DIY Origami Christmas Nativity- The Three Kings

DIY Origami Christmas Nativity- The Three Kings

Hi. I am Becky Lindsay. I’m going to show
you today how to make this model of the three kings. I developed this model because I was searching for a nativity online and I found this beautiful set over here by Leyla Torres. She has Joseph, Mary and the baby Jesus. You can find her models at …and I wanted a full nativity, and so I used her model for Joseph (with a staff) to make a Shepherd,
and then I found a sheep, and then, over here, I developed this model of the Three
Kings. So, I’ll be using a 25 cm x 25 cm sheet of paper today and I’ve just used a sheet of wrapping paper that I purchased at the dollar store. It’s white on both sides, and I cut it to that size. In inches that is 9 7/8 inches square. I’m going to start this model by folding
on the diagonal, so I’m going to match my corners and set that crease. The next step that I’m going to do is going to create a bunch of pinch marks, and I’m actually going to use a paper that I’ve already prepped, showing you what I’m doing. So, here’s the crease that we already set and we’re going take the bottom corner, match it to the top corner, and we’re finding the center of the
paper. We fold it and we pinch mark– and I’ll call that 1– so, that’s pinch mark 1 right there. The next thing I’m going to do is I’m going
to take that corner and go up and match the bottom corner to pinch mark 1, and I’m going to crease down here and that will become pinch mark 2.
Then I’ll take pinch mark 2 and I’ll turn it– reverse that pinch mark– and I’ll
come up and I’ll match it to pinch mark 1 and then I’ll pinch mark, and that
becomes pinch mark number 3. if I’m making my shortest King, I’m done, but I’ll be making the tallest King today. So, I’ll take pinch mark 2 and I’ll match
it to pinch mark 3 and I’ll set that and make another pinch mark. That gives
me pinch mark 4. If I’m doing my middle height King, I’m done, but I’m making the tallest King so I take pinch mark 2 and I match it to pinch mark 4 and I make our pinch mark– and that is the pinch mark that I need to make the tallest King. So, the next step here– this will change according to the height of King– so, I’m going to take my bottom corner and if I’m doing the shortest
king, I match it to the pinch mark 3. If I’m doing my middle king, I match it
to 4 and if I’m doing my tallest King, which is the King I’m making, I match it
to 5. I go ahead and set that crease. Then I unfold that fold and I fold it to the backside. Okay, and then I’m going to
unfold it again. The next crease I do, I take this edge, here, and I’m going to
match it up with the pinch marks. Again, for the short King I would do it to 3, for the middle to 4. I’m doing the tallest so I match it to 5. We
want this mark here– this line– to continue on to that crease, right there,
and we want the edges, here, to line up. So, here, I want it to line up here. I want it
to line up here. And then, at the very far edge, here, I want our ends to line up over here. I have drawn a mark here to show you the
line. When we did this fold, up here, we created a line. I’ve marked that line in ink so you can see that you’re lining this fold you just made up with the center fold, there, and it’s matching– the edge will match here and the edge will
match here– and we’re going to do the same thing with this edge now. So we take this one, here, and we match that edge with this 5. It will go through the intersection of all these folds. This edge matches, here, and this edge matches over here. Then we unfold it. At this point we collapse the two edges in together, like this, and then
fold this top flat. Okay. And now I’m going to switch out for my other paper
to finish the model. So, here you can see it’s at exactly the same point the
other model was at. Now I’m going to take this flap and I’m going to fold it
back on itself and match that point, making a crease from corner to corner.
At this point we need to turn the model. So, we’re going to take this edge here– this cut edge– and we’re going to match it with this folded edge. We’ll go as far up
as we can until we hit this crease, right here. So, I’ve just hit that crease. That’s
where I stop. And then I take this edge, and I pull it toward that fold so
everything will lay flat. We’re going to turn the model and do the same thing
here. This edge will match the folded edge and we’ll go up as far as we can go, until we hit the crease, and then we’ll fold that little flap out.
Okay. I’m going to rotate the model so that the point is coming down toward me
and I’m going to fold this point up so that it’s even with these two tips of
those points. And it will need to be on your center fold– centered on your center
fold– and then I’m going to reverse fold that, like this. I’m going to shift my
model again and I’m going to take this and push along the fold I’ve already
created to put the tip pointing the opposite
direction. Then I’ll take this and fold it back, like
this, and set that fold. And here’s the tip of our crown for the King. On the
back it looks like this, right here. Okay. I’m going to turn it back to the front
again. All right. Now we’re going to work on the bottom part of our model. The next
step– we’re going to take this bottom section and we’re going to fold it up so that we are folding the model in half. I’m matching these edges here; we’re
getting a little tip there. And I’m going to do the same thing over
here, making sure those are lined up and then we’re going to set this crease
and fold this piece down. This little crease that we have right here is the line that we’re going to fold down, so I’m going to take this and match it to
there and I set that crease.
Now I’m going to take up this, and we’re going to fold up about a quarter
of an inch– a little tiny bit there– matching the tip to that center fold
line. Unfold it and then take the tip and match it to the fold that we just made. And then refold the original. This
becomes the beard. We open this up and then we’re going to
tuck this half of the paper up under and in– under the flaps over here on the
sides. Now we’re going to work on the hands. To
work on the hands we need to rotate our model and open up, like this. Turn it over so that the– I just turned
the paper over so that this opposite side is up– and I’m going to take the tip
and I’m going to match it to the edge of the other triangle and I’m going fold it
down. Then I’ll fold it in half, like this. Okay. And I’m done with that side. Here’s
the one that I’ve done. And I’m going to repeat on the opposite side, so, here I’m going to open it up flat going to fold the tip of that triangle to meet that one. I’m going to fold it back again and lay it
flat. Next I need to fold the model along that
center line that’s already been folded, like this, and I’m going to set the
crease here, but I’m not going to go up through the tip of that crown.
So, from here down I’ve set the crease. And now we’re going to make a fold along
here and we’re going to set the point by the by the tip of this triangle. We want
the tip of the triangle to be about 1/8 inch down from the bottom
of the beard, along the center line. You set that crease. Now I’m going to
turn the model over, and I’m going to take the other side, and I’m going to
match the same spot so that I get the identical fold on this
side. And then we open it back up again, lift up this flap, fold this back over,
take your triangle, here, that was folded back this direction, and fold it back the
opposite way on the same line, fold this back again, and then when you
get over to here, where your flap was, you just gently push that down and it will
fold on exactly the same lines that it was on before, just going the opposite
way it was before. So, here you can see on this side it’s going in like this, and it
will end up going the opposite way– out– when we’re done.
So, fold this along there, take the hand and fold it back, close this part back down again, and flatten that down. Okay. Now we’re going to fold back, like this, and we need to make the robe that comes down around the ear. To make the robe
we’re going to take this edge, here. We’re going to fold it, starting here, and we
want it to be parallel to this edge, here. It’s a lot of layers, so you’ll want to
be careful to be firm so that they don’t slip. Put them in
place and set the crease. Then you’ll turn the model over and do the same fold, matching that edge. Now, we have these little flaps, here, that
stick out and we don’t want them to, so you open the model to the back. We’re going to take these little parts that
are sticking out on the crown and we’re going to fold them under to match the fold underneath. The last step is a fold parallel to this
edge that will go here, toward the inside. We’ll do it on each edge. I like to leave
about a half inch here, so this fold is parallel to this fold. Let me set it. An easy way to make it the
same on this next side is to mark it at either end, and then it will tend to fold
in that same spot. And set that crease. There we have our King model. It stands
up, like this. If you do it with paper that has color on one side, this is how
it will turn out. So you can see the colored side and the white side, here. To
make it turn out this way, when you start folding you’ll want the white side up
and the colored side down. And then, the last thing– I like to make a stand for these models. You measure– between that tip and that tip, there– the distance when this is at a right angle and make a square that’s the distance from here to here. Once you’ve made the square, fold it from
corner tip to corner tip and then cut out one of the triangles, and this will fit
into the base of the model. You put adhesive right here. You fit it on to the base of the model, like this, and it helps it to stand on its own. And that is how you make the Three Kings.

2 thoughts on “DIY Origami Christmas Nativity- The Three Kings

  1. I love this! Thank you! I'm making Leyla's set right now, and I was kind of bummed that it didn't have shepherds and wise men. And finding yours in the same style is so great! I also love how you did them in white with gold as the skin. It's making me re-think my color choices. I've only finished Mary, so now would be the time to switch. Anyway, THANK YOU!!! 😀 😀 😀

  2. Thanks so much for sharing! I'm up in Alaska and a lot of our Christmas decorations broke in the recent earthquake. Now I am trying to make some replacements that won't break if we continue to experience aftershocks. This is perfect!

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