Hey guys, it’s Rachel. Hey guys, it’s Rachel. OK, I got it. I got the audio figured out. Let me just fix my hair
so that I look cute. Is that focused? Hey guys, it’s Rachel. And I decided that it’s
time to do another DIY. Video. So today I’m going to show you
guys how to make lipstick out of toothpaste, but
also mouthwash. Give this video a
thumbs up for more DIYs. And comment down below what
color lipstick you would make. But also guys, I don’t
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a shout out every week. OK, so let’s get on
to making this DIY. First, we’ll be making
the mouthwash lip gloss. Is it weird? Yeah, but you know
what you were getting when you clicked on this video. Now grab a small container
to store the lip glosses in. Take whatever
mouthwash you please, I’m using the kids
one because I like the way it smells better,
and pour a little bit into each container. And take some food coloring,
whatever color you please, and add one little
drop into each one. [MUSIC PLAYING] Then put the lid
on and shake it up. [MUSIC PLAYING] Now take some coconut oil and
pour it into each container. [MUSIC PLAYING] Put the lid on it, and shake
it up until it’s all mixed. [MUSIC PLAYING] And throw a good
amount of pigment in, the amount you
want for a lip gloss. To make a toothpaste lipstick,
which is actually the most pigmented DIY I’ve ever done– I’m not even lying– add some white toothpaste
to a small container. And contrary to your current
belief, it’s not drying at all. It’s probably the most
moisturizing lipstick I’ve ever used. [MUSIC PLAYING] And add whatever food
coloring you want to make the lipstick color. [MUSIC PLAYING] Then add some Vaseline into it. [MUSIC PLAYING] And mix them all up. And now you have that. It took maybe a minute. [MUSIC PLAYING] Now to make it look all
clean and Kylie Jenner-esque. [MUSIC PLAYING] Now to try it on
the actual lips. [MUSIC PLAYING] And that’s all for this DIY. So I hope you guys
enjoyed this video. If you didn’t see my
previous two videos, click those down below. And subscribe right
over there if you’re not subscribed already. OK, I love you guys so much. Bye.

100 thoughts on “DIY Lipstick Out Of TOOTHPASTE!

  1. You are so Beautiful and that was so amazing. And my favorite Disney Princess is Bell and you. Also you are my favorite to.

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  10. I donโ€™t know why but toothpaste drys out your skin and lips so it must have been the vasiline โค๏ธ

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