DIY Origami Butterfly Wind Chime | Simple Spring/Summer Room Decor | J.M.

Hello everyone! In this video I will show you how to make a DIY paper butterfly wind chime. It is a cool and simple origami room decor so let’s get into it! At first I cut paper squares in seven different sizes and total five squares of each size. But they all can be one size. Fold and unfold square in half horizontally, vertically and both ways diagonally. Push the centres of two opposite sides together until they meet in the middle of the square. Flatten the sides above and below. So now you have a triangle. Fold the upper layer side corners to meet at the top corner. Turn over and fold the corner past the edge. Make sure you don’t flatten the raised edges instead help them to form nicely by slightly lifting and pulling. Turn over. Fold the tip over the side. And fold in half. Now repeat same with all other squares. When all butterflies are done take a needle and thread. Cut the thread at the desired length and tie a knot on one end. Carefully push the needle through the butterfly’s head. Make a gap tie another knot and thread the next butterfly. Repeat until enough butterflies are collected on the thread and then repeat all over with another piece of thread. So I have 5 pieces of thread with 7 butterflies on each. Also, each thread has a different length. Tie ends around the bracelet and then tie them together. I braided the ends and then made a loop but you could just make a loop. Cut off all the excess thread. And it is all done! Isn’t that a nice spring/summer room decor? What do you think? Hit the LIKE button if you liked this DIY! And SUBSCRIBE to see more videos from me! 😉 See you soon! Bye.

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