DIY Glass Jar Upcycle Three Designs Cute And Easy! Part 3

DIY Glass Jar Upcycle Three Designs Cute And Easy! Part 3

Welcome back to DIY No Need To Cry with Ivelisse DIY Glass Jars Upcycle Three Designs Cute
And Easy! Part 3 All the materials I used for this DIY are
listed in the description box below. Using pouncer brush and yellow acrylic paint
I painted the whole jar except the rim. I gave it two coats, letting it dry between
each one. Using a yellow marker, I drew the pattern
on the whole jar. I just googled giraffe patterns and used them
as a guide, it’s easy. Just don’t let any of spots touch. Leave a space around each one. Now taking some gold metallic acrylic paint… I filled in all the spot and let that dry. With the same gold paint, I painted the rim
and then set that aside to dry. I then added the glitter. I used yellow glitter glue and spread some
on each spot and let that dry. Using a black sharpie, I out lined each one. Be careful, and make sure the marker is dry
while going around the jar or it might smudge. I also added black to the ridges of the rim. Making sure the marker is dry, give the whole
jar a coat of Mod Podge. Once that was dry I decided to add glitter
glue to the rim and of course I couldn’t resist adding more
to the spots lol! This was so simple, yet looks amazing! The camera doesn’t show how sparkly it really
is but it looks so pretty. This is my favorite one and remember you can
use any color combination you like. I made this one for my crafting tools. But you can use it for so many other thing’s
like.. On your dresser or vanity for your makeup
brushes. Just add beads, marbles or rice to not only
keep it from knocking over easily but it makes the shorter brushes more accessible. Or in the kitchen, for your cooking utensils. You can also make beautiful wine bottle decor
pieces using the same method but on a wine bottle. Add flowers and now you have a vase! The sky’s the limit! These are the three sets I made for myself. The links to the other 2 video’s are in
the description box below. Thanks for watching! If this is the first time watching, I hope
you consider subscribing to get updates on future video’s… and remember, do it yourself. There’s no need to cry!

12 thoughts on “DIY Glass Jar Upcycle Three Designs Cute And Easy! Part 3

  1. I enjoy all three of your projects, they are beautiful.. Thanks for sharing.. xoxoxo My favorite is #3

  2. Wow, super cute!!! I'm totally going to try the giraffe print… my room is blue and green… I guess it would still work, right?

  3. Youre probably tired of me today lol but i get thoughts with every video lol so i see you use glass for every project. Would plastic bottles work too?

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