DIY Paper Craft :How to Make an Easy Handmade Christmas Pop up Greeting Card

DIY Paper Craft :How to Make an Easy Handmade Christmas Pop up Greeting Card

How to Make an Easy Christmas Card This is a beautiful Christmas Greeting Card idea that even kids can make at home. You can also make it as a New Year Greeting Card. Things You Need… Color Paper, Adhesive, Glitter, Pencil, Scale, Scissors, Cutter Mark the dimensions on a color paper as shown and cut it. Fold the cut out paper and divide the sheet into 3 equal parts as shown. Now mark the measurements as shown. Make small cuttings on the paper as shown. Use fingers to lift the cut out portions as shown. Now take a red color sheet and draw the markings and patterns as shown. Now use a cutter to cut the patterns as shown. Arrange the printed sheet on the red color sheet in such a way that the patterns appear on the printed sheet. Now draw a sketch of the Santa’s cap as shown. Cut it Draw a pattern on the white sheet and cut it. Paste the white design along with a small circle on the Santa’s cap Take a green strip, fold and cut it as shown. Now fold it multiple times as shown here. Draw the shape of a Christmas tree and cut it as shown. Now use glitters to decorate the tree. Similarly decorate Santa’s cap as well. Paste the trees and cap on the pop up portion of the card as shown. Use a sketch pen to write wishes on the card. Apply glitter on the four Christmas tree present at the corners of the card as shown. Similarly beautify the writings as well using glitters. Wow!! Your easy handmade Christmas greeting card is now ready! Hope you enjoyed our video. Thanks for watching and Happy Crafting!!

26 thoughts on “DIY Paper Craft :How to Make an Easy Handmade Christmas Pop up Greeting Card

  1. Nothing can get more personalized than this beautiful handmade Christmas Card!! Even with the advent of Social Media in today's times, handmade cards have their own charm and this one is so easy!! Thank u for sharing it ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. What a lovely card, I love it! This is very handy. I am going to make one card very similar to this. Thank you for this video.

  3. How cute!!! I love how this card could easily be switched out for other occasions… I'm seeing sweet Valentine's hearts and lots of glimmer!! Thank you for sharing!!

  4. veeeeeeery beautiful card you be made thanks for this video that's very very very very …………………….
    beautifulllllllll……….. .

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