DIY Paper Flowers. Beautiful Flowers for Children. It’s simple!

DIY Paper Flowers. Beautiful Flowers for Children. It’s simple!

Good afternoon! You are on the channel “Origami cat”. That’s so sweet flowers of paper we do today. They look as alive! These colors can make any color of the paper. Notice how in the middle of the flower. Blue flower also great. And it goes well with the background. Take the bright color paper. Fold twice. 4 will turn the paper layer. Take a compass or the cover of the tube. The diameter of 3 cm. If you choose a larger diameter – the flowers are larger. Circle the pencil cap. Vystrigite circle with scissors. Do not hurry. The smoother the circle, the more accurate and more beautiful are the flowers. If you find it hard clip out 4 layers of paper, fold the paper only 1 time. It turned out 4 circles. Prepare another 11 laps. There should be 15. Make these cuts on the 10 circles. The incision does not extend to the middle. If you make a lot of circles, from a single sheet of paper, then you’ll have a huge flower! Apply a small amount of glue. Bend the tab “funnel”. This is similar to the Japanese national hat. Do the same with the other petals. If necessary, use the napkin. Your hands should be clean. Clean hands – clean and beautiful flower made of paper. The glue has dried. Apply to place folding adhesive strip. Take a perfect circle and attach the tab, as shown in the video. Wait until the glue dries. Glue all the other petals, as I argue. Petal comes after another petal. This hack is developing accuracy, patience, a sense of beauty. In this hand-made article has elements of origami. Who for the first time on this channel, please subscribe! has a bell next to the subscription. Click on it! When the bell is pressed, you will not miss any of my videos! See, as already beautiful! Two petals should be pasted in the middle, facing each other. The flower has a lush. 4 Take the circle and fold the edges of the scissors from the middle. This is done very easily. Turn the flower and apply the adhesive. Attach the petals curved side up. Petal comes for petal. The structure of this paper flower is fully consistent with the structure of a natural flower. It remains to glue the last petal! Wait until the glue dries, the petals are not transgressed. If you got also place a thumbs up! Take a strip of white paper measuring 3×10 cm. Fold in half and turn. Yellow marker paint the top center, as shown in the video. Fold in half and make small incisions. You can not hurry! Leave 1-2 mm to the edge. I cut his hair quickly because accelerated video. You should have also. Again, bend and fold. There is also need to carefully so as not to break and turn smoothly. This is what we do, stamens. Stamen – is a central part of the flower. It is rich in pollen that the bees love to collect) Fix the edge of the strip of glue. Wait until dry. Apply glue to the bottom. Attach the stamens in the center of the flower and press. Hold steady until the glue grabs. After clean hands and still leave a flower at a time to glue dries well. Spread the stamens. You will see how the inside appears yellow. It’s so much like a real flower! Who likes this flower, please rate the video. I admire this beauty. And you? They are so sweet! Answer the questions. As the name of this flower? You could make a flower? We have videos of how to make a beautiful bouquet of tulips. It is very easy hack for beginners. This flower I made with permission of origami – Alexandra Abovyan. However, it looks nice on this background? Umbrella for Barbie, so she can walk in the rain. This modular origami two colors. Umbrella as a true! Be sure to enjoy any doll! If you do not have a dog, get a paper dog. He has a cheerful muzzle) And he’s funny breathing) Like a little dog) This trash invented by Henry Pham. It is a well-known master of origami. Bucket can be placed in the room doll. Let the clean up that has scattered. Magic Flower – Tsvetik Semitsvetik (seven colors). Origami flower of great beauty of the modules. Write what you like the most? Many thanks to everyone who watched my video to the end. Thanks to everyone who put his finger up and sharing videos with friends. Thank you for watching videos. I am waiting for you again on my channel. Origami Cat.

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