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How to Make a Decorative Gift Basket at Home This DIY Basket is made using cardboard Aluminium wire and velvet cloth. Things You Need… Mount Board, Ruler, Scissors, Cutter, Divider tool, Pencil Glue Gun & Sticks, Fevibond, Decorative Lace & Pearls, Aluminium Wire, Decorative Flowers, Decorative Stones, Velvet Fabric To make the base of the basket, take the measurements and draw a circle as shown. Cut it. Now mark measurements on the mount board as shown and cut it. Now take the cut out strip and paste it on the circle as shown. Again mark the markings on the mount board and cut it. Cut the velvet fabric according to your basket size and paste it using glue gun. Use the aluminium wire to make the basket handle. Now paste the mount board on the aluminium wire as shown here. Measure and cut out a velvet strip similar to the handle of the basket and wrap the handle with it. Draw another circle on the mount board and cut it. Cover the circle with the velvet fabric as shown here. Now paste the handle on the sides of the box like this. Now apply glue on the cut out circular portion and paste it at the base as shown here. Take a velvet strip, apply glue and paste it on the edges of the basket. Now decorate the basket with lace. Decorate the basket with pearls as shown here. Now decorate the basket using decorative stones like this. Decorate the inner portion of the basket with decorative lace like this Now use pearl strands to decorate the handle of the basket as shown. Paste the decorative flowers at the handle joint as shown. Wow!! Your Beautiful Decorative Basket is Now Ready. Thanks for watching and Happy Crafting!

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