100 thoughts on “DIY How to Paint like a Pro Series A to Z

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  2. That was beautifully done. Thank you for posting this video. Silly question, what do you use or do to clean the equipment when you are completed with the job?

  3. Just wanna say, thanks for making these videos! I’ve NEVER painted a wall in my life and the nuggets of wisdom here is priceless! You’ve earned a subscriber!

  4. Began day 1 of my bathroom repaint by drinking coffee and watching this video. Didn't tape a damn thing. Hell yeah!

  5. I noticed you didn’t wipe the wall down after sanding it. Wouldn’t there be dust and grit left on the wall? Would you not be able to see it through the finished painted wall? Thank you for the video.

  6. Jeff, this video is flippin fantastic! We're remodeling our house are already halfway done with painting, and now I want to go back and do the entire thing over again!

    Two questions.

    1 – Our baseboards and casings are flat with an eased edge. When I use a brush, you can definitely see the lines no matter what I do, so I've been using a foam roller and it comes out really smooth. Is my technique wrong with using a brush, and that's why I'm seeing lines? Should I just use a brush?

    2 – Did you do a second coat of sheetrock 45 after you filled the holes?

  7. I kinda figured out a lot of this stuff just doing it when i was like 12. Yeah… but I would roll the bulk then cut, then roll again to smooth it all out cause I didn't know any better. Seemed, visually, to be the fastest way to do the task. I didnt have to dip my brushes either cause ther was already a nice seam of paint along the top from the outside of the roller. I started with tape but I think I kinda realized half way through that I could just be careful. I made a few mistakes but i think I could just wipe it off so no problem. It was my own bedroom. I miss my blue and orange room.

  8. Nice tips. Painting 25 years, and still learned something. I also use less tape than many, so I feel ya. No tape there, BECAUSE you were also painting the trim right? Many trim here is Doug Fir so tape is needed. I do however have a particular way to tape where there is no bleeding. Perhaps a video on how to tape, when to tape, with no bleed through. Thank you for all your videos always informative no matter how long I been doing it. I will try your loading technics, just to be sure I'm not missing out on something!

  9. I'm doing my first house renovation here in the UK and gods honest truth, your videos have filled me with so much confidence. Thanks

  10. Hi Jeff! Great video as always, thank you!
    Quick question: do you need to do anything after the first sand? i.e. does the dust from sanding not stay on the wall?
    Prepping walls for painting is always so difficult 😩 there’s always a patch that doesn’t take the paint the same way as everywhere else!
    Thanks again!

  11. Very thorough! I appreciate the time you put into making this and also letting us know how much the prices were and where to get them!!

    You are a great man!!!

  12. I am a painting contractor been painting for 46 years I have a pet peeve when you’re poor pain out of a bucket you always pour from the back of the label so you can always see the front of the label of what paint you have what base what color but that’s just me

  13. What about an HVLP setup? Is a spray gun setup just overly priced and complicated? Or does it actually save a ton of time?

  14. Not sure if you’ll see this or respond but if you do I was curious if you have an employee painting would you let him continue painting until he’s done or keep pulling him off his painting job to do other small tasks to go back to painting at least 3 to 4 times over the course of a couple hours?

  15. The 1980's drywall tape issue can be solved by sealing it with oil primer. My home is mid century and is heavy on wall paper. Instead of removing it I sealed it. Then did the surface to my liking. Great video. Great timing. Thanks.

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  17. You just popped up on my iPad and I am loving it. Can tell you are passionate about what you do and love the way you explain things. I’m learning a lot and can’t wait to try out your tips and tricks. Keep these videos coming. Watching from the UK .

  18. I have watched a few of this guy's videos, and I have to say, he irritates this piss out of me. Maybe it is his bitchy, know-it-all, condescending attitude.

  19. great vid as normal and i love your english accent you did while prepping the wall from nail holes!! "brand new darling" hahah this is coming from an Englishman…keep up the great/hard work man.

  20. His brush technique made me cringe! It's bad enough to use a flat brush on edge but swinging a sash tool both ways on edge? Unforgiveable!

  21. Great video ..did I misunderstand you said you sand your wall after your 1st coat of paint I did not see you do that or touch on the subject again?

  22. I got a great deal out of this video presentation. U Tube at its best and most productive. Thank you so much for your valuable tutorial.

  23. You are kind of a taking a piss mate!!!! Painting like a pro???? You are having a laugh 😁😁😁
    You are good but just for the council work…OMG…it must be kind of a joke mate

  24. I was loving the video up until he started messing up that outer corner cut, where the one paint meets a different paint on an outer corner, lol… I was all like: "No, no, no…. no! What are you doing??". lmao
    Otherwise great video!

  25. I'm a pro painter. Yes nice and clean but many faults as he clicks his brush round the corner onto the grey. You shouldn't be taping anything. It should all be cut in. Windows. Skirts. Ceilings. Coving. There should be no need for a pro painter to use masking tape. Pro painter.London.

  26. Flicks his brush. Also always cut in ceilings properly. Can see a miss from here ceiling to wall. Also have a mini roller on the go for corners ,reveals, rads etc Jumbo mini roller head.

  27. 31:38 Admits he doesn't know how to paint. *Scrapes brush dry in to the can so there is no paint on the brush and paints over baseboard with wall flat. Why? Because he doesn't know what he's doing.

    32:07 Admits it took him THREE MONTHS of "training" to get fast enough to keep up with a cut man. This is a completely false story. Any real paint crew would have fired you after the first week or put you on dropcloth detail.
    32:16 Admits it took ANOTHER FIVE OR SIX MONTHS UNTIL THEY LET HIM TRAIN WITH A BRUSH. I don't know how one gets good at something by not doing it, but in his case, BOOM suddenly after six months of on the job osmosis he could cut! WOW!! So talented.

    33:05 Starts painting wall. Takes nearly an entire minute to paint three rollers wide on a wall. The paint is pulled too thin in many spots and is not even.

    34:30 That is the most retarded method of removing a roller sleeve. Slapping the frame like that will weaken the handle, bend the frame and throw paint splatter. Only a prissy bald retard who is afraid of getting his hands dirty would do it this way.

    35:33 Starts cutting

    38:50 Finishes cutting baseboard. (and there seems to be a segment cut out for time – so it TOOK LONGER) Paints the center of the baseboard with his famous floppy limp wrist technique, which if you did that on any professional paint crew would get you sent home by 8:00 AM.

    Modern paints and gravity will not "close the 1/16 of an inch gap and you will see a line where the baseboard meets the floor. That line is the mark of someone who is too lazy to tape, too inept to cut and has never worked on a job site and only makes fake DIY videos.

  28. The key thing this video makes amateurs like me realize is that 50% of a painting job doesn't involve any painting at all – at least half of it is preparation. Do that and you not only get a much better finish, but it's actually quicker too.

  29. If I can’t find Sheetrock 45 is there a good alternative? I can only find something called beadex 45 by the same brand, it I’m not sure if it’s a good alternative.

  30. I am in the process of renovating a dated home I just purchased. This is my first home and I bought it with the intention of putting work into it to make it mine. These videos have come in so handy for learning how to do things quickly, easily, cheaply, and CORRECTLY! I work a full-time job and have to do most of the work to my house on the evenings and weekends. The first round of painting I did in my bedroom took forever and I have the rest of the house to do. I went through and did the second coat using your tips- and dropping $10 on a pain pole (godsend!)- and it took a fraction of the time. THANK YOU!

  31. Ever hear of re coat time? Generally it is 4 hrs. and not 20 min. also if you have busted a tape joint it is generally because there was not enough moisture in the mud and the paper tape sucked it out of the bedding and adding more mud to the top of the tape will not seal it as it will pop loose again in a short time. For those complaining about a clean shirt, if you look close enough you will see shadows of paint where he has wiped it off with a damp rag. You can always learn something from most people and if you only learned 1 thing here you are a little bit more ahead. Cheers!

  32. BEST explanation of how to cut i have ever heard. Heard many over the years of painting my houses (from 1st and 2nd husbands and my dad) and now working with my sister who does it for a living — and even she couldn't explain it! I CANT WAIT TO SHOW HER and of course she will probably want to kick my ass, but hey! what are sisters for? i will have to review every video before every job i do with my sis and she will never know my secret! THANKS!!

  33. Awesome, just found a live and kicking 'Bob Ross' of 'construct' painting. Just as talented, just as professional, and just as soothing and teaching. This is awesome. Who knew you could learn so much about a 'simple' paint-a-wall task.

  34. Noticed you didnt show the sanding of the second coat.. is it the same sanding process as the first time? What grit do you use for the sanding?

  35. Well all I can say is thanks for sharing your expertise. I will put your skills to use on the room I am about to paint. Great tip not only on how to load the brush but the actual extension pole and the fact that it locks instead of twists gets rid of the issue of twisting off that I've had happen. I've wrapped loaded brushes and rollers in plastic grocery bags and set them in the fridge if I need to buy some time and they are fine when I pull them out to use.

  36. Great job. Very informative, professional and to the point. I too watched the entire video. Now I have knowledge to be sure it gets done right. Good job.

  37. I knew you were Canadian- such a easy going chill personality! Was only going to watch first 5 minutes…. ended up watching the whole 40! You sir, are a gifted teacher! Thank you

  38. That's me what I did for 38 yrs for the government,but I didn't use hawk I used a mud pan,an cleaned walls then lightly sanded walls then painted .

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