DIY Friendship Bracelets EASY

DIY Friendship Bracelets EASY

Hey guys! I have another bracelet tutorial
to share with you. Especially during spring and summer when we have short sleeves, I like
wearing colorful bracelets which can really transform the outfit. Today I’m gonna show
you how to make these beautiful bracelets. All you’re gonna need is a charm, string and
literally two minutes of your time. So let’s do this! For the bracelet you will need scissors,
a lighter, a piece of knotting cord and any kind of charm of your choice. If you want
you can add some beads to the bracelet like me. Cut about 30 centimeters or 15 inches
of nylon knotting cord. Start by threading the cord through one bead and slide the bead
about 10 centimeters or 4 inches along the cord. Take a charm, I chose this infinity
sign and thread 4 inches of cord through one side of it like so.
Now we’re going to create the first sliding knot. Place the charm and the cord to a flat
surface in the same way as I did, having the shorter part of the cord above. Make a loop
like this and cross the bottom part of the cord. This is the shape you need to have so
far. You can see kind of an & sign shape or a head of a cute animal. Take the work into
your hands carefully like so. With one hand hold the cross of the string parts, I’m holding
it with my thumb and pointer of my left hand. Take the shorter end of the string and coil
it two times around, while holding everything with your left hand as you go. Then coil the
cord one more time, but now thread the tip through the loop. Push the coil to the right,
while pulling the tip at the same time, until the knot is tight. And there you have your
first sliding knot. See how the knot slides along the cord? This will allow you to take
your bracelet on and off your wrist easily. Now we need to repeat the steps and make the
same knot on the other side of the charm. First thread the cord through a bead and slide
it 10 centimeters or 4 inches along the cord. Then thread 4 inches of the cord through the
charm hole. Place everything on a flat surface, as we did before. Take the upper free part
of the cord and make a loop and then cross the bottom part of the cord. As you can see,
we again have the & sign shape here. Take the work into your hands and hold the cross
of the string parts between the thumb and the pointer. Coil the end of the string two
times around like so. Then coil the cord one more time, but don’t go all the way around.
Instead thread the tip through the loop. Push the coil to the right, while pulling the tip
at the same time, until the knot is tight. And now you’ve finished your second sliding
knot. Sliding knots are awesome solutions for bracelets,
necklaces or anklets. They make your accessories adjustable in size, so you don’t need to buy
any metal closure pieces. Also you can take the jewelry piece on and off without damaging
it. To finish this simple but adorable infinity
bracelet all we need is to trim away the excess cord. And to assure that knots will last forever,
carefully melt the tips with the lighter. The flame needs to barely touch the nylon
cord. And here we have a beautiful bracelet. I love making my own bracelets because I can
customize them exactly the way I want. You can use the string color that matches your
outfits. Or if you’re making it for a gift, chose the string in the favorite color of
the person you’ll give the bracelet to. Handmade presents always carry a special value and
are a perfect way to say I love you. I made three bracelets using different colors of
knotting cord and different charms. I love how simple but cool they look and the most
important is that they only take a couple of minutes to make, which is just wonderful!
Now tell me if this wasn’t the easiest bracelet ever. I really hope you’ll give it a try!
Few weeks ago I noticed that our YouTube family already has a hundred thousand members. I’m
so thankful to all of you that have supported me along this journey and I promise to keep
making best videos I can! I already have a lot of ideas for my upcoming tutorials and
I’m so excited to share them with you. Okay, that was it for this video, I love you and
see you soon! Bye.

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  1. I got an awesome result trying this..
    but can you post some video to make bracelets with the useless things like clothes or some tried jewelry..

  2. have any of you tried this knot or are you just commenting on her looks?  The knot does not work the way she tied it, impossible to slide it closed on your own wrist.

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  4. Bouchra is my mommy and the scary clowns for her and I love her she is so much of a kind I love her because she's my mommy and my dad was the professor of the video

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  6. Can you please make me that bracelet one in pink one in green one in blue and one in purple please sara

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