DIY Makeup Brush Rose Bouquet | BeautySchoolBlogger

DIY Makeup Brush Rose Bouquet | BeautySchoolBlogger

Hey Guys i told you I’d be back and this time it’s with a DIY Valentine’s day Gift for a Significant Other a Best Friend Daughter mother Sister It Doesn’t Matter Who it is It is a Simple but fun Gift Have You ever wanted to buy your significant other or Mother Sister Daughter Whomever Flowers for Valentine’s day Just As a gift to Say That i love you i was thinking about you today or an Anniversary Birthday Today’s Actually My Oldest Daughter’s ninth Birthday and I guarantee you if i was to let her have makeup i don’t yet That She Would Be absolutely in awe of this gift It is a Diy Bouquet of Makeup Brushes Shaped Like Roses and It is by far the cutest idea i’ve ever had and this Kind of came Along Accidentally You See my Husband Asked me what i wanted for our Anniversary Valentine’s day we met on valentine’s day of 2011 okay so we Kind of celebrate that day the day all of our relationship Began Not so much Valentine’s day I’m a Very Sentimental person and i Just i’d Rather Celebrate The day we Met Where it all Began for us Then Valentine’s day Because Valentine’s day Is a man-made Holiday and it’s Just not It Really isn’t a Holiday Without Love Honestly it’s it’s not so i Decided to Talk to my Husband about this because he That’s one well Honestly babe I don’t ever really Want Flowers for our Anniversary Or i don’t Expect flowers because One cut flowers They Just die they might last a Week or two but they die so you end up with either Dried Flowers of you Just Throw them out Now i have Kept most of The roses my Husband has Given me over The Last Couple Years Almost five so I’ve Kept most of them all but one But Then Again he doesn’t make It a point to buy flowers for Every Holiday When Stuff Like That He doesn’t buy flowers to apologize for anything he’s done wrong Because He’s never Really in the doghouse per se but? so Yeah but i Was like i’d Rather have a Dozen Makeup Brushes They Look Like Roses They’re useful and They’d Be cute to begin With so That’s how this diy idea came Along and I have Been Waiting to do this video for about two weeks now. Now you don’t have to use Just Makeup Brushes i Suggest Makeup Brushes Because for One reason only The Makeup Brushes i have are Metal The Ferrule of Every Brush is metal or it Should Be if it’s a Good Brush so this is Why i chose to use Makeup Brushes i Used Double Sided Permanent stick tape okay Double Sided tape That’s permanent if you put it on the ferrule the brush it will stay But Doesn’t Get stuck Permanently You can peel it off If there’s Any Residue Left Behind you can use Alcohol to clean the farallon’s Brush Which is Why i chose to use that Now if you really wanted to you could Use the Thing that Was like Eyeliner You can Get Eyeliners in Every Shade Every color You can Have more Than 12 This is Just a Cheap Nyc New York color Brow Slash Eyeliner Pencil These come sealed so technically you could Use Something Like This They have plastic Seal on them it Runs Pretty Much the length of the pencil so you could in reality Use an Eyeliner Pencil for The stem of your rose So if you really want. To see how this is done Stick Around and Keep Watching Thanks again and Please don’t forget to subscribe Cuz there are more videos to come in January and Throughout The rest of 2016 Because i’m Finally Ready To come back and Make YouTube a Priority in my life and I’m Just so Excited for What 2016 has the store for me and my Family and Thanks for Watching Hope You Enjoy the tutorial okay guys I hope you enjoy Today’s tutorial This is how to make a Bouquet of MakeuP Brush Roses then At least a Makeup Brush You could do more Than One of Course i Suggest more Than One You can get a set of Brushes for an affordable price These right Here almost right Here is coastal Scents Real Techniques has some Good Brushes I’m using this brush to curl the edges of my flowers you will need Scissors My Kitchen Scissors then Double Sided Tape mine Permanent but I’ll show you a trick That Works Pretty Well and some clear elastic Hair ties and Of Course your paper i chose to use red it comes in 6 Sheets and They’re 20 By 2 feet something and I will show you Exactly What we’re gonna do from here on out You’ll Need three strips of Paper All 20 inches long okay i already cut mine so three strips of paper 20 inches long We have one That’s Roughly two and a Half Inches wide Three inches wide and three and Half Inches wide. I did not Measure these i Just went ahead and eyeballed It because it works Just As well we’re Just gonna fold and cut these and Each Strip Is You’d be folded in the same Basic way but the next each strip is gonna be folded a bit wider so Let’s Get started I’d Say about an inch-ish, inch and a Half in your fold And You’ll Just continue to fold Like This and until you get to the end of the strip of paper This has been folded up in different Directions so I’m struggling a bit so we’ll Just fold it and That’s okay if there is a little leftover I’ll just go ahead and cut it off it’s not a big deal it’s not even That’s the first One That’s the inner Layers we’re going to fold the Next strip. Just a little bit wider than the last. Until you get to the end. Now we’re going to cut these down into petals so There’s no we’re Good That’s a row to an out Third and Final outside Edge I already Have my double stick tape in the corner of my Box? So Just fold It a Little Bit Wider Than The last one Again It Doesn’t have to be perfect but it’s not going to be any Regardless All Right That’s Row 3 So Just a Little Bit Wider Than the last okay Now it’s time to cut with the open side facing to my right i’m right-Handed we’re gonna cut in about a Half inch up and about a Half inch Over and Make That cut all the Way through all the pieces of Paper All right Next we’re gonna Get back in there and Pivot my scissors Curve up Around and Then Come back in and make a Point Now you can trim these i’m gonna trim a Little Bit okay Put The trash to the side when you open them up it’s gonna look like This Whole stretch Is the same Now you might Get a half Petal at The end on some of These But That’s okay Cut it off or you can Just Go with it so Just go with It some of somethings aside And Open side facing my Right Half inch pop ish half inch in ish It’s not science so Just go with it we’re gonna Curl Around The Edge okay Put That side so Just like the first one same with Number three Half inch Ish Okay so all three rows Go up the same Just larger Petals for each One Again This One Has a Half Petal But That’s okay we’re still gonna Work with It alright Put that aside I’m gonna pull out three Clear Elastic Bands all Right So you take a Makeup Brush You take The tape it’s supposed to be permanent double stick tape and Just Make It less Tacky between Your Fingers By getting Your oily fingers all Over it. This will prevent it from sticking completely Alright we’re Just gonna Place It right on the ferrule of the brush towards the Bristles all right so row one i Am Right-Handed so i shouldn’t. Go ahead and do This Like This My petals are to My Left,My Right Hand Is Holding The Brush and we’re gonna Lay The edge of the tape on the Very edge of The Tape The Pedal on the tape i think i made it too oily We will Work with it. all right so we’re Just going Go ahead and wrap Those Petals Around The Brush Now you will understand When i say you may have to loosen some of Your petals to Make This Work or you may have to tighten them once you start Doing this you’ll understand so we’re Just going to continue to wrap This Around My Children I’m sorry if you can Hear That They’re home from school i Let Them Stay home Today Because it’s My Daughter’s Birthday ok Just Twist It Around Now the center of It grows it’s Usually Pretty tight so You May have to loosen or tighten It up Just a little Bit as you continue to go around the rows I’m gonna loosen It up a Little Bit so i can i roll these out Later as you can See some of these petals are Just gonna Kind of Right on Their own I’m Just going to leave it like That Honestly You could Straighten them Out but i’m gonna leave them that Way it will be easier Later on to fluff them up and Make It look more Realistic so i’m Just pinching the bottom of the Petals and I’m Triple wrapping the clear Elastic Along The base of the Brush and Then I’m going to grab it All Three of them I’m stick my fingers in there Slide them Up the Brush which is Kinda Tricky One-Handed We’re Just gonna Keep Wiggling it Up the brush and so i can Get It over all of the petals as Evenly as possible which is a lot harder than it looks There we Go That’s row one All Right Now Look all My petals Have 1/2 Okay Now where this gap is right Here we’re gonna go ahead and Place Just Kissing Your wrap How tight or loose you’re wrapping them and how you want your petals please This is What’S so great about being Crafty and Art Artist is subjective to the person That’s doing it Now i am not Very Crafty per se It Was Just a total Aha moment I guess you could Say i while talking to my Husband so I’ve already done this a Half a Dozen Times time to do this tutorial So now i have Layer 2 Again I’m Just Kind of Go ahead and Flip Out some of these Edges Now we’ll take This Elastic Band and Triple It again Now i’m gonna Try to grab all three again and slide It back Up to the brush i will tell you that wrapping It twice Makes It so Much easier but it Doesn’t hold The petals as well Trying Not to lose the petals we’re Just Go ahead and do That’s your wrap These Things are tough You have to Brushes All right There we Go so Fluff Some of these Out While you’re standing Here you’re Working on it Please Be Careful When you go to wrap Around them With the next Layer okay so Work with The elastic Bands on before i start and then we’re Just hold By The start with the Half Where there’s a gap Now these will flare out a Little more As You wrap of Course Don’t twist it This is probably The Worst Layer to wrap in my opinion is the third It wants to be so stubborn as you can See the rose is starting to take Shape As Your Working all Around and add all these Extra Layers in and yeah i Already Have The Elastic on the bottom of This brush and i’m Just gonna Go ahead and slide it up to secure it in place and now all we’re really gonna do is take we’re gonna take This Brush Just roll the edges To make them look a Little more Realistic Excuse My Cleavage This will Work Better if you have at the styrofoam? Ball Place them in standing Upright to help you with the Curling process That Way you’re not Laying It down on something and flattening What you Just Curl of Course right Now So you’re Just continue to curl the flower Petals However You want to curl them and you Just continue to do this Throughout the entire rose okay So yeah that is My tutorial for Making a MakeuP Brush rose so go ahead and Give youR loved one a Beautiful set of Brushes That Look Like a Dozen roses for valentine’s day or the anniversary or birthday or Just Because This Shows That you put a Lot of Thought into something and That You made something Special and What’s inside is useful so thanks for watching and have a Wonderful? Valentine’s day Anniversary Birthday or Whatever Holiday or reason You are giving these to someone Again Thanks for watching and please don’t forget to subscribe

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  1. This is absolutely adorable! One day I hope to have a Valentine that will give me new brushes in a roses bouquet! 🙂

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