DIY Nail Art stickers – Make Your Own Easy Nail Art Designs stickers

DIY Nail Art stickers – Make Your Own Easy Nail Art Designs stickers

To make your own nail art stickers all you
need is nail polish and a plastic bag or parchment paper. Start by painting thick coats of nail polish
onto your sandwich bag in rectangle shapes. Make the rectangles bigger than your natural
nails. Do three or four coats of nail polish, this
will make sure your nail art stickers will not tear when you remove them from the bag later. I’m leaving some with out designs to cut into
shapes later and on this one I have done a cute nail art design to use as a full nail
sticker. I’ve also done a cute nail art sticker in
the shape of a heart, you can do any nail art designs you like. Once the nail art stickers are completely
dry you can easily peel them away from the plastic bag. I’ve cut my nail art stickers in to squares,
triangles and strips, You can create any shapes or designs you want. To apply DIY nail art stickers to your
natural nails use a small amount of clear nail polish. On my pointer I have used stripes to make an easy nail art design. To take away any excess nail art sticker i have used my nail. The nail art sticker breaks away easily. Im using this nail art sticker to cover my entire nail. I applied clear nail polish to my natural nail first. Press the nail art sticker down firmly and use your nail to peel away any excess around the nail bed and cuticle. I then used the nail art stickers that I cut into triangles and squares to do easy nail art designs on my nails. I added a top coat of nail polish to all my nails. I love these easy nail art designs and I hope you found this DIY nail art designs stickers tutorial helpful!

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  1. without top coat or base coat any more simple way is there to seal the nail arts please please. …. do reply to me!! it will be really nice of u

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