DIY Papel Picado (Mexican Perforated Paper)

DIY Papel Picado (Mexican Perforated Paper)

hi my name is Elena Garcia and my family is from Hollis Oakland Mexico which is in the great state of Jalisco and Mexico today we’re going to be making papel picado which is a decorative craft that we do in Mexico to decorate our birthday parties quinceanera as family gatherings and just general cities when there’s large festivities the first time I made papel picado I was probably kindergarten age and it’s a craft project that we would do in my classroom where at home with my grandmother and the idea is just nothing that occupied my time I would equate it to when you an elementary school you used scissors and tissue paper to cut out snowflakes during the wintertime so a lot of the cuts and designs that you’re making you’re making without really knowing how they’re going to unfold literally so have fun with it understand that it doesn’t need to be perfect the monstrosity is I created my grandmother and my parents are very proud of bless their hearts cool it definitely wasn’t the kind of stuff that you see throughout max but benefit Allah has a very rich history in Mexico and it dates back all the way to the Aztec which is one of the indigenous peoples of Mexico and the story goes that they would use mallets and chisels to paint the spirits that they believed in into the bark of different trees and plants in the area that they were from till this day artisans that make up in picado still use mallets and chisels to actually put it together they’ll put like 40 or 50 stacks of tissue paper on top of each other and they’ll take them and they’ll create some of the most intricate artwork flowers paintings the paper tells a story but bent because I was seen at celebrations throughout Mexico and even in other parts of Latin America the town of my mom is from in Mexico hello Scotty Glenn there are every year there’s two huge festivals the town square just came alive with buffet Mikado with lights with people with food that’s how I identify my Mexican identity like those moments in my history and so it’s hard for me not to feel excited about creating it because I know that it’s Who I am for those of you who aren’t familiar with papel picado chances are you have seen it specifically in the Disney Pixar movie coca the opening scene when I went to go see her go I went to go see it in Spanish and I took my grandmother to go see it and my grandmother said to me after the movie that this was the first time that she had been to the movies in like 20-something years ago that doesn’t speak a word of English and so going to the theatre is not something that always makes sense because most movies are in English at least most major motion pictures and you see this little boy Miguel tell the story of his grandmother and his family and how they came to be and it’s all kind of shown through the cutouts of this pop in sacado it follows the streamer being able to sit in that theatre with her like being able to celebrate like here like my cup don’t you know sudden he’s like be admitted like this and it’s like share these moments with her was it’s special if you’re interested in seeing and learning more about how papel picado is made in the history that it has Mexico check out the links below [Music]

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  1. Nice to see you making those. I’m 55, from NY, we used to make those in elementary school. We also made piñatas. Yours look a lot better than ours. 🎊🎉👏👏

  2. I don't know what I enjoyed more.. Watching you make them or hearing the story about ur grandma! That must have been so lovely for her, and so special for the 2 of you to make a memory together. 💖

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