100 thoughts on “DIY Lightbox Ideas for Tracing

  1. Watching this 2 years after this video was released 😂 But if you have a tablet and then draw on the screen, then the screen would just break.

  2. Hi Baylee, just wanted to say thank you for saving me $60. I was going to buy a light box for weeding my vinyl cuttings when I saw your post and downloaded a light for my iPad….lol. Thank you again

  3. For the glass surface, try getting a photo frame from Charity shops I found a big frame to make my own lightbox for £5!

  4. It,s just my routine to instantly press the like button every time I watch these videos. You don’t need to watch the video to know it is going to be amazing

  5. Yes I have an idea I'll tell you later but your voice is so sweet and lovely😊👌👍,keep upload video and good stuffRegards, FAIZAN

  6. Like your idea for the cheap lights but buying a light pad cost almost 25 dollars 💵. Well if you add up all your goods that you have purchased it will be way more expensive than buying a lightning pad

  7. I could use my laptop, but it’s touch screen so yeah. Put my paper on it and everything on the laptop gets messed up.

  8. I put my phone with flashlight on under a low glass table, like a small coffee table, and use it like that it works pretty well

  9. I always would use a box upside down with my phone flashlight underneath and still do sometimes because my light box is tiny.

  10. I tried the iPad one it worked so well thanks baylee keep up the good work and btw loved ur wedding so so cute x

  11. I'm going to try using a picture frame flat on the table with fairy lights underneath because they are so small and their cord is super thin so the picture frame won't be wobbly/uneven.

  12. Tablet doesn’t work, I have tried. It senses your hand underneath, and changes the picture, or leaves the app. So rethink your video, or at least try it out.

  13. I have an old night light, so I got a thick container and put it in. When I turned it on and put the lid on top it works really well 🙂

  14. Sorry not trying to sound like an ass here, but The Only part of this video that you should have shown which Was/Is a GREAT Idea to me so Thanks for the idea, was the last one.
    The empty glass picture frame hopefully with good glass or plastic that won't break to easily considering those glasses are usually weak & break easily…
    BUT my added suggestion after getting a picture frame with good/great glass/plastic or replacing the glass/plastic with good strong glass/plastic is to also use those LED Stripes & connect them to a portable thin rechargeable battery. All things that can be bought at Wal-Mart too. 🙂
    Good glue, & some soldering equipment, thin flat wood or to keep it cheap cardboard as a New Backing where LED Lights get glued onto the middle, & the outside edge to be glued or screwed to back of frame.
    WOW, Now I got to try this Improved thought… THANKS! lol

  15. I use an old tv, you can take out the lcd to acheive an extremeley bright backlight, good for photos too.

  16. Loved the video I never thought to use these as light boxes even the tablet, so cool thank you for sharing, new to your channel and loving it. Your channel inspires me to keep up art everyday. Have a wonderful weekend.

  17. When using an iPad you should turn on guided access and remove the ability to touch the screen. general-settings-accessibility-guided access. You can make it so that when you triple click the home button it turns off and on. very useful for this kind of thing

  18. The lights for 25$ and the Picture frame for 15$ are axectly as expensive as a huion lightbox for 40$.Avaireble on Amazon, Free shipping, comes in 2 days. Why making it harder than it is?

  19. ok guys i was planning to buy one for almost 100 dollars but you can go to walmart and buy one of the crayola things for 20 dollars

  20. I know I'm late but for the one with the Ziploc boxes u could just use books instead which I think is more sturdier 😛 But hey up to u

  21. i use an old glass door from an ikea cabinet and a phone or tablet as the light, it works great and the door is pretty big so i never have to worry about my hand going off the edge while i’m working

  22. I used scratch paper for my sketch, thinking that I would just get ideas from it. But NO! I ended up with this beautiful sketch that I really liked, and I was like "Aw shoot, should've used nicer paper..", and I didn't have a light box! I was thinking about it, but since it was scratch paper, it would be hard to see the sketch because of everything on the back of the side I used. Wow… what great thinking me.. -.-

  23. I just bought that same plastic container to use as a lightbox,plus a battery operated light not featured here,and was thinking about doing a video about it. I revisited this video and saw the same container lol

    I'm still making the video though.

  24. Forget the light box, just have one glass table, invest in one shoebox or other non transparent container, place portable light into box and tape box under table. Boom a very sturdy light table.

    Or if the table is high enough, just put a desk lamp underneath and click it on. Warning, this method is sometimes too bright, recommend a dimmable desk lamp.

  25. I use my computer and then I put an drawing application like paint and tape my picture on it and then I trace it….

  26. What I use is my laptop, I put it on a google slide from the picture I downloaded from my phone, then put it in present mode and draw it out or just leave the google slide blank put the artwork on my screen with tape and trace it with my other paper.

  27. Can I ask? When you print out a photo for tracing onto another piece of paper, is it better is you print it using coloured pictures or black and white pictures

  28. Thank you!!! I was trying to think of what to do and this video made retracing my drawing so much easier! I tend to go ham with the pencil and do the final outline in pen but coloring still doesn't get rid of those pesky pencil tracks

  29. Baylor, light pads are only £10 ($12) on Amazon and ebay, I've got one and its fantastic, three light brightness modes and super slim AND you can use a phone/tablet charger to plug it in,

  30. A light box is $25 on amazon.. So this is redundant if you have to go out and buy things to make your lightbox..

  31. Nice video. You can also take a block of wood and some 220 and then 400+ grit sandpaper and get rid of the bumpy plastic symbols on those containers. Dollar store sandpaper might work.

  32. There is also this methode where you use the sun and you hold youre paiper to the window and suffer TWT
    the things we as artists do

  33. Oh you just made me want to animate again. My laptop got broke and I wanted to try traditional animation. Thanks I really appreciate

  34. I just disassembled a window in my house and used the glass. It was very inefficient as it was quickly too cold to draw without gloves and I lose a lot of my tactile sensitivity wearing gloves. Next time im.just going to wait for my neighbor to leave and use a pain from his window.

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