you might want to
use some gloves when dong this. I get so into it when I’m crafting that
I forget to be safe. I just be in my zone but I need to remember
to be safe, so use gloves when doing this. A little goes a long way so don’t squeeze
a lot out, trust me. Do the same to the top. After you’ve done that, using a napkin,
I buffed off all the excess metallic wax. concentrate on the flat parts mostly, as you’ll
see me add more wax back onto the raised parts later on. Right here I was concentrating on the wrong
part but I realized that later on and added it back on. So leave the raised parts alone after placing
the metallic wax on them. Buff the excess off the flat parts only. And here you see me adding it back on. This was my first time using this stuff so
it was trial and error. No big deal, that’s how we learn. Once you’re done with the wax, seal both,
the bottle and top, with one more coat of polycrylic. I don’t think it’s required but I knew
I was going to be handling the bottle while adding ALL those rhinestones and I was afraid
that the heat from my hands would reactivate it and make it rub off. And finally, adding all the rhinestones. Here I show you the exact colors and where
I placed them on the front of the bottle. I have also labeled them with the size. Next, I added the 2mm clear and red around
the neck and top part. When placing all the tiny 2mm rhinestones
I alternated between the color and clear. I did that with every color. Here I show you how I did it. I placed 2mm blue and clear as shown here. Once I reached the green, I continued with
the 2mm green and clear until that entire part was done. Do this with all the colors. This picture shows you all the colors for
the 2mm rhinestones. And here I show you the rhinestone sizes and
colors for the Fleur de lis. This is the bottle with all the rhinestones
added as I showed you. This is the sides and back. Follow the same steps as the front. So here you see the 9mm colors and placements. After placing these, place the corresponding
2mm color alternating between that color and 2mm clear. Do this to the entire bottle. This is what it should look like when finished. For the top, I placed random 9mm colors as
shown here and outlined it the same way I did with the bottle, with the 2mm rhinestones,
except I only did the inside of the swirls. I can not tell you how happy I was when I
placed that last rhinestone and screwed the top into the bottle lol
But it was truly a labor of love, I enjoy the process of creating… when you see something
you have in your mind start to form in front of you… there’s just something about that, that amazes
me every time. Don’t ever be afraid of trying something
new and different. This is not my usual style, of course, I incorporated
my style into it anyways but it’s still out of my comfort zone and look at how this
bottle turned out! It is exactly how I had pictured it in my
head. So always try new things… be creative and
remember that there is no wrong way when creating. Here’s some closer footage, but I wish y’all
could see it in person because as usual, the camera is not doing it any justice. Okay here we go, this is a little better…
oh my goodness, so pretty! Okay, okay in all seriousness, let me know
what you guys think? I feel like this is one of those things that
people are either going to love or completely hate. Let me know and if you do like it, please
don’t forget to thumbs up the video as it helps me a ton. As always, thank you all for watching and
if this is your first time watching, I hope you consider subscribing to get updates on
future videos and remember, do it yourself there’s no need to cry!

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