DIY GIANT Cloud Slime Using Instasnow | Slime Snowman | Kids Cooking and Crafts

Welcome back to kids cooking crafts everybody I’m Corbin. I’m Ava and today We’ll be showing you how to make Instasnow giant cloud slime! But before we start make sure to turn on your notification bell and subscribe so you know when we’re posting new videos We’re gonna make our snow first get ready. It’s gonna get cold Too cold! Too cold! Much better So warm in here. This is our instant snow all we need to do is add water until it’s big and white and fluffy All right look at that. It kind of reminds me of salt. Yeah, it kind of feels like salt, so okay Just pour it in. Pour it. Pour it. It comes with a little scooper thing that’s cool Probably like if you want like a certain amount of snow, but really we’re just gonna dump the whole thing in here and hope it works. Yeah, here we go Okay wait wait wait Look how it foams up wait stop whoa That tiny container made this much snow that is a lot I know and it’s like it’s like spongey. I think this would actually be a really great stress ball Oh like put this in a balloon. Yeah It’s gonna be like a volcano watch this And then it like grows it’s so cool and like it’s not even wet It’s snowing! So we got our instasnow all ready to go now, let’s start making our slime We’re gonna use this entire glue container. That’s a lot of glue. That is a lot of glue. Alright number right there. Okay ready oh? That’s so awesome oh This is heavy help me Corbin. Let’s switch. The trick is is all you got to do is squeeze it it’s still coming you guys oh This is so much Now we’re gonna put in our food coloring we’re going to use blue. Whoa look at that! Whoa. Make sure you get all the instasnow, so it’s big and fluffy. I’m working with my trusty spatula look at this you guys This really does look like the clouds It’s kind of cool. Now we’re gonna add all of our baking soda not all of it only eight teaspoons. Time for our shaving cream. We’re gonna use both bottles. Look at this! That’s so awesome. I’m gonna make Mount Everest Look at my great tower. Now let’s mix it in. Goodbye Mount Everest. Wow look at all this fluff! Man this is a lot Whoa now these beautiful clouds It’s getting hard to stir. I feel like a witch stirring my cauldron. So hard to stir. Alright. I think it’s time to add our contact solution This is the thing that makes it slime. Well now I’m feeling it It’s starting to stick more together, so I’m just gonna like use my hands to like mix it cause it’s getting a little bit hard We need more contact solution just get up feels so cool It looks a lot like kinetic sand like just like watch it the way it like breaks apart Whoa it does. This is so cool! It’s getting a little bit sticky Guys look at this it looks like spider webs Ready high-five My gosh that’s totally like spider webs you guys Okay, I think This is ready so Let’s get it out of the container This is so fluffy like a cloud Ready, set, GO! It’s an anaconda snake! The texture! If it wasn’t sticky and wouldn’t stick to my hair I’d sleep on this This could also be used as like an anger ball like a stress ball and if you’re ever mad at your brother for stealing your Halloween candy you could just be like oh, I just want to punch something Take that I have no idea what she’s talking about I’m like innocent It’s eating me alive Oh And that’s a quick way to wax your arm hair you guys or like if you’re a wrestler you could just go like Guys so we got some twinkle flakes and we’re gonna add it to our slime because it’s like really shiny Okay mix that in Here when you fold it it comes out with this awesome Got slime in my hair. Watch Im going to make snowball. Snowball fight! We are gonna make a snowman that was right kids a snowman out of slime Okay, let’s put our snowman together but we have to go fast. His arms Think it’s just a blob now. He’s a couch potato Spring is coming the end is near Okay, so I got these little uh people there’s trees penguins little happy reindeer and then there’s some gingerbread man and a Santa so We’re going to make a scenery The polar icecaps are melting launch the missiles Hope you guys liked our snowy winter scene that we made up and Thank you so much for joining us today make sure to LIKE subscribe And comment down below on what you want for Christmas. See you guys

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