Do you know those pieces of Styrofoam discarded by appliance stores ?! because they can be reused reused … you need to grind the styrofoam … … mix it with cement and turn it into art to decorate your garden and home I’m Maria Amelia Mendes Welcome to another video from the channel! In this video we will make a beautiful source of water using these bowls as mold and counter mold It will be a constant source of tap … that tap that keeps pouring water I used cooking oil so the dough wouldn’t stick to the plastic bowl So I prepared the cement and styrofoam mass with 1 measure cement, 1 measure fine sifted sand and 1 measure of crushed Styrofoam I added water gradually until I reached the desired point of the cement mass The cement paste should be a little soft Mark your presence! Leave your like in this video and subscribe to the channel if you have not subscribed yet and click the bell to receive all video notifications posted here I put this cement and styrofoam mass into the larger bowl Tap on table to remove air bubbles I added another bowl that I used as a counter mold and placed stones to weigh and fit into the cement and styrofoam mass After 48 hours I removed the plastic bowls See how the cement basin looked! I left this basin submerged in water for 2 days to cure the cement. This is very important for the piece. get tougher So I prepared the water pump and the tap I used to make this fountain I used a rigid and transparent straw to pump water out I fit a little piece of hose into the straw and the water pump so that the water jet was left perpendicular to the tap I prepared the tap by cutting this base and then I glued it to a piece of ceramic floor I used a white ceramic to match with the fountain bowl Glued with silicone glue I stuck it in the center l I finished the cement basin I prepared a dough with 1 measure of cement and 1 measure of fine sand to cover the imperfections and holes that were inside the basin I sanded the top edge of the cement basin, leaving it smooth and well finished With a knife I made a cavity in the upper edge to thread the water pump I prepared a syrup for waterproof I used 1 glass of water, 3 spoons of white PVA glue and I slowly added cement until it reached the point of a syrup to pass with the brush I spent this syrup all over the basin Share this video and help strengthen the channel so I can produce more videos for you I also sprayed these little cement pots I did using the same mold technique and counter mold To make the small pots I used plastic containers I painted everything with PVA latex paint (white paint) If you want to know how I made this turntable click on the card above I taped the top edge to make a detail in the painting For painting I used the immersion technique it’s a really cool, easy and fun painting you will need synthetic enamel paint and a basin with water I used the turquoise ink … I took the ink over the water I also used the aluminum color paint, but can use the silver color and black ink Synthetic enamel paint or a paint that does not dissolve in water should be used. I also put some white spray paint and then I dipped the cement pot See how cool it is! just let it dry … I applied the same technique to paint the smaller vessels I splashed the blue synthetic enamel paint on the water … the paint in aluminum color … In the black color… some white spray paint and then I dipped the small vases See how cool! It’s a lot of fun and easy to do this painting technique Leave your comment! Tell me if you like it! Cut and paste small EVA rubberized discs so that this bowl is not in direct contact with the furniture where I will put the font after ready I painted the inside of the bowl with white synthetic enamel paint why synthetic enamel is a more water resistant paint and how it will get directly filled with water so it is necessary to use a very water resistant paint I finished by passing water based acrylic resin on outside of this basin and I also put the resin in the vases resin protects paint and gives long lasting paint and vase I tried to make a good finish and this piece of ceramic floor I painted the border and the background with white synthetic enamel paint So I put the water pump fitting the straw in the tap I disguised the water pump and the string with white stones I put the potted plants on the sides and there is the water source ready! I liked the result, and you? Leave your comment! Tell me if you like it! And if you liked it, share this video on social networks! Message: “Where there is water there is life, wealth and abundance which is too good! However, where there is drought, only death and sadness. Let’s think about it better and together we will fight for nature, water and life. Watch also in the last video! See other videos from the channel! Be sure to share this video on social networks Thank you so much for watching until the end!


  1. Gostei da idéia mas tive outra idéia : vou tentar reaproveitar lavatório de banheiro. Sempre tem pra vender ou ate jogados fora.👍

  2. Очень здорово! Супер! Молодец! Мне нравятся ваши видео, всегда смотрю с удовольствием . Спасибо

  3. Adorei seu trabalho, ja dei um like, vou fazer igual, mas preciso de ajuda: qual é o TAMANHO DAS BACIAS, onde comprar a MANGUEIRA RÍGIDA TRANSPARENTE, o que é COLA PVA? obrigado

  4. Amei a ideia tô pensando em faze uma fonte no meu novo jardim adorei seu canal tudo lindo parabéns 😍😍😍

  5. C'est magnifique et simple à faire , Bravo… 👏👏👏
    Merci Beaucoup pour les sous titres en Français…👍👍👍

  6. Saludos desde México una pregunta donde pones toda la pintura después de usar el resto que ya no usas porque pienso que éso contamina mucho

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