70 thoughts on “DIY Paper Butterfly Heart Canvas & Wall Art Tutorial – Made with a Cricut!

  1. Thank you so much for this!!! Sooo pretty and I can’t wait to try for my self once I get moved over the next week! Just beautiful

  2. Love this. Just made your butterfly card for my youngest daughter for Valentine's day. My husband loved it so I made him pick out the paper since it will come from him! The Penguin bomb was a hit with my entire family and I'm making my Mom the Celebration/Family board. She fills up each month with 6 kids, 4 s-i-l, 17 grandkids and 6 great grandkids!

  3. Your project and this tutorial are both spot on, especially at this time of year. This would make a great Valentine, Easter, or even Mother's Day gift. Thank you for sharing. ps. The flying butterflies on the video were adorable! Kudos to your videotographer.

  4. Thank you for sharing! This is so adorable, my daughter has ALWAYS loved Butterflies, so I want to try this for her!!

  5. Butterflies are my “thing” so, needless to say I love this! Then I wondered how it would look if the shape was a butterfly instead of a heart?

  6. I do not own a cricut and I am thrilled to see something I can make with a scissor and paper, or a punch. Thank you for the excellent detailed tutorial. You are wonderful at explaining each sequence and alternatives. I am definitely going to try this project.
    I would love to see a quilling scene of rain falling on a couple, do you ever do anything like that? You could use cricut for your couple I suppose. Thanks again!

  7. My mom loves butterflies! This would be the perfect gift for her! Thank you so much for sharing. Will your files work for a Silhouette?

  8. Love this! Instead of using a pencil, there is a pen with disappearing ink that you find in the fabric notions department. Works great and also fits in the Cricut for other projects that need marking.

  9. I'm so glad I discovered you! Can't wait to do this project. I love that you compare different ways and products to do a project, it helps. Thanks!

  10. Hi, i love your tutorials, would you please do a tutorial on basswood shapes to take advantage of the full basswood. Thank you 😀

  11. Thanks for sharing. Can you please make a file for the exploding box made to look like a house . Thanks for all your videos and file I really appreciate it. ✌🏻💕

  12. What about using spray adhesive in stages, like spray the bottom, fill it in, go to the middle, spray, etc. Would that be OK to do?

  13. My daughter just got engaged and Im thinking this might be super cute to do for the wedding as a “guest book”. Have guest sign the canvas and then frame it with the wedding date on the glass.

  14. Just trace a heart shape on a canvas. Buy a butterfly hole punch in different sizes. Buy medium card stock. Punch out as many butterflies u want & follow the rest of the instructions.

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