DIY Paper Crafts: How to Make an Origami Swan Box. Easy Tutorial

DIY Paper Crafts: How to Make an Origami Swan Box. Easy Tutorial

Hi, I’m Galina.
In this video I’m going to show you how to fold interesting
origami swan box. It’s really wonderful paper box for sweets,
beads, pins, loom bands. This paper craft is very simple from one square sheet of paper
without glue and cutts. Let’s get started. In this video I’ll be using a square sheet
of paper with a side-lenght of 21 cm. First we’re going to fold in half poin to
point to crease the diagonal. Then, crease the second diagonal. Unfold Now, take this adge and bringit to the diagonal. Rotate and bring this edge to the same diagonal. Flip the paper over. Then we’re going to take the lower corner,
bring it up and make a horizontal crease in half. Flip over again. Now we have two flaps which we’re going to open like that. From one side. And do the same on the other Flip over the paper. We have a horizontal crease here. Take this tip to this crease and make just a pinch. Unfold.
Then we’re going to take this lower tip, bring it to this pinch and make a crease, Again take this tip and fold it down align this crease, It’ll be a head of swan. Fold the model in half. Now. We’re going to form the swan box.
Take this part of the model and bring it up like that. Be sure that this lower edge is not too small. It’ll be the bottom of the origami swan
box. If these edges will be smal the paper box can not stand well. Press the crease. Take this tip and form the swan head like
that. We’re going to take this lower corner and
folfd it like that. Flip over and repeat. Open this pockets and our paper swan box is almost done. Now we can make a more nice tale to this swan. Fold this corner like that and fold this part
in half. Unfold. And make creases. Mountain fold, valley
fold. Mountain, valley, mountain, valley In this way our origami swan box will be look like that Now you know how to fold this swan box and I hope you enjoyed this video. Please, Like, Comment, Subscribe to my Chanel to receive my new videos.
Thank’s for watching.

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  1. не видела эту вашу коробочку на русском канале. очень интересная. вот ее попробую сделать с детьми. спасибо за видео!

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